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    The pirate and the violist

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    The pirate and the violist  Empty The pirate and the violist

    Post by Julius Seas on 17th March 2017, 4:05 pm

    Julius Seas

    The legend of zelda twilight princess ~ Death mountain:

    What was it again that this client needed Squable? He wanted some kind of plant that can survive drought, though I forgot what it was called. Hmmm then we should look in deeper into the canyon to see if we can find an plant that is out of place with the other plants! Julius and Squable were walking through the Mysterious Canyon, just like other canyons the ground and air is very dry which makes it difficult for plants to grow, though apparently there is one very rare plants that is able to grow and stay alive in the dry climate that this canyon brings with itself. Let's just hurry up, all this dry air is bad for Julius' skin! Julius said as he swiped away some sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his blue pirate coat. He grabbed his pirate hat and patted his blond hair to get back in place again. Ugh, Julius is going to have the longest bath of his live when we get back... That client better have good pay, cause all these special shampoos and creams certainly aren't cheap... Julius said as he grabbed an piece of bubble gum and started to chew on it, blowing an few bubbles in the process. You know Julius-kun... Back in Fairy Tail and even on the island you weren't to focused on your looks... Julius stopped walking and stared to the ground with an frown on his face. No... Julius has came to far to give up now... Julius said with an soft voice while balding his fists. Julius can't give up now... Julius is finally getting used to the way Julius is... Right now... Julius knows that mummy and daddy don't care what Julius chooses to do... But Julius must stay strong! Julius took an deep breath. Oi Julius-kun... You alright mate? Squable asked an bit worried. Yeah Julius is fine... It's nothing, let's just hurry up and get that flower already! Julius said as he proceeded on walking along with blowing a few bubbles along the way. Squable didn't bought anything of what Julius said he knew when something was bugging him, but Squable decided not to press on it anymore.

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Not long after their short break, Julius heard an cry for help. You heard that Squable? It cam from that direction! Julius said as he pressed on towards the origin of the cry for help. Julius heard the voice becoming louder, he hid behind an large rock and peeked around the corner. There he saw an traveler being cornered by an group of bandits. Hehehehehe, you can scream as much you want! Not many travelers traverse through the mysterious canyon! One of them said. Now give us all your possession and we won't kill you! A other bandit told the traveler pointing an dagger at him. No please don't! I beg of you! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! The traveler called out again, but the bandits just laughed at the cries of help. What are you going to do Julius-kun? Squable looked at him. Julius bit his lip, not out of hesitation since he could easily dispose of the bandits but out of anger. Julius is going to help him of course! No one deserves to be picked on like that! Stay here Squable... Julius said as he walked out of his hiding spot, Squable coudln't help but smile, he was happy to see that some parts of the old Julius were still there.

    Walking on closer towards the four bandits Julius called out to them. What are you boys doing here? Hasn't your mummies thought you not to pick on people weaker then you? Julius said with an smirk and the burst of an bubble he was blowing from his bubble gum. Tsk, scram it pretty boy or else you'll also be the one being dead! Julius sighed. You shouldn't worry about Julius' well being, you'd rather worry about not being able to sit for an while after the spanking Julius is about to give you! Julius said as he blew yet another bubble. Hmpf, punk!

    Bayonetta ~ Fly me to the moon:

    One of the bandits lunged towards Julius and wanted to stab him, though Julius quickly dodged on the right moment to activate raid time. Julius' pocket watch gave of an golden light and an magical aura was unleashed slowing down time, Unimpressive... Julius taunted. Julius grabbed the dagger from the bandit and threw it away, he slid his heel onto the ground and knocked the man off balance. Julius punched the man a couple of times in his spine with one final punch to end raid time, the bandit knocked with his onto the ground and he had hit his head onto the ground knocking him unconscious. Water whip! Julius created a whip made of water. Now... Who's next in line for his spanking? Julius said intimidated, though it didn't scare the bandits. They all went for Julius in a unified attack, but their moves we're predictable, with an back flip Julius activated raid time once again, So close! Julius taunted. Julius started to whip the remaining bandits until they all passed out. Julius made the water whip disappear and ended raid time.

    The legend of zelda twilight princess ~ Death mountain:

    Julius faced the traveler who was crying from joy. T-Thank you so much stranger! Please let me give you something as an sign of my gratitude! The man started to dig around in his backpack, but Julius quickly made him stop. Please you dont have to give Julius anything! Just get out of this canyon as soon as possible! If you follow that path you'll end up in a small village! Julius pointed towards the way he came from. The traveler thanked Julius some more and went on his way towards the village. Good work julius-kun!

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    The pirate and the violist  Empty Re: The pirate and the violist

    Post by King Elyx on 21st May 2017, 10:43 am

    It looks like the battle was over. From matter, he was blending in completely, shielding his magic aura to prevent himself from being sensed. It was nothing too good for him to end up caught while looking at stray mages do what they usually do. Elyx wasn't looking for heroes, he was looking for strength. There was going to be a small little group with ground-shaking power behind it's movement. They live for themselves, their own purposes, their own lives depend on each other. And Fiore knows nothing of it, which is why he could go to some independent and dark guilds to do the same thing. Of course, he was not going to plot against the Magic Council, but this was a group that was truly designed to help one another. Not from forced groups or bonds, but just because they can. This one seemed like a perfect recruit for such a thing. He was in hiding, and even had a cloak on his being to protect his identity. Once he saw the battle was over, he would reveal his existence, but keep on the cloak.

    "Impressive display." The brunette would commend from behind, the traveler swiftly moving around him as he continued to walk. Hero of the day, saving an innocent while preventing others from dying. It was not that Elyx cared about the blood of bad guys being spilled, he could easily do it himself. This guy didn't kill for sport, he killed when there was no other option. Commendable, and his strength was pretty decent, considering the aura he displays can only be described as mediocre at best. Hm, such words, but it was what he thought up of in his mind. "You're a mage, clearly." He explained as he would hold up a small envelope. There was a magic mark on the top right corner, sealed by Shima at X rank to prevent anyone below that ranking from removing it. Within an hour, the magic seal will eradicate any trace of existence that the letter presented. His right arm slashed to the side, releasing his fingers to throw the piece of paper like a frisbee towards the direction of the other mage. "Consider this an invitation to an initiation. Call me a talent scout. There is a group being formed, one of no faction, just power. Not to control anything, but just simply to be one another among themselves. That envelope is your entrance ticket to the initiation, and if you pass, you are in." With that, he would cross his arms and tilt his head to the side. There was one doubt, how much this one being be able to tell if Elyx was powerful or not? There was one way he could imagine being able to prove it. So his cloak would be untied to reveal the brunette in his casual clothing. "And trust me, a former Wizard Saints power is nothing to underestimate or take lightly."


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