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    The pirate and the shaman

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Private The pirate and the shaman

    Post by Julius Seas on 27th October 2016, 10:39 am


    Julius is becoming much better with navigating through the guild! Julius said as he walked down the stairs towards the tavern like guild hall. Even though the guild might have moved towards an different planet one thing would always be the same which was the guild hall's tavern. I agree Julius-kun yesterday we walked around in circles for 5 times and today we only did 2! Tomorrow we're going to aim for 2! Julius said with sparkling. Julius had some start up problems when the guild suddenly was moved. He was surprised to hear that they were going to move to a other planet. But as time went by Julius began to get used to the new location of the guild though he couldn't call it home yet. The one and only thing Julius wasn't getting used with was the fact that they were labeled dark by the magic council. but what could Julius do about it? Well nothing... It was an foreign boy against a council full of the most elite wizards there were so Julius just had to deal with it.

    Julius sat down at a table with Squable and he ordered breakfast. So what are our plans for the day? Want to go to Earthland? You'll never know what will happen there Julius-kun! Or maybe we can go on a job! We can ask Hana-chan or Sorano-chan to go along! Or maybe we can ask Mura-kun or Gamon-kun! What do tou say Julius? Julius actually wasn't planning to go to Earthland... Julius actually doesn't want to do anything today... Julius isn't in the mood today... Julius had to be honest to himself that he actually wanted to do something today but something in him told himself that he wasn't in the mood. Well... If that's what you want Julius then I should deal with it... Since you're the captain anyway.

    The waitress brought Julius and Squable their breakfast and dug into their food. As Julius was eating he looked around through the guild and noticed in the distance their new guildmaster Kanix sitting at a table. Kanix is the successor of their former guildmaster Heero who died. Ever since Kanix was chosen to be the next guildmaster Julius didn't bother to interact with her. It wasn't because Julius disliked her it was more because Julius didn't know how the behave around her and he was afraid that he would get on her nerves. But that would change today. Squable! Julius knows what Julius is going to do today! Which is getting to know Kanix-san! You stay here! Without saying anything else to Squable Julius stood up and walked towards the table.

    Julius walked towards Kanix' table with confidence. Julius stood at Kanix' tble and opened it his mouth. H-H-Hello Kanix-san... H-H-How are you doing... Julius' confidence was washed away like a wave and Julius was getting nervous.


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