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    My Reasons are Worse than yours.


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    My Reasons are Worse than yours. Empty My Reasons are Worse than yours.

    Post by Tiramisu 24th January 2017, 12:42 pm


    ”Misa-chan~! This man is cray cray!!!!”

    “Shut up Akemi, I am trying to talk to him!” Misayo spoke in a panicked state and sighed softly, the man that was in front of her was none other than a dude trying to commit suicide in the name of getting fired. This was already gruelling enough that the man was ready to blow himself up with all them explosive lacrimas, but it was just  but trying to handle Akemi while they were at it. Of course, Akemi was being herself it seemed, always playful and always mischievous at the same time, it kind of sucked having to babysit a fox like her but knew that the two could grow to compliment each other in a way. Right now however, it just wasn’t going to cut it.

    “N-no!!! Stop! I will blow myself up!” The man shouted as he grunted… what a baby, everything could have been sorted peacefully but it seemed he has gone way too far. He could’ve simply gotten a different job to handle life on the road if he so needed, but why would a dude be attached to this type of job anyway? It just wasn’t cool to end your life over a job out of all things. Sure, it was a good time to do something, but not something at this caliber.

    “I assure you, if you can calm down… everyone can sort everything out with you… you can get a new job and everything will be okay again. I trust you, I know why, I have been in similar situations before where I didn’t know what to do, but the decisions I have made is what made me be who I am.”

    “And just how do you know that!”

    Misayo sighed softly as she walked up to him and felt his cheek before she leaned closer, she carefully placed her rosy lips near the man's ear before she began to speak, maybe speaking of her sorrow will help him a lot, it was the only way for her to try stop everyone.

    “I must inform you… good sir… I have had lots of problems too… One day, my father destroyed the shrine I lived in… my mother died and my father caused it. I do not know why he was suddenly crazy, all I knew was that in my father's side of the family, we have… something strange… Some of us will go crazy… only then, should people have permission to even attempt to kill themselves… the only reason I haven’t killed myself is because I have a brother who I love with all my heart… I have also made a few friends here, not to mention I am bound with a sword that has the power to burn anything or anyone within my reach. I suggest that if you want your friends and family to not mourn your passing, then you should let it go… you don’t have a messed up lifestyle like I do… and I am sure nobody else will want a ton of the colleagues dead, do they…?”

    The man stopped pleading and Misayo broke away from her whisperous manners, she looked to him with her red eyes, her gaze was fixated on him as she blinked once or twice. Even Akemi, the one who always got her attention, didn’t manage to get her attention with all the hand flails.

    “I… I apologise…” He spoke out, he sighed softly as he finally took off the lacrima stuff and took out his hand to shake Misayo’s. “If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask anyone.” He stated as he walked away from Misayo and finally, was out of the building. Everyone around her suddenly cheered and started to pass her some jewels as a thank you. Misayo didn’t know what she done because quite frankly, she thought committing suicide over getting fired was pretty obnoxious.

    “I… do not deserve this.”

    “No, please, take it.”


    Misayo sighed softly as she walked back out slowly and made her way back to the house, Akemi followed, she was quiet for once but that may be because she couldn’t believe Misayo’s silence. It was only when the two went outside that Akemi spoke up.

    “Misa-channn~, just what did you say?? It must have been exhilarating to try stop something like that!”

    “Nah, the dude was simply stupid, there was no way to go about it, I have been worse off then him and he thought he could leave life because of getting fired.” Misayo replied, she sighed softly. She wanted to go home and just crash on her bed to sleep.

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