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    the worse pirates ever (job)


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    the worse pirates ever (job) Empty the worse pirates ever (job)

    Post by Sol 23rd November 2019, 2:33 pm

    Sol rushed thru the streets of Hargeon towards his destination, he had been alerted of thieves breaking into a shipping building before trying to make a mad dash for the docks, sadly he already had a bead on them as he founds the trail of jewels and he used his shadows to absorb them as he passed by and as he skidded around a corner he caught sight of 5 thugs with decent bags.”Gotcha” he said as he rushed forward.”Ah crap someones trying to stop us lets get UGH” the one thief turned and started speaking before Sol had closed the distance in the blink of an eye before delivering a powerful gut punch not only to him but also to the other 4 theives as well which made the CEO want to sigh.” Seriously if they wanted to get away why let these idiots carry the jewel they led me right to them: he grumbled before he saw 5 more bandits jump at him from alleyways and Sol swiftly back up missing a few knife swings.”You guys don’t even know how to use your weapons correctly how you even got this far seems to be a miracle” he explained before he summoned his wakizashi and blocked two strikes at him before he whirled around and slashed at all 5 of them that were close and sent them all crashing to the ground with wounds on their chests but it wasn’t enough to kill the. “only used a fraction of my strength you will all live” he explained before the bags the group was carrying melded into the shadows for storage before Sol rushed forward once again

    It didn’t take long for Sol to catch up with remainder of the bandits on the docks before he suddenly shifted into shadows and emerged before all 9 of them his wakizashi in hand.”Leaving so soon do be glad this isn’t tolgalen the punishment would have been much more severe” he said with simple smile that instantly put the pirates and bandits on edge and made them break out in a cold sweat. Sol suddenly blitzed forward before slashing at one of the pirates 5 times each one fast and fluid as the man hit the ground his limbs full of holes. He then blocked another slash before parrying two more and he proceeded to repeat the process with the next two pirates before the last one decided to try to take the cowards way out. He turned his blade on himself before aiming to impale himself thru the chest. The CEO however spotted that and then swung so hard he broke the blade the pirate was using before he slashed the mans arms both 5 times dropping him to a useless heap on the ground but he would still survive with medical care. Looking at the remainder of the group the reaper then pulled out his katana and started to slash in front of him taking down 3 of the bandits with 3 swings of his blades each with most of their limbs cut and impaled so they could not move. The final two got extremaly frightened before Sol suddenly cracked them both in the nose with his elbows before he struck them with his blades two more times dropping them and the cash as well. Sol gathered the money in the shadow portal before heading back for the company Building.” Not even enough to make me sweat but still decent exercise.”he muttered to himself as he counted the jewel on his way to make sure it was all accounted for.

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