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    Two Flowers of the Royal Garden (Closed/Hitomi)


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    Two Flowers of the Royal Garden (Closed/Hitomi) Empty Two Flowers of the Royal Garden (Closed/Hitomi)

    Post by Aoi 19th January 2017, 11:39 pm


    The sounds of several cats meowing back and forth within an enclosed space, or more so a separate area in which the inhabitant was free to make herself comfortable. Enough so that they can feel as if they are able to be themselves while still maintaining the orderly command from which she believed that the goddess she referred to as her mistress would require of her, or anyone underneath her. However, with years under her belt of following the commands and desires of Eris, she felt as if she probably knew more than she had, or at least maybe twisted a form of a crush into an undying loyalty that outright would never sour or change, should she ever even find someone who would even attempt to sever the blind loyalty that the red head showed towards Eris.

    The sound of a clearing of someones throat in the room made the meowing cease rather quickly, only the sound of a small bell jingling and colliding constantly with a small tag with the hand print of the pact symbol on it. a black cat would sit up onto all 4 paws, starring off as she watched in silence, waiting for Aoi to do something. "Nya nya nya~ Braiding mah hair~ Nya nya- ... Are you going to keep starring at me?" Peering through her mirror, she'd stare at the reflection of the cat laying on her bed, pausing with her fingers wrapped in her hair. "You're going to be late to the capital you know." She would simply shrug at the comment, not really seeming to care one way or another.. "The old man can wait a little longer for his little princess to stop by." With a soft purr, she would calmly finish her appearance and stand up, motioning for the black furred feline to come. To which she had, jumping onto Aoi's shoulder and resting herself around the back of her neck in a rather odd comforting look.

    She stepped out of her room, headed out through a portal that was through a door beyond the castle walls. She looked around and noticed that she was in rather familiar territory... Which was saddening really. To be honest, she had hoped father would have changed some exterior decorations and maybe painted the place... SOMETHING. Nope! Here it lied, the great castle of Fiore; Bland. "How appawling Annabel... Someone will need a little talking to when we get in there." WIth a small sigh, she ran her fingers along her bangs, brushing them lightly to the side and out of her face as she began to walk about the courtyard. She came to a bench that had no back to it, giving the black cat a chance to hop off and seat herself before Aoi would come to join her. "Nyaaaahh. Father can wait... I wanna relax here for now and enjoy a purrrrfect day." It wasn't often she got to see... at all, so she wanted to embrace the nostalgia of her childhood; a cute little child running around giggling.


    Lady Hitomi
    Lady Hitomi

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    Two Flowers of the Royal Garden (Closed/Hitomi) Empty Re: Two Flowers of the Royal Garden (Closed/Hitomi)

    Post by Lady Hitomi 22nd January 2017, 1:10 pm

    It was a very quiet day, the only thing that could be heard was that of the wind brushing up against the trees. While it being hard to look around to far because the blanket of thick fog all over the forest. It was all that big of a forest really, only twenty meters all around with nothing but dead trees that all looked alike. Well all but one of them that was a large dead oak tree in the middle of the whole forest. The oak tree was twice as tall as all the others trees and even those it was dead the tree was just as tought as a live tree. The tree is also where Hitomi calls home and quite likes it because there's no one else around to bug her.

    Hitomi had woken in a daze that morning and took twice as long for her to get up an running like normal. Then she had stepped out from the inside of the large dead oak tree. The wind had made Hitomi's short and beautiful black hair flows in the wind just a little away from her face. "Seems like today will have something fun happen." Hitomi believes that windy days are a good sign to her to enjoy the day to its fullest. She had taken off an a random deracsion like always because she still doesn't know much about Earthland an was always wanting to learn more about the land.

    After awhile an though a few forests Hitomi had came to some mountains and had sighed heavily. The way she had chosen this time had taken the longest to find a city, town, or village. But just when she had almost given up on finding any thing this time. Hitomi had saw a fairly large and old looking city. She had because to grin an ran full speed up to the city. "Wow! Such a lovely place and hopefully it has some new things I can learn about." She had began speed walking all over the place while stopping from time to time looking over things that caught a her eye. Even those it seems everyone was staring at her eyes and backing up some. Hitomi had been very used to this because her eyes are much like that of a snake and she has some teeth that look like fangs that also makes others freak out an fear her. This is why she normal only ever grins instant of smiles so her fangs don't show.

    Hitomi had been roaming around the place for a long time an grinning because of the fun she was having. Then something odd had cought her eye, there was what looked like a young girl with cat like ears sticking out of her head. She quickly when over to the girl, then without thinking about it or saying anything. Hitomi had reached out an scratched the back of the girl's cat like ears to find out if they were real.


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