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    Grand performances start small! (Job)


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    Grand performances start small! (Job) Empty Grand performances start small! (Job)

    Post by Strange 8th January 2017, 10:04 pm

    Job Information:

    Every performer and every creator of art always has to start humble. That is not to say Horatio's talent is short of anything but the grandest of stages, or so he thought. The town of magnolia was peaceful and quiet on this cold winter day. Although there was no sign of impending snow, the stinging feeling on one's skin would quickly reveal the temperature was easily below the freezing point. Among the many inhabitants that walked the street was one white smudge that one could differentiate from the rest from a large distance. That was because Strange and his stage alter ego Horatio wore a white suit with a white top hat, an attire that drew quite some attention. But how else was he going to let them know they were in the presence of a mage that considered himself the best of the best!

    It didn't take Strange long to reach the house where they were supposed to watch a baby. All in all the task seemed simple enough, though Strange was sure enough his alter ego would want a say in the proceedings of the day, after all any audience is an audience in the eyes of the theatrical 'mage'. Strange could keep his alter ego suppressed long enough to use a humble knock to make his presence known before letting Horatio take the wheel. This was more fortunate than the alternative, since Horatio had a knack for dramatic entrances and broken windows. After the minute delay and the tapping of Horatio's impatient boot the door was opened by what appeared to be a wealthy older woman. She looked quite lovely with the expensive dress and excessive accessories. Something Horatio kinda hated for it belittled his own costume.

    ''Gooood afternoon ma'am, my name is the greatest magnificent mage Horatio, send here by the grand guild Black Rose to comply with your demands pertaining a mission which includes watching your most precious possession, a young boy?''

    The words were truly spoken in Horatio's ways, with way too much words and excessive use of fancy words that had no actual place in there to begin with. But the lady seemed to take a liking to it, perhaps it was more down her alley than the usual rabble. The woman in question was quite swift about it. She seemed to be in a hurry, and Strange, still in the back of Horatio's mind, speculated she probably had a date. Which, at the age of the woman and considering she already has a child but lacks an engagement ring is a big deal. As soon as the pleasantry's were over, she had shown Horatio the house and finally the baby, which at this point was still asleep, she went on to whatever business she had to attend.

    As the door slammed shut and Horatio was on his own Strange finally managed to gain a hold again. After all without an audience or someone to show off to Horatio often quickly lost steam and left things to his more thoughtful and passive counter-part. -I suppose I might as well take a seat until the baby awakes, hopefully soon or I won't be able to get him to sleep in the evening-. Such a though crossed Strange's mind as he wished to walk towards the living room. But to his surprise he was interrupted by an increasingly loud noise of a door shutting from upstairs- where the baby is supposed to be asleep. Without giving it much thought Strange hurried upstairs to find that the baby had escaped into his mothers room.

    This was the point where Horatio saw his chance. Strange really didn't get much of a chance to give his input before the showman wished to intervene. Hurrying into the mothers room he encountered the baby, laughing and playing with what appeared to be the bedside lamp. The baby was quite athletic holding the lamp between his two small hands, at least he was definitely strong enough to break it. Horatio quickly realized this, and with his quick wits managed to conjure a response befitting of someone that age.

    ''Over here!Pass!I'm free!''

    The baby may have been young, but he definitely was witty for his age for he immediately realized what the strange man meant with those words and waving around his open arms. The baby, with all the force and might he could call upon himself lifted the lamp until close to behind his head, and chucked it as far as he could. But as it turns out, babies can't chuck lamps all that far, and the lamp landed with a strangely satisfying CRACK onto the ground right before Horatio's feet.

    ''Haha! Foolish child! Knowing your strength's is the first path towards progress, and you're sorely lacking. Let me show you how a real mage of grand standing does these kind of things, and learn from the best there is!''

    Horatio didn't waste a moment and quickly walked towards the other side of the bed the baby was sitting on, and grabbed the second desklamp. He was a clear performer as he showed the baby the lamp by holding it before his face, as to show it was not tempered with. Which, at this point, was more of a habit then it was logical. Before the baby could grab it out of his hands Horatio retracted his arms and showed the lamp once more before using his keen ability for sleight of hand to make it 'disappear' a couple of times by hiding it behind his back. Most adults wouldn't fall for this trick, but Horatio knew that using his full repertoire of tricks would be both a smudge on his pride and unnecessary. And so it was, since the baby looked on in amazement at the 'magic' Horatio showed him.

    ''And now! For my next trick!This is what a /real/ man can do!''

    The baby seemed to pout at his last statement, but seemed curious as what was to unfold none the less. Placing his hand underneath the lamp, balancing it on his palm, he began to chant some kind of useless spell that only a true mage would be able to recognize as complete bogus. After the small chant he lowered his hand, and chucked the lamp against another. This lamp was a wall mounted one right next to the door. The two lamps clashing caused a flash of light which reflected beautifully off the broken glass shards that flew through the room before the room was clad in darkness.

    The baby was amazed, and even though Horatio could not see it because of the darkness he too knew that he would be. Horatio could walked towards the windows and opened the closed curtains to let some light in. After doing so he grabbed the baby and walked downstairs with him. Strange would have to tidy up afterwards. He always has to. But before that Horatio wasn't quite done showing the youngling all of his tricks. In his mind he was doing the world a service by letting the kid experience what a real mage could do, and who knows, maybe he would inspire him to do great deeds of magic later on in his life as well. The possibility excited Horatio the most and motivated him to grow towards even greater heights so he might reach more youth than only this one baby. But for now, it would do.

    As he put the child on the couch he looked around him. What could he use to amaze the child beyond what he had already shown. And then it struck him! The classics, of course! After giving the child a quick 'hold on' signal, which the child was now happy to comply to since he was slowly becoming a fan of the weird white clad mage. Horatio hurried from room till room until he finally returned minutes later with a small box and a large knife.

    Now for my next trick I will do the impossible, the IMPECCABLE, I WILL SHOW YOU SOME REEEEAL MAGIC!

    [wordcount; 1350 ]

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