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    Chasing Chicken[Job/Private]


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    Chasing Chicken[Job/Private] Empty Chasing Chicken[Job/Private]

    Post by YoungBridge on 31st December 2016, 4:25 am

    Fenghuang had never knew Clover Town could have a farm. She has seen farms before, and the flies animal farms attract were like moths attracted to light. They tend to be a nuisance and sometimes farmers would make torches to smoke them, but they did not try to prevent them from coming, after all if you could feed chickens with smoked flies to save jewels on chicken feed she sees no point. Clover Town to her looked more liked the town that would show more of a developed view, since they have guild masters gathering here and that it has a direct train station.

    But as of right now, here she is, in front of the farm that was stated. She could see the damage, that is one big hole, lazily patched up with wooden planks nailed on to the barn wall. She could see her cilent hammering away at the nails, obviously not happy. She makes her approach slowly and cautious, before lightly tapping the man on the shoulder. She was blinking at the lack of response before narrowly avoiding a hammer to the face, landing butt first as she tumbles backwards. The farmer got up and with his hammer raised, faced her with a scowl and growled. But before he could mutter anything, he took a good look and put his hammer into his toolbox.

    "Sorry fer scarin ya," The farmer raised his hand and Fenghuang took it, and was pulled back to her feet. "I forgot that I sent out a job request, I can tell you aren't just some random villager, no man ner women would wear that kind ah clothing." Fenghuang watched the farmer turn behind to face the patched up hole before taking his straw hat off and he look rather embarrased.

    "Ya see, my chicken made that hole, as ya know from my request description, got spooked by a fox that crept in and busted a hole in the barn wall," He then glared at Fenghuang, who looked very surprised by the sudden change of expression. "Harm one feather on me prized bird and I'll show you 'ell." He then scratched the back of his head and withdraws his piercing eyes. "Last I heard it went down there, if I know that bird it would still be there. Just lure it 'ere and I'll do the rest." And without getting a response the farmer left with his toolbox.

    Fenghuang went towards the direction the farmer said the chicken was. She honestly had no idea how to react. But as she makes her way through, she discovers footprints, definitely something big. She starts to follow them, sometimes watching it stop and cause a few scratches in the ground. She needed a plan, then look at her avaliable slips. Bakeneko would try to eat it, Koropokkuru can't even harm a regular sized chicken, yet alone make it come for it. Rooster. Hard since he is a literal bomb, but she would admit that maybe Rooster had some flare for the female hens. She chants a few lines and summons in her sealed spirit.

    Heat spreads and Fenghuang could see black mass gather befor erupting into the purple Rooster. She found him sad, the poor guy was corrupted by some serious black magic, it would take time and a hidden method to return him to his natural state. But so far, she isn't making progress with the cocky chicken. She watched the Rooster slowly walked up to her, he was towering, the black feathers looking like a cape. She looks him in the eyes, she could feel the murderous intent, but yet she could see a spark of light just for a moment. She smiles.

    "Good day Roosty, now how could are you with women?" Fenghuang asked with a great big smile on her face. The Rooster was taken aback.

    "What do you bloody mean? I'm a handsome rooster, of course I'm good with women, they would swoo-" The Rooster was shut up with a good old knock on his beak.

    "I mean hens Roosty, I doubt any human women would like to see you even for a second," Fe ghuang then laughed out loud. "Except me, I have no choice." The Rooster scowled and flipped its black comb. Fenghuang shakes her head. "I heard there is a lovely hen up and about, big 5 foot hen, just bring it back it back to the barn unharmed."

    The Rooster scowled.

    "C'mon, don't tell me the great and mighty Rooster can't even woo a hen into a barn," Fenghuang laughed before hearing wings flap and wind below against as the Rooster took off to the sky. Fenghuang then proceeded to walk back.

    The Rooster was flying back to the barn, a huge 5 foot hen chasing behind him, hearts in her eyes. The farmer looked at Fenghuang and then back at the sight. He will admit that comb is impressive. As the Hen enters the barn doors Fenghuang quickly seals Rooster and the farmers shuts the door behind.

    "Thanks miss, I'll... make sure you get yer payment."



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