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    Post by YoungBridge on 14th April 2017, 5:20 am

    Name: Hebisha
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown, looks 23.
    Birthday: Unknown, came to Earthland on 15 Jan.
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Special Characteristics: She is a lamia, half snake. The red markings on her body however distinct from other lamias.

    Personality: Hebisha is mature, a clear vibe that not only comes with her looks. Her lack of tone in her voice shows of that she is barely interested in much anymore, but you can tell in her eyes she is sharp, not ignoring her surroundings. Even though she can not really see them. The lack of expression is due to her lack of sight. She can still laugh and display it but it does not really come out as geniune. Hebisha is through, often wanting to get clear answers. A woman of detail and meticulous work, it is a mystery how in the world she handles herself despite her blindness. Hebisha shows agitation and caution to everyone, and she does not know why. Every person, even an old friend, you can watch her recoil slightly or hear a rattle coming from her tail. Hebisha is headstrong, her beliefs are what make her values and morals. Hebisha believes in solitude and introversy, as a way to maintain composition and discipline. Hebisha is willing to help, but not out of kindness but rather for the want of selfish solitude. Hebisha makes her position as someone who clearly will have no intention of being interested in you. The lamia has grown to studies and books over the years of being in this new environment. Hebisha treats everyone foreign and prefers to stay away from people in general. Her philosophy is to gain one's worth not through wealth or fame, but through understanding and lack of desire. To Hebisha, when someone helps and feels good, the good will of the person can corrupt and lead to a selfish desire. They no longer help with the heart and lose understanding and just help to feed their desire to help. Hebisha prefers to mediate in her free time or practice harmony. However, Hebisha has OCD and is a major clean freak (not germaphobe). If Hebisha has one problem to overcome, is controlling her urge to straighten that unaligned painting.

    Hebisha shows her stonestrong discipline in her fighting style too. Her movements are rigid for a snake, and the fact her style of fighting is decisive of the situation, it may contridict the fact of fighting effectively. Hebisha however, is not the type of fight at all. The lamia prefers to study than actual go into a lifestyle of fighting. The reason she does know how to fight is because she knows the world is harsh, a person who is weak and shows emotion is bound to be struck down like a bird in the sky. The girl is fond of her weapons however and shows great care in them. Hebisha's reasoning for keeping something meant for violence? "A weapon is not a weapon when it is not used for violence, the sword can be a brush, painting one's fluidity and movement. It becomes a meditative tool then." Hebisha does not like the violence is a solution kind of deal and prefers diplomatic solutions. Unless you dirty the pot, she will whack you to death with a broom.

    • Being Clean: Hebisha likes thing spick and span or very posh.
    • Solitude: An introvert loves the peace and quiet.
    • Chrysanthemum Tea: Its her favorite drink in the whole world


    • Being Dirty: It's a hard thing to avoid when you are both OCD and a clean freak.
    • Noise: Being blind has its uses, you don't have to see the annoying stuff. But when your other senses get enhanced to pay for that, noises are the worst.
    • Violence: A bit of a hypocrite at this once you make a place messy, but she really dislikes violence.


    • To figure the past: Hebisha's past remains a mystery to her, why is she in such a foreign land...
    • To Achieve self worth: Its her philosophy
    • To get over her violent nature: Its a problem, a 12 meter long problem.


    • Birds: If you are a 12 meter ling creature and you happen to be sleeping. Birds wake you easily.
    • Germs: Yes she is a germaphobe, she however thinks she is a just clean freak.
    • Lightning: For some unknown reason, Hebisha is really afraid of lightning. Her reaction is hilarious though. She coils up, but hides her body in the coil. So it looks like a giant white and red turd.

    General Appearance
    Normal Appearance:

    Battle Armor:

    When using magic:

    Just imagine hair is pink and eyes are red.

    Height: 195cm (without counting the rest of her tail), 12 meters (if you count her tail length)
    Weight: 130kilos
    Hair: Pink
    Eyes: Red, she is blind.
    Skin Tone: Peach, scales are White.
    Appearance: Hebisha is a pristine pearly white skinned lamia who gives off a mature aura with her psyche. Her pink hair and red eyes are distinctivve features. But nothing is as obvious as her mighty long serpentine tail. The enormous tail does take alot of space but just because the scales are smooth and the pearly white colors matches the beautiful red markings does not mean it is useless. The serpentine limb acts like a third hand, a whip, a stand, a bed and motor abilities. As much as it may get in the way of large crowds and small spaces, there is no way Hebisha is getting rid of her lower half.

    Her clothes are rather simple. A black qi pao with golden highlights that has been modified to fit the lamia well. A brilliant red hair pin fixes up her hair in a nice ponytail.


    Guild: Lamia Scale
    Tattoo: On her back.
    Rank: C

    RIP Character, it was nice making you:

    Hebisha - Weapon - Magic

    Hebisha Philosophy: "Oi of pot filthy!"

    All mighty cupcake by Leah
    Julius Seas

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    Re: Hebisha

    Post by Julius Seas on 15th April 2017, 8:16 am



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