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    The Search for a Passport [Job/Solo]

    Chloe Harken
    Chloe Harken

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    The Search for a Passport [Job/Solo] Empty The Search for a Passport [Job/Solo]

    Post by Chloe Harken 3rd December 2016, 11:00 am

    Job Info:

    Chloe figured that one day she would eventually need to get around to getting some kind of identification, for legal reasons and what not. But this also brought up the question of what she would use to get this ID, then it suddenly came to her. She could attempt to get a passport to go to other nations. Not only would that solve her problem of a lack of ID or birth certificates, but it would also mean that she could go freely to other nations, which could be helpful for later jobs or vacations.

    She hopped on the train to Hargeon Town at her usual spot, since she heard that they were giving out passports in that particular area. She thought about all of the various places that she would be able to go on the train ride there. She already liked to explore the easy to reach areas of Fiore, but this would expand her options even more. She could see so much more of Earthland and all she would need to do is just get a simple passport. She tried to think about where she would try to go first, but she then came down from cloud nine when she realized that going to another country would not be as simple as just hopping on a train and making her way there.

    Either way, she got off the train at around noon and started to make her way to where she believed the passports were being given out, the docks. To her shock though, she saw a huge crowd of people also there for what she assumed was the same reason as her, wanting to go explore the rest of Earthland. She sighed as she knew that she would probably end up having to wait in this total monster of a line. She made her way to what she believed was the end of it and decided to try and entertain herself somewhat by humming as she waited in this line.

    Normally Chloe was not someone who enjoyed cheating to go places in life, but in a moment like this, she just could not fathom having to stay in a line for an entire day. The time began for her to try and get to the front of the line as fast as possible, luckily she had a method of doing this. She began to use her magic, and in a second Chloe was travelling in a small bolt of lightning, passing through the conductive materials throughout the line as she eventually managed to make her way to the front. She made sure that she was relatively unseen as she returned to her normal form.

    Chloe now only had to wait for a few people, and it was not long before she was the next on line and she was being asked questions about herself. She said that she was a member of Blue Pegasus, which meant that she was allowed to get the passport for free. They took a quick picture before handing her the passport and Chloe was allowed to go on her merry way, for now she would just be heading home to Blue Pegasus.

    [531/500 words, Job Requirements Met]

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