Getting a Passport, Solo Job ♥

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    Getting a Passport, Solo Job ♥

    Post by Claire Apollyon on 26th August 2017, 9:14 am


    It was a warm, sunny day in Hargeon Town, in which Tia was not that excited about. She hated the sun, so she was wearing everything possible to hide her body from getting hit from its rays. She has had extremely sensitive, pale skin ever since she was a child, therefore she would try to avoid sunburn at all costs. Sure, she would miss physical outdoor activities sometimes, but skin cancer? That was one of her many unofficial fears. She was wearing a beautiful and ornate purple and white dress, which was very ruffly towards the bottom. She was also wearing striped purple socks and black shoes, which made it very easy to walk. She tied her hair into long braids in the back, which were typically tucked into the back of her hat. But why was Tia in Hargeon, of all places? She knew it was the home of Lamia Scale, but she was not there to get anywhere involved with them. After all, she just joined the guild Golden Phoenix, which was very welcoming. However, she was advised to get a passport for future missions that took place very far away, which she agreed with. She was told Hargeon was giving out passports today, so she decided to make her way over to that city to get one. She took a small boat, which was also carrying people on their way to pick up passports. They all seemed to be new to guilds as well, each from a different one. Tia continued to read a novel she had picked up a few days earlier, which she was very close to finishing. From the distance, the docks looked a beautiful beige-red color, and had beautiful red banners and ribbons all around. There were boats everywhere, ranging from cruise ships to motor boats. As they arrived at the docks, Tia and the others walked towards the ends, where there was a stand for passports.

    The stand read, "Passports for wizards and travels! Today Only!" It seemed as if the stand had just opened, because nobody was standing in the line. Tia noticed this as an opportunity, so she decided to run towards the booth. As she was running, she gazed forward, and realized there was a horde of village people running in the same direction as Tia. "I need to run faster!" Tia exclaimed, running faster toward the booth. She grabbed onto the pole next to the booth, and swung 180 degrees to hop right in front of the rest of the people. The horde arrived two seconds later, therefore Tia was the first one in the line. "Passport, please." Tia said, showing her guild mark. "Yes ma'am! Here you are!" The soldier said, sliding her passport under the window to give to Tia. "Thank you very much." Tia exclaimed, walking away from the booth. Since the boat home wouldn't come for another two hours, she decided to go get a coffee and head to the local library for more books, since she just finished her novel.

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