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    Kaya Bryndís ♥ Golden Phoenix ♥ D Rank

    Leaves had dried up and fallen away from their respective trees, and in that autumn wind, were still flying on and on for many miles, not yet finding a place to rest. They would continue to travel until the wind finally had shredded them up and ripped them to pieces, dissolving them into fine dust. In that cityscape, they peeled up off of the street, some still soggy from droplets of dew forming on them as the late evening gave way to early morning hours. However, the sun was far from ready to rise and grace the morning with its dawning presence just yet. Again, the leaves took wing on the balmy breeze, being swept up with a peculiar grace as they continued to be forced into their lively dance across the chilly air. Higher and higher they flew, soaring far above the city, with glowing lights, blaze with the wondrous colors and noises and activity that the night had to offer.

    Before long, however, the winds began to die down again, bringing the dried fallen leaves lower and lower, as they hovered in between the urban blocks, dodging cars and people. Another blast sent the flock pushing towards a dark alley, with no city lights to illuminate the concrete jungle as the buildings and walls around cast a looming shadow over the cement surfaces. Eventually, they were lowered out of their trancelike state of dance to flutter to a stop, brushing against the face of olive skin and shining crimson eyes before dispersing, braking against the wall that was only a few yards behind her. Their journey had just about come to an end, as they would remain forever trapped, rotting in that shaded corner.

    Kaya kept her head forward, closing her eyes as the breeze hit her face before reopening those vermilion eyes. The parcel that she carried with her had to be delivered, and the address was directly ahead. The client had lent her a sharp dagger to use should she encounter trouble, as she evidently was forbidden to use magic while in Pergrande. Such a silly rule, yet why would she have any reason to even summon her Celestial Spirits? Finally reaching the destination, the young vampire would eye the mailbox, where she had been instructed to place it. Carefully opening it, she would place the package inside, and begin to walk away once again. This was a simple delivery mission, and almost impossible to mess while. She had dared not open or tamper with the parcel, as that was the one thing that was strictly forbidden. It was roughly midnight, and all that was left was for Kaya to return home, to the Golden Phoenix guildhall in Oahu. Going by train was the easiest, and as such, the youthful mage would make her way back to the train station. Despite it being so late at night, her train would be there by morning, so for now, why not explore just a little bit~? It was not every day that she got to go to a foreign country for delivery jobs.

    Location;; Pergrande Kingdom
    Muse;; 6/10
    Word Count;; 516


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