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    The Lady of the Forest[Job/Solo]


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    The Lady of the Forest[Job/Solo] Empty The Lady of the Forest[Job/Solo]

    Post by Triple_Hell on 19th November 2016, 10:24 am

    How did she get talked into this, oh yeah, her guildmates. They always told her that she was a rather pretty girl, maybe not as pretty as the barmaid that serves them but still pretty. Honestly she feels outclassed by every woman in the Black Sails in terms of beauty standards. But she never got that to her head. But with the girls out on other jobs, she had to take this one for the guild. So she got on a boat to Fiore mainland and headed for Magnolia.

    She looks around Magnolia, she has been here before, nice place it was, still is. The festivals were fun too. Though the chatter about Fairy Tail kind of creeps her out alot. Well whatever the reason, is was not her business. She moves into the entrance of the East Forest and follows the path to the shooting site, she did not need to know where they are, she can track them down just fine with her hunting skills.

    Until she gets distracted by a horned squirrel. The rodent stood on its hind legs eating a nut from an oak tree, the fur was red and its horns, often mistaken for antlers, stood proudly on its head. It was an adult and Haia wanted to get a closer look. She crouched down and shifted herself through, but the rodent had saw her and immediately dashed away. Haia quickly got on her feet and ran after it, chasing the rodent through the forest swiftly. It was in its element, the trees were its footpath while Haia had to avoid the roots and bending pathways. She could hear some shouting but ignores it as she decides to shift her level to the horned squirrels. In the trees.

    Haia moved with great swiftness, despite the long bow's 60 kilos added with her 60, she moved like the wind and the leaves around the branches. She was almost to the horned squirrel, just a bit more. The squirrel did a quick turn and Haia jumped, her feet made contact with the trunk of a tree and it shook with great force, a few leaves falling off around her with serene grace. She pushed herself towards a branch and swung herself to the squirrel, its bushy tail in sight once more.

    She was close, really close and reaches out, diving as she grabs the fluffy tail and pulling the squirrel to her as she stopped her acceleration on a branch with her feet, the tree taking the force and hung upside down using her legs to hold her weight on a strong branch. She tickles the horned rodent at its belly as she held a baby only upside down. She then sees flashing lights and sees a woman, clearly in the correct attire for the environment with sunglasses over her eyes. 3 men surrounded her, panting as they held their equipment. Photo shooting equipment and what seems to be a bag of clothes. Haia quickly flips off the branch and bows in front of the woman.

    "I'm s-so sor-" Haia's apology was cut short by hearty laughter with panting. She looks up at the woman to see her smiling and laughing. Haia looks at her utterly confused until the woman calls her camerman over and shows her the photos using a high tech camera from the Neutral Grounds. She stared in disbelief.

    Her chase was taken with surprising clear focus and clarity, she could even see the sunlight scattered across her cloak and the seams of the material under exposure. Her chase, made it look like it was her habitat, her home. Ths smile on her face as she chased rodent across the forest, how did the tired camera man take this she may never know, she could see her brown eyes filled with determination. For once, she felt more beautiful than every girl in Black Sails. She saw the woman smiling and patting her back.

    "The theme was going to be eco-friendly with this new fashion line, but I think the photos here go very well on the cover page and extras yes?" She asked Haia, who gave a wide smile.

    The afternoon was spent taking photos of Haia in the clothing, the fabric was made from recycled stuff, using magic and some technology to make the soft fabric Haia is wearing, the designer even thought maybe she should make a set of clothes that resembled Haia's current attire to thank her for coming.

    So they finally finished her photo shoot, they took the final shot at night and Haia escorted them out of the forest and back into Magnolia. She smiled as the woman thanked her once more and gave Haia a hug. She wonders what the guild members would think upon seeing the Sorceror's Magazine.


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