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    Forest Observations [Job/Solo]

    Silas Clearwater
    Silas Clearwater

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    Forest Observations [Job/Solo] Empty Forest Observations [Job/Solo]

    Post by Silas Clearwater 15th January 2023, 1:00 am

    Silas was actually kind of proud of himself. He had just been in Hargeon and managed to complete two requests there before moving on to his next destination. However, this next destination kind of concerned him a little. He had heard many things about Sakuramori before, like how wild and untamed it was. At first, he was hesitant about taking on the request in the first place but apart of him wanted to be able to prove to himself that he could handle it. After getting off the boat that carried him here, Silas quickly checked all the gear in his bag to ensure he didn't become too unprepared like when he got lost the first time trying to find the Sabertooth Guild. Ensuring that he had everything, the young wizard began to venture forward into the thick forest, making sure to scratch an arrow into the trees as he walked past so that he could find his way back.

    The request required him to take note and record information on some of the wild life living within the forest which took Silas completely out of his comfort zone. "Why did you do this Silas? What were you thinking? You're going to get yourself killed!" He said to himself, wrapping his arms around himself as if he was expecting to get a jump scare at any moment. It was here that he heard an unusual sound. It made him flinch a little but the sound seemed to be coming from further away. Knowing that he had to get this request done, he began to walk in the direction of the sound until he came across a small cliff side that looked over a small open area. Kneeling down by a tree, keeping himself concealed as possible, he pulled out his notebook. "What the?" He said to himself softly, pulling out a pencil when he saw unusual looking beaver creatures. At first he began to sketch them, but they came out looking like a doodle of a cat and so he scribbled it out and instead began writing down their appearance and behaviours.

    He watched the beavers for quite some time before deciding to head further into the forest. It was only moments later that Silas came across the next creature he believed needed to be recorded. The creature could best be described as a cross between a rabbit and a ferret. He watched these for a while as well, making sure to record as much information as he possibly could. This went on for quite some time, recording various creatures and behaviours that took up a majority of the day. Deciding that he had seen enough, Silas packed up his things again and began to make his way back from whence he came. He only made it halfway back to the entrance when he heard a heavy, echoing howl that sent a chill down his spine. He froze on spot, sweat already trickling down his brow and swallowing hard. It was a deep growl that he heard next, coming from behind him and as the young wizard slowly turned around, he saw the cause of the sounds. Wolves. Before he could take their full appearance in, Silas began to run in the direction that he thought was back to safety, but as he continued, the forest just got thicker and thicker, darker and darker. The wolves were hot on his tail, three of them, growling and snarling as they gave chase. "Oh might Aeon, I summon thee." He begin, ducking under a branch before he was knocked out. "Beast of Flame. Ifrit. Aid me!" A red magic circle appeared in front of him on the ground. The young wizard jumped over it as it burst into flames, the great beast Iftit beginning to climb out. Seeing this, the wolves started to skid to a halt as Ifrit let out a tremendous roar.

    Silas turned back to see the wolves high tail it and ran while Ifrit stood there, looking in their direction. "Thanks big guy, I owe you one." Silas states, relieved as he approaches the fiery beast. But this was a mistake. In his state of panic, Silas summoned the first Aeon he could think of which was Ifrit, failing to remember that the beast actually dislikes Silas and has show his disgust for him. The young wizard came to a halt when the beast turned his gaze upon him. "Crap." Silas says to himself, preparing himself for what was about to happen.

    Silas woke up on the docks the next morning with a throbbing headache. Although he couldn't see it without a mirror, there was a significant bump on top of his head and his left eyes was purple with bruising. "W-what happened?" He asked himself, the last thing he remembered was Ifrit's gaze turning on him. Hey! A voice called out from the ocean. The young wizard looked in its direction to see the captain of the boat who had transported him here waving at him with an extended arm. "Are you ready to head back?" He asked, calling out over the crashing waves. Silas stood up from his position and began waving back at him, calling out in return. "Yeah, that would be great!" Wanting to never return to this forest again.

    WC: 887 - Job Complete


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