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    A Thing.


    A Thing.

    Post by Guest on Mon 10 Oct 2016 - 20:10

    Fury of the Unborn

    Wielder: Astrid Foss

    À Naître Ame, or better known as Unborn Souls. They are beings that never had the chance to be born from their original mothers for one reason or another. Once the body of a premature fetus dies it has a chance to become a À Naître Ame, wandering the surface of the land to find another womb to be born from so they can live their lives.
    Yet, something strange happened with our dear Astrid. Something strange and unheard of. Instead of looking for another womb in her own timeline, a freak accident happened, causing the unborn soul to get transported back 17 years in the past. Because of this, some... other strange effects have happened with her soul.

    But still, strange time travel or not, Astrid is still an À Naître Ame. An unborn soul. And she has all of the abilities that come with it.

    [Combat Abilities]

    Because of the strange time travel effect, Astrid can seem to manipulate time. With this, she can do two things.
    Reverse time by a couple of seconds, reversing anything that may have happened to her. (damage, defuffs, etc)
    Or, she can fast forward time, increasing her own speed by 100%.
    Can only be used once per post, has a cooldown of 2 posts.

    It was said as a child that Astrid has anger issues, though never confirmed. While she has all the attributes of the behavioral issue the doctors could never actually say if she had it or not, for her anger was nothing like they had ever seen before, knocking even the most stubborn child’s anger out of the water.
    What they didn’t know, however, is that it is not anger issues at all, but actually the anger she carries out hidden her in soul. The anger she gained from not being born and forced to wander the earth’s surface in search of a new womb to be born from. It sleeps within her, only leaking out when in danger or in extreme states of emotion turmoil and stress.
    If the anger ever overwhelms Astrid completely, she enters a monstrous, terrifying state. During this state she gains a 100% increase in strength and leaves behind any reasoning or sanity she has normally. If pushed far enough she will start rampaging, tearing up anything and everything in her path, may it be allies, enemies, or random structures, until she is either defeated or calmed. Can only happen once per thread, and after she comes out of this state she will pass out for 5 posts to regain her energy, only left with half of the the MP she had before she entered this state.
    This state can last up to 8 posts.

    [Red Eyes]
    Red eyes. They can strike fear into even the most bravest of warriors with their piercing coloring. With this ability in use anyone who peers into Astrid’s eyes is paralyzed in place, unable to move any part of their body or even use spells. Though it is less effective on  mages of one rank higher, instead causing their speed to be reduced by 50%. Mages of 2 ranks higher or more are not effected by it at all.
    Lasts for 1 post, and has a cooldown of 3.
    While active this ability also tends to strike fear and intimidation into anyone near her presence. Though if they are intimidated or not entirely depends on the character.

    Astrid has a strange amount of magical energy within her. Because of this she gains a 25% increase in magical damage

    [Soul Eater]
    Soul eating. The main action of Ames. Every time a Ame consumes a soul it regains 5 MP per post for 10 posts, but at a cost. With every soul it consumes the body and mind of the Ame starts to deteriorate slowly, quickening as more and more souls are consumed.

    [Story Abilities]

    Due to the combination of mythical power inside her Astrid can communicate with many lifeforms. From monsters to spirits and many more.

    Ames live for centuries upon centuries without ageing a year. Because of this Astrid has stopped ageing herself, and will look the way she does for many, many years.

    With OOC permission Astrid can sense the souls of playable characters or NPCs so long as they are not trying to hide their presence by magical means. She can also read souls, from personality to kinds of magic and even history so long as the character allows her.

    With OOC permission Astrid can bend time to her will. Only for things to do with plot purposes, however.

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