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    Post by Guest 18th September 2016, 5:42 pm


    Today was a lovely day and Summer had decided that she was going to go out shopping. Of course she wasn’t going to yet. She was going to visit her guild to see if there was anyone there that would like to go shopping with her. Summer didn’t really know where she wanted to go shopping or what she wanted to shop for. She just wanted to have a look around to see if there was anything in particular that she will know she will like. Now that she thought about it, some perfume would be really nice because she was sick of smelling like gunpowder. Maybe she could even get lots of sweets and treats for everyone in the guild.

    Getting herself ready, it wasn’t that long until she made her way into the guild and waved the moment she walked in. “Good morning everyone!!!” Summer exclaimed as she skipped around, she then spotted Aurora and grinned. “Hello, Aurora!” The greeting was rather typical and perky for a girl like Summer. But then again, Summer always knew she was like this. She loved being upbeat about everything and tried to look for the bright side in everything.

    “And how are you today?? Did you sleep well??” Summer pouted as she questioned the guild member. “Sorry if it seems weird that I am asking. I am just looking for someone who will want to go shopping with me! Hehehe!!”

    Suddenly though, everything went downhill when a mysterious male walked in. He appeared to be some sort of messenger and approached the two females. Summer was suddenly handed a letter and decided to read it.

    --End flashback--

    Summer was reading the crumpled piece of paper she clutched into her hands once more. She couldn’t believe what she read earlier… Hung… she had to make sure Hung was okay. Back at the village when she was a little girl she was really close with Hung, along with another friend of hers - Jiang. The three were inseparable and the three even trained together. Even though Jian turned to the dark side and almost kidnapped Summer for himself, Hung helped her escape and unfortunately the two got separated. They had no means of contact and Summer was devastated by this. Summer decided to go her own way after that. Hung managing to find a way to contact her was a complete shock.

    Crumpling the piece of paper again she looked at the scenery and shook her head… what the hell happened to the place?? She then looked beside her to see Aurora and tilted her head. “Did you actually have to follow me??” The girl queried. “I didn’t expect you to follow me here… heheheh…”

    Looking at the place once more, it looked like the perfect settlement for ghosts and the girl shuddered. She was scared of ghosts and she believed that they would entirely haunt her. Sighing softly she looked back to Aurora. She wasn’t sure if Aurora could handle her personality yet. But one can hope.

    503 words

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    Post by Somebody 22nd September 2016, 12:45 am

    It was a good morning in the guild hall, lively and spry. Frankly Aurora wasn't used to such commotion from others, typically she only met with a few people at a time rather than hang out in an entire guild halls worth of individuals. To say that Elyx was popular, or able to draw in a crowd was an understatement, this was downright impressive. Honestly Aurora had only joined because she didn't have anything better to do, and was far more productive than her previous line of work, but to see this many united, supposedly, under a common goal well it was different  for her. Know what else was a different for her? Others acting so energetic. Aurora was used to others being quite apathetic or acting low key, so when Summer approached her in such a bombastic manner, well it shocked her a bit. She supposed that was just what the atmosphere around this guild.

    "Uh, hey there. Yeah I slept alright... and I guess it's not weird, it's just who you are. As for shopping, I guess I could go out and get something."

    Sadly Aurora figured that the girl wasn't talking about getting a new graphics card or any form of games, instead probably talking about clothes and the like. That was fine, but Aurora couldn't be MLG pro by just buying clothes, she had to crush her enemies and drag them to the depths of rage quit hell. Sadly it looked like someone was being dragged down into rage quit hell right now as the letter turned up for Summer, and her face quickly went to winter. Que her storming out go and find the cause of whatever the obviously negative letter stated.

    Be it on a whim or worry Aurora had followed the other mage to wherever they were going which turned out to be a place of spooky haunts and devilish delights. If only this had been made into a haunted house, someone could probably make a fortune, then again they would most likely need to have people sign liability wavers, so maybe it wasn't the best idea.

    "You looked worried, which meant you might not be thinking straight. Can't let another guild member just rush out and get themselves into trouble right? Instead the two of us can get into trouble, that'll surely cause Elyx to have a panic. Regardless, what was in the letter anyway it seemed to have really troubled you, and has led you, and by proxy me, to this place."



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    Post by Guest 24th September 2016, 6:16 pm

    Summer reading the letter wasn’t the greatest thing in the world to do. It completely changed her from a happy and content girl to someone who was about to be sick all over. Of course Summer wasn’t going to be sick, but it did cause some concern for the other mage she was speaking to: she just hoped she hasn’t worried Aurora too much, she wouldn’t like to go into too much detail about her relationship with said friend. Of course since it was a guild mate, she wouldn’t particularly mind giving out the basic details but she wasn’t sure what the reaction she would receive with the revelation if she went into story-loads of detail.

    “Yeah… sorry about that…” Summer started her sentence with uneasiness in her tone of voice, but she tried to stay on the positive end of things. If she can save Hung then she can see him again! She needed to see him again… she missed him a lot. She giggled slightly when Aurora mentioned that the two of them could just simply let Elyx get into a complete panic, even though Summer never imagined the thought of doing that; it did make Summer feel less bad. [color=#00ff99]“This letter. It’s from a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a long time.” Summer answered her question politely before biting her lower lip.

    “I need to find him, he has been bitten by a whippersnapper!” Summer chuckled as she spoke out the word whippersnapper. She hasn’t used that term in some time. “I need to find him and get him to safety. I don’t want him…” She shook her head, she can’t even bring herself to think of the consequences that could happen.

    The fireworks expert looked to Aurora and her teeth chattered. “Wh-where to start…”

    300 words.

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