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    The Purge: Anzolo Siegfried


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    The Purge: Anzolo Siegfried

    Post by Nimbus on 28th July 2016, 9:39 am

    Target: Anzolo Siegfried


    • Lynn
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    • Makosuki
    • Rayner

    Briefing: Anzolo Siegfried was once head of the R&D department of the Rune Knights, but was demoted due to the nature of his experiments, and positioned in Talonia as commander of a small base... However, his experiments have not ended.  Under the nose of the Magic Council Anzolo has continued his magical experiments upon those whom the Magic Council has the hardest time keeping track of, the Guildless.  Countless Guildless mages have been arrested under false pretenses, never to be seen again.  Lord knows what he's done to them...  Anzolo continues his experiments within the Military compound.  Talonia is heavily unregulated by the Council so breaking in should be easy... However be weary, Anzolo was the head of the R&D department, so who knows what he may have up his sleeve...


    • Underground Laboratory: Anzolo Siegfried's true base is an underground compound below the Military base.  Forcing your way through the Military base will be no hassle, however within Anzolo's underground Lair you will face experimental traps and technology beyond your comprehension.  Upon entering Anzolo's lair, you will be split up as the result of a surprise trap and you will become mice in Anzolo Siegfried's maze.  Don't let yourself fall victim to his experiments and fight your way through to the Heart of the compound.

    • Failed Experiments: As you draw nearer to the center of Anzolo's laboratory, you will encounter more and more Failed Experiments, that Anzolo will have released within the maze to hunt you down... These were once Mages and they have been mutated beyond recognition.  They are mad and possess a variety of magical abilities that they will use to lash out at you with wildly.  They are not mere zombies.

    • Successful Experiments:  These foes are not to be taken lightly.  They are powerful super soldiers that follow Anzolo's orders without question.  They are tactical, brutal warriors who will attempt to fulfill their assignment at all cost.  Each of you will face one of these Mini-Bosses in the Maze, before you are able to reach Anzolo Siegfried.  
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    • Anzolo Siegfried:  Upon defeating the experiments and confronting Anzolo Siegfried... He will reveal that all your efforts have been futile, and in the time that it took you to reach him he has completed his life's work, to achieve the Fourth Origin Serum, that will transform him in to the perfect being.  In the usual mad scientist fashion, he will laugh hysterically and inject himself with the Serum, transforming himself in to an extremely powerful creature.


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    Re: The Purge: Anzolo Siegfried

    Post by Kirahunter on 2nd August 2016, 1:18 pm

    Simon rolled his shoulders and pushed his hair back as he inspected the military base from the top of the Talonia waterfall. It was a standard Rune Knight facility at first glance but Simon knew there was likely more to it then that. One does not simply demote a chief scientist for committing forbidden experiments to a remote location with low supervision and not expect him to continue the experiments in secret. Simon was willing to bet Anzolo had converted the whole place into some crazy laboratory death trap. He looked back at the Garou Knights standing behind him and addressed them as a group, "Well Nimbus said that our target was the commander of that Rune Knight base down there, so it is time we get to work. I don't know much you were all informed so I'll present the full run down. We're here to do our part in Lord Nimbus's Purge operation, that is the systematic elimination of the Rune Knight's corruption." He pointed over the edge towards the Rune Knight base before continuing, "That base down there is under the jurisdiction of the Anzolo Siegfried. He was the chief researcher for the Rune Knight until it was discovered he was committing numerous vile and inhumane experiments." He lowered his arm and shook his head in exasperation as he went on, "So what do our great protectors the Rune Knights do? They 'demote' him to running this base out here in Talonia. In other words they put him out in the middle of nowhere with a fully functioning military base and no supervision. This is a mind numbingly stupid oversight on their part. So then random mages start disappearing in Talonia shortly after wards and the Rune Knights don't life a finger. "

    He felt stupid for just explaining the hair brained logic of it all but he wanted to make sure his team had the full scoop. He straightened his jacket and adjusted his tone to speak with more confidence as he finished his speech saying, "But we're not party to whatever games the Rune Knights are playing behind closed doors. We don't care why they saw fit to put him in a situation where he can so easily commit whatever atrocities he is up to. But what we do know is this, considering Siegfried's history and his refusal to investigate the disappearances one of two things must be true. Either it is his own doing or he is an inept guardian who is shamelessly neglecting his duties; and neither are acceptable. Today we put an end to his abuse of power and move one step forward to restoring the Rune Knights to a respectable organization that serves only to protect the people of this country and we do it by force!" He scanned the group before him, "Any questions before we bring his house down?"


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    Re: The Purge: Anzolo Siegfried

    Post by Makosuki on 12th August 2016, 5:28 pm

    it's a sign of my obsession
    She was getting excited.

    This would be her first actual mission since she joined the Garou Knights, and this is also the second time she has met anyone from the tundra wolves. Everything w as happening so fast. The guy in front f her seemed to be explaining why they were here and what their objective was, but she really wasn't listening. She was more concerned about her safety and if she really wanted to do this. She hasn't really done anything dangerous before, so this is again a first for her.

    She did catch the last part though, in which the rest of the group was asked if they had any questions. She shook her head no in response.
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