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    Lancelot Siegfried Einhardt

    Gratuitous Violence

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    Completed Lancelot Siegfried Einhardt

    Post by Gratuitous Violence on Mon 21 Aug - 3:54

    Name: Lancelot Siegfried Einhardt(Generally called either Sieg or Corporal)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Birthday: August 16th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Large scar crossing his face and an assortment of various sized scars and burn marks crisscrossing most of his body.


    Out of Battle
    Lancelot Siegfried Einhardt is, first and foremost, a warrior as his namesakes would suggest. This tends to make him a practical, no nonsense, sort of fellow most of the time which does not lend very well to the making of friends. Despite this, Sieg has a soft spot for children and even at his most stoic moments is very considerate of the lives of his comrades. Unsurprisingly, he is not exactly known for his talkative nature and hearing more than one or two complete sentences passing from his lips should be taken as either a cause for concern about the current situation or that something is very wrong with him. Due in large part to his bulk and the fact that he is a man of few words, most people assume that he is a bit slow or absentminded which is quite far from the truth. While not exactly at genius level, Sieg is a fairly intelligent man and has no problems with putting someone who looks down on him in their place with a sharp witted retort delivered with a certain amount of acidity behind it. All in all, Sieg is a fairly easy person to get along with as long as everyone pulls their own weight and the job in question gets completed, whatever that may be.

    In Battle
    Combat is Sieg's bread and butter. The man has an amazing sense of perception and tracks movement as easily as breathing, which added on to his large size, proficiency with all manner of weapons,  and great strength makes him a terror to face down in open battle. Despite not knowing where he gained the skills he has due to a loss of memory, Sieg faces dangerous situations with the same calm demeanor that he approaches everything else with.While working all by his lonesome, Sieg is far more willing to take chances and the possibility of taking a hit or two in order to see his opponents brought down and has more than once preformed a maneuver that could only be thought of as foolhardy with the idea being that his target would never expect such a thing from a sane person. Regardless of what he may face though, Sieg will always try his best to be as efficient as possible in any circumstance.

    While taking part in group operations however, Sieg approaches things with quite a bit more caution, bringing to bare a considerable level of knowledge and skill in hunting and tracking to keep tabs on both his team mates and any enemies that might interfere with a given mission. This usually makes him a fairly decent asset to any team, especially those that are doing something that could be considered clandestine or that would require the knowledge of an experienced survivalist. In addition to these things, he is no stranger to hard labor and can quite easily shoulder several of his allies and carry them to safety should something unexpected happen and someone ends up to hurt to make it out on their own. Unfortunately, one of his few faults in combat is that Sieg has very little experience leading anything bigger than a small squad and as such is much more comfortable taking on the role of second in command or something akin to it.

    1.Hunting- Sieg has vague memories of growing up in a densely wooded area where he hunted with his family for food to keep them alive throughout the harsh winters of his homeland. This is one of the few memories he possesses of his early life and the stalking and tracking of prey helps to remind him of the simpler times.

    2.Fine Cigars- Although he has yet to get ahold of one made by a master of the art, Sieg has a great love for finely rolled tobacco leaves and is constantly rolling his own hand made cigars whenever he has the time to do so.

    3.Foxes- The foxes cunning and ability to escape predators as well as hunt down the various types of prey that surround it, appeals greatly to the large man. And as such, they happen to be his favorite animals.


    1.Cats- Sieg is highly allergic to cats and their presence makes him very irritable.

    2.Alcohol and Drugs-Being as they are substances that cloud the mind and promote a loss of thought, Sieg will have nothing to do with them whatsoever and believes that those who do are a waste of his time.

    3.Rune Knights- The large scar that crosses his face and the loss of a good deal of his memories can be attributed to the overzealous actions taken by at least one of the Rune Knights present in Fiore.


    1.Regain Memories-Most of Sieg's memories from before four years ago are lost to him and he knows next to nothing about where it is that he comes from or how he ended up in Fiore. He wishes to rectify this situation if at all possible.

    2.Revenge- The first clear memory that Sieg was able to claim from just before his arrival in Fiore is that of a shadowy humanoid figured standing over his broken body, wearing the uniform of a Rune Knight. Finding this person and punishing them is one of his top priorities.

    3.Return Home- Sieg has no idea where his home is or even if he has anything there waiting for him but returning to find out is never far from his thoughts.


    1.Losing more memories- Sieg has already forgotten much and he fears that the loss of anything more would result in him becoming a completely different person, possibly for the worst considering his huge size and natural inclination for approaching things in a direct manner.(Major)

    2.Nothing Left- The thought of finally being able to return home and finding that nothing and no one awaits his return, haunts Sieg's nightmares.(Major)

    3. Squid and Octopi- Something about being trapped in the water with tentacled creatures grabbing for him just gives him the heebie-jeebies. (Minor)

    General Appearance
    Sieg is a hulking brute of a man, standing almost seven and a half feet tall and weighing in at a little over three hundred pounds. He is incredibly well muscled and to make him even more imposing(if that were possible)he is covered in a huge assortment of scars that range from tiny knife wounds to what appear to be places where he was hit with explosives or something akin
    cannon fire.
    Height: 7'5
    Weight: 312 .lbs
    Hair: Roughly shorn brown hair that is kept short so as to keep it away from the eyes.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin Tone: lightly tanned
    While on jobs or missions Sieg is normally outfitted in the military uniform of his mysterious homeland which consists of a large ankle length green coat with a high collar that is belted around the waist with a sturdy leather belt complete with many loops to hold various holsters or pouches. In addition to this he wears a dark green turtleneck, wide legged green pants made of a sturdy weather resistant material, and a pair of much abused brown steel toe combat boots. His lounging clothes are much the same but without the coat and generally wearing a white button up shirt rather than the turtleneck.


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    Tattoo: Dark green and located just above his solar plexus.
    Rank: D?

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    Completed Re: Lancelot Siegfried Einhardt

    Post by Tamashi on Mon 21 Aug - 6:51


    The bystanders, while pitying us, were even farther away than the life or death we longed for.
    In a tiny garden at the end of the ends, there would be a boundless miracle, I believe that.

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