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    Spy Criminal Watch (Summer and Luna)


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    Spy Criminal Watch (Summer and Luna)

    Post by Salrynn on Thu 28 Jul - 17:43

    Oak Town... A town where Summer hardly goes. But today she had a reason to be here and a responsibility. She was going to keep her eye on a certain someone who is suspicious and is accused of stealing some jewels. Of course Summer may find this job a tough one because of her excitable behaviour. Luckily she has someone with her who might keep her under wraps: Luna, Another guild member of the Golden Phoenix.

    "So... he should be in the centre... ah." Her whispered words ended in a little grin, quickly becoming prominent in her features as she looked to the centre. Just as the job description depicted, was a really strange looking fellow in absolutely nothing but black clothing.

    So she had to spy on him with Luna... That wasn't going to be so hard was it?? That's if she can keep her excitement under control then yes, if not. Then maybe it won't be as easy as it seems.

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