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    Get that licence and burn it down


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    Get that licence and burn it down Empty Get that licence and burn it down

    Post by Chelvaric 26th July 2016, 11:08 pm

    Chelvaric was walking towards motor city. He was here today for a rather unpleasant thing. He wanted to ride a motor cycle and for that he needed a license. Not that a licence was hard to get. But it all depended on who you had as an instructor. Some where nice and kind and understanding. While others could get the blood under your nails and then massacred you on evry little mistake you did. It was raining and the city fell gray and deserted. Everyone was inside working on there cars and on there motots. The sound of tinkring echoed trough the streets. He sighed and walked further trough the puddles of muddy watter. He arrived at the exam centre that had a big wheel on top of the building. Chelvaric walked trough the glas window doors and entered a rather boring hall. There were concrete walls and a concrete floors. Lots of chairs were standing against the wall and in front of him the wall was split up in countless of offices where you could get everything you need from paperwork of the driving. Chelvaric walked up to one and laid his invitation for the exam in front of the elderly lady who was sitting behind the window. She reached for the approval stamp very slowly before she pushed it off and pointed at a door where he had to go trough. Chelvaric nodded and he walked to the door straight trough it coming outside on the pavement. There was a very strictly looking guywaiting at his motor cycle. “the exam starts now you have 2 fail points. Get more fails then 2 and your out. Alright lets start with showing how to change oil.”, the strict man said. Chelvaric walked to the side of the motor and uncovered a lit where he poured just enough oil like he learned. “hmm that’s good okay now get on the motor and park in behind between those two poles there. You have to be parked exactly one cm from each pole or you fail”, the man said. Chelvaric grumbled and put his motor cycle in behind. Who was gona measure his distance from a pool for god sake. He drived backwards and after counting to three he started to turn the motor cycle after counting to five he turned itback straight and parked t nicely inbetween the poles with one cm distance. “you actualy did it. You’re the first one to actualy do it. Well you’re a pass good sir such a nice driving skils. Just give this paper inside and they’ll give you your license.”, the man said to chelvaric. Chelvaric walked inside the building and laid his card on the table. The women punched it two times and said good bey with a bright smile. As chelvaric walked away he heard a rather loud explosion. Seems his slow burning fire had hit the gas of the motor. The guy had annoyed him and now he was purged. Another nice day for chelvaric.


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    Get that licence and burn it down Beigecat

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