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    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim)


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    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) Empty My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim)

    Post by ivyleaf33 7th July 2016, 11:41 pm

    Job Form:

    The letter mage scanned the job in a matter of seconds, sharp eyes digging through the information for what she needed. Right. Spooky Forest it was! As she packed up her usual collection of magically manifested mirrors and the bag she slung over a shoulder, she leaned around the door frame, peering into the very simplistic wooden cabin she and Hoshi resided in. "Hoshi, come on! Let's get going on this job!" she called, listening for the sound of the rather clumsy exceed. Soon enough, she could hear a small oof, and the exceed tumbled out of the inner bedroom, flapping her wings slowly, covered in dust.

    "Ai ya, Hoshi, try to be a little less clumsy, okay?" she said emotionlessly, dusting her companion off. As usual, the exceed cast furtive glances around the room, quaking slightly from fright. "Ah, sorry, Sorano-chan..." she mumbled, glancing down at the paws that she had instinctively wrapped her tail around. Finally nodding, satisfied with the result, Sorano released Hoshi again, and they both stepped outside into the small forest clearing. Sorano waited until Hoshi was ready, then jumped forwards, feeling the abrupt tug away from gravity that Hoshi provided with a burst of strength from wings that had suddenly formed in a burst of light from her back.

    In a few hours, the pair had arrived at the Spooky Forest. Locating the meeting place shown on the map, Sorano perched on a rock in the area. So... they were to figure out why vulcans and the client's poodles had disappeared in the forest, and report back with information so he could report information to the Rune Knights. Sounded easy enough. Now to wait for her partner...

    Looking about the area, nothing seemed out of the ordinary so far. However, using illusions and artificial emotions in her battle, Sorano knew quite well that appearance could be deceiving.

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    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) Die_02_42159_sm


    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) B2WXv4aK_o
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