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    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim)


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    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) Empty My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim)

    Post by ivyleaf33 7th July 2016, 11:41 pm

    Job Form:
    Job Title: Genetic Chaos
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: Minimum Two C ranks or singular B ranks and above 5 max.
    Job Requirements: 300 words minimum per post, minimum 30 posts total. Must defeat at least two of the 3 scientists or defeat the mutated scientist.
    Job Location: Spooky Forest
    Job Description: You have been hired by your client who has seen their two prized poodles, Mitzy and Pompom, seemly vanish over night from their kennel, and is worried as they have never done this before. At the same time your client was investigating the strange thinning of the local Vulcan population of the spooky forest and fears that his poodles were just the next step in something much greater. He has tasked you with investigating deep into the spooky forest where he couldn't investigate to find out what is happening and return to him with the information so that he may pass it on to the Rune Knights. You are not required to save his poodles or any vulcans, he senses that it may already be too late to save any of them.

    Additional Note:
    Upon finding a lab there will be a thick green fog, the fog is so thick that if you attempt to blow it away with wind it simply fills the gap almost instantly. The fog once breathed in is harmless on the short term but can have serious effects if you remain exposed for longer than a week this shouldn't be possible unless you take a camping trip to fog land for a week, you were only tasked to investigate for the day. When you breath in the fog which you probably will, unless you can hold your breath indefinitely you are required to roll a normal dice, the dice roll will determine a random mutation which may or may not give you bonuses, the mutation will last until the job has been completed and is not permanent.

    1 = Genderswap(wha?): sorry pal no bonuses on this one.
    2 = Neko (cat ears and tail): you have +25% increased speed, so Kawaii.
    3 = Elder (wise old man/woman teach us): +50% damage from all spells +100% damage dealt to yourself from enemies. "Fly you fools!" ~Gandalf
    4 = Muscles (really big ones): You have +50% strength, be sure to buy new cloths when you get back.
    5 = Chibi (look at how cute you are): You may be small but you can no longer hit very hard with melee attacks or lift heavy objects -50% strength. Good luck being flattened by the Poodles.
    6 =Angel (Wings): You have the ability to fly, not that you need it in an enclosed environment.

    Weak: Mutated Vulcan x 3: If you thought that Vulcans couldn't get any dumber then you have just been proven wrong, in exchange for their intelligence these brutes have mutated to become even more muscular... and apparently have grown claws and a speckled with pink pokadots. They will run and cower if you display magic of S rank and are easily taken out by a 3 B rank hits.

    Normal: Mitzy and Pompom: These monstrous poodles used to be the prized pets of your client however after these madmen got their hands on them they have turned green with purple stripes and their teeth have grown to 3 feet in length and did I mention they've gotten quite a bit bigger and they can multiply, there's no knowing how many times they have multiplied already. These mutts will never flee and can withstand a beating of 1 A rank hit and if they aren't defeated in 5 posts they will divide into another dog of the exact same strength, and they can hit as hard as a B rank as well.

    Strong: Mad Scientist (3 max): These mad scientists have gone crazy mad with their science, though they have managed to hold off the physical mutation but the same can't be said for their brains. Unlike the Vulcans who lost intelligence these brainiacs have gained intelligence using their environment around them to their advantage. Armed with all sorts of volatile chemicals and electric rods they can attack from range for A rank damage and B rank at melee when they have to. They are prone to running away to keep distance so that they don't take damage leaving their backs wide open. They may take a total of 3 A rank damage to defeat.

    Boss: Mutated Mad Scientist: This is the original mastermind behind this whole fiasco, he has used his own super serum on himself to give himself the best attributes of all his test subjects. With the strength of the vulcans he can hit you with A rank damage, with the ability to multiply his limbs so he can attack up to 4 people at once, along with the intelligence of a super computer to boot. He has also added his own special syrup to it as well making his skin strong making him immune to D rank damage and making him strong enough to absorb 5 A ranks worth of damage. If you take him out then the whole fiasco is all over and all remaining enemies will flee, now what to do about the gas that fills this place?

    15k Jewels, +20k Jewels if you defeat Mutated Mad Scientist as well as Mitzy and Pompom's Dog Tags (unique item).
    Job may be accepted a second time if Mutated Mad Scientist has not been defeated by any of the participants.

    Mitzy and Pompom's Dog Tags: At any time you may roll a normal dice, the roll results in something random based on what you rolled.
    1 = you randomly leak 5% magic power.
    2 = You feel like you walked into the world of opposites, you are now the opposite gender.
    3 = You gain a very expensive magic stone of great power... then it explodes in your hand.
    4 = You randomly teleport 10 feet straight up and fall right back down... unless you can fly.
    5 = Ultra Chibi Mode, you become cute and adorable and gain 10% additional strength.
    6 = You gain 10% Magic power.

    Persistent effects only last 3 post.

    Creator: Irina Naginata

    The letter mage scanned the job in a matter of seconds, sharp eyes digging through the information for what she needed. Right. Spooky Forest it was! As she packed up her usual collection of magically manifested mirrors and the bag she slung over a shoulder, she leaned around the door frame, peering into the very simplistic wooden cabin she and Hoshi resided in. "Hoshi, come on! Let's get going on this job!" she called, listening for the sound of the rather clumsy exceed. Soon enough, she could hear a small oof, and the exceed tumbled out of the inner bedroom, flapping her wings slowly, covered in dust.

    "Ai ya, Hoshi, try to be a little less clumsy, okay?" she said emotionlessly, dusting her companion off. As usual, the exceed cast furtive glances around the room, quaking slightly from fright. "Ah, sorry, Sorano-chan..." she mumbled, glancing down at the paws that she had instinctively wrapped her tail around. Finally nodding, satisfied with the result, Sorano released Hoshi again, and they both stepped outside into the small forest clearing. Sorano waited until Hoshi was ready, then jumped forwards, feeling the abrupt tug away from gravity that Hoshi provided with a burst of strength from wings that had suddenly formed in a burst of light from her back.

    In a few hours, the pair had arrived at the Spooky Forest. Locating the meeting place shown on the map, Sorano perched on a rock in the area. So... they were to figure out why vulcans and the client's poodles had disappeared in the forest, and report back with information so he could report information to the Rune Knights. Sounded easy enough. Now to wait for her partner...

    Looking about the area, nothing seemed out of the ordinary so far. However, using illusions and artificial emotions in her battle, Sorano knew quite well that appearance could be deceiving.

    ivyleaf33 carried out 1 launched of one Normal Dice :
    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) Die_02_42159_sm


    My oh my, what a genetic mess~(Job/Garlim) B2WXv4aK_o
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