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    Red Sand Bandits(mission,chiyo/nadarr)

    Jin En'arr
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    Red Sand Bandits(mission,chiyo/nadarr) Empty Red Sand Bandits(mission,chiyo/nadarr)

    Post by Jin En'arr 26th June 2016, 2:21 pm

    Chiyo looked around, sweating already despite being in a rather scanty outfit. Her long black hair flowed around her as she looked, a curtain as black as ink. She certainly looked the part of  blood mage in that outfit, and that creamy skin was likely to get burned during this mission. Chiyo had a look of disgust on her face as she looked at all the destruction and terror that the bandits had caused. "Oh these guys are so going down. I can't wait to take these guys out." Chiyo was clearly not impressed. Despite her ability to wield the blood of others as a weapon, she was still an innocent. An innocent that was covered in invisible bloodstains. The young woman looked back at her companion, assuring herself that he was still there, and began to walk forwards. She would rescue these captives if it was the last thing she did, with or without help. She noted the flag planted in the burned out house of the chieftan and began inspecting nearby. "I think they went this way!" Yelled the elegant young woman. She had spotted scuff marks that looked as though made by many feet. Her own feet were clad in long black boots that came up to her knees. "Come on!" Chiyo gestured for Apollo to follow her as she walked next to the trail that had been left by the careless bandits. As she walked, chiyo noted the bloodstains that periodically spotted the sand. Her anger rose up inside of her. Killing half a village like this... it was despicable and cowardly. Who even had so little courage as to attack the innocent like this? A deep loathing settled over chiyo. She hoped they encountered an enemy soon so she could make them pay for all they had done. An act of killing as great as this.... she just needed to do this. "I hope you're ready to fight, because a fight will certainly happen soon!" Chiyo called. But all of a sudden, the trail vanished. Right at the edge of the village. Hmmm... maybe the bandits were smarter than chiyo gave them credits for.



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