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    I have no idea where I am [Bitterblue and The Imp]

    The Imp
    The Imp

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    I have no idea where I am [Bitterblue and The Imp]  Empty I have no idea where I am [Bitterblue and The Imp]

    Post by The Imp 7th June 2016, 8:32 pm

    The sun beat down upon the modified town Ace of Spades on a most windy afternoon. This wind was apparently rather strong as on one powerful breeze rode the small figure of The Imp. Such a bizarre sight was only made possible by the creature's special garb designed to catch the wind for gliding. However today The Imp was not trying to glide, it was napping and the strong winds had carried it away from who knows where.

    As the sleeping imp flew over a small home people nearby began to take note of the sleep flier and was attracting a small amount of pointing and murmuring. Eventually the wind weakened and could no longer carry its unconscious passenger and most abruptly the small wooden thing fell from the air towards the street below; still snoozing.

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