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    Magnolian Goodies?! [Open/Social]


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    Magnolian Goodies?! [Open/Social] Empty Magnolian Goodies?! [Open/Social]

    Post by Shakil 6th June 2016, 5:51 am

    What was this? The tasty jelly of a sweet bean bun? The creamy goodness of a strawberry and chocolate parfait? Or perhaps the cinnamon roll with swirl of sweetness? Macrons, Donuts, Ice Cream Cones, Pocky Sticks (Of an abundance of exotic flavors!), Chocolate bars, the list could go on and on. And what was this list? The Magnolian Treats he had told about in another shop in Crocus. And like his childhood, this particular white haired and yellow eyed boy could perhaps consider himself to have the sweetest tooth and the sharpest eye for cute things and fashion.

    He could often reminiscence on how feminine he was and is, but always did have a fondness for those sort of things. If anything, he was probably the most easily impressed and entertained person someone could cross paths with. Hence... why he was so driven to come over to Magnolia.

    Now, Haruhi did absolute zero research on Magnolia Town, in fact, at this point he was just wandering the streets. Haruhi made the decision to impulsively, he only wrote down the address to the sweets' shop he was told about, and used up all of his motel money to get here by train and to spend on the sweets. Crocus wasn't exactly the best place to get five star goodies.

    Besides, the most he knew about Magnolia Town was the inhabitants, specifically the guild of Fairy Tail. He didn't know much besides their names, and in little Haru's mind, that's all he needed to know... which may or may not be true. Let's just say it wasn't a must-know for him. All that mattered was that he bite down into a jelly filled donut!

    On that note, Haruhi leaped out of the train doors and stretched, a big and toothy smile stretching across his lips. "Ahhh! This is great!" He then began to look around, crowds of people scattered about noisy roads. Some merchants, other dealers, many just pedestrians. This happened to be the only other town the white haired Haruhi been to, so it really put things into perspective. But at that thought, he pulled out the... now ripped sheet of paper. At this horrid sight, it made Haruhi cringe. "...."

    He fell to his knees in despair, jerking his head up beginning to bawl. "I can't believe it ripped! That was the whole point of me coming here! WHHHHY?

    The boy fell into a complete fit, his nose red from the constant moisture. The eighteen year old swordsman could not bear the thought of not retrieving the sweets some higher divinity blessed him with!


    ...The boy knelt there at the train station, just by an avenue of individual merchants. Why was he bawling? Because he ripped the address of his sweets' shop. And he wasn't happy about it.

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