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    Desert Anyone? [Social/Open]

    Amaryllis Sita
    Amaryllis Sita

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    Desert Anyone? [Social/Open] Empty Desert Anyone? [Social/Open]

    Post by Amaryllis Sita 21st June 2018, 8:05 pm

    Amaryllis walked to one end of the street and back glancing around hoping to avoid someone from the Fairy Tail guild. She was still a newer member and she hadn't found the courage to accept any jobs yet. She wanted to explore Magnolia Town for a while before committing herself to research and gaining more control of her magic.

    The need to explore pushed her to discover a bookstore and she had stalked a few desert loving townies, stumbling upon a small desert shop which served coffees and teas perfectly matched with a desert. She felt her mouth water at the thought of tarte tatin. The sweet taste of the apple which would melt in her mouth as she enjoyed the heady aftertaste of bitter coffee as she read a passage or lost herself in her inner thoughts only to be interrupted by the scent of the baked apples. Amaryllis stood in the middle of the street as she brought her hands to her cheek letting out a small squeal. I want to eat some, she hummed.


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