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    Swimschool for wizard people


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    Swimschool for wizard people Empty Swimschool for wizard people

    Post by Duckley 1st June 2016, 11:50 am

    Ganch sat by the beach on a rock, dangling his feet down above the water... Had he fucked up on taking this job???? I mean i do have a pretty good reputation around here... just not the right kind. He'd turned to the art of being a mage so that he would get to see new places, meet new people and fight super cool monsters and stuff. But so far he'd ended up as the local Babysitter, It all started when he played tag with some brats, and it only escalated once he got the brilliant idea of babysitting someones one year old child... Sure people in magnolia knew who he was.. but not for his brave Or cool deeds, no he was know as the guy where you could drop off your kid while you go to gamble your life away in the rose gardens.

    Discovering the wonder of the notice board had really made it easier to find work in other cities but here in Magnolia, all he had to do was show his floating face around town and everyone started flooding him with requests to help their kids with their homework and stuff.. He used to love magnolia but now the only way he could hang around here was either if he didn't speak to anyone... Or if he spent his time helping the most interresting kid he could find. And currently he was waiting for one such client. He was going to teach some kid how to swim..

    He'd thought it was a joke at first, but it soon became apparent that theese people really needed their kid to swim, and who was Ganch to decline such an offer?? Swimming was way more fun than getting puked on anyways, Plus here at the beach there were no pestering parents looking to throw their responsibilities at him, no right after this he was going to get a passport. He'd used his spectacular third grade math to calculate his income and he'd come to the stunning appifany that all he needed was one more of theese jobs and then he would be able to become a REAL explorer. These places were nice and all that, but you couldn't exactly call yourself an explorer if you only explored your back lawn. No The earthlands were waiting for him, and the only thing standing his his way was this unamfhibic runt.

    And just like that, almost af the kid had heard him being thought about, he appeared out of the bushes, Now Ganch hadn't seen the kid before but as soon as the boy stepped outta the bushes he instantly knew what they had meant by their kid being, ''a little big'' He was a figurative ball of lard, no wonder he couldn't swim. Now Ganch didn't say any of that out loud, and as much as he wanted to say some rude shit, he kept it proffesional to make the fact that he was swimming with a completely random lardba... kid less weird.

    ''Hey kid, im the dude your parents hired to get you floating around''
    he slightly cringed at himself as the Hey kid made him seem like even more of a pedo than before.

    The kid who seemed kinda quiet just nodded before waddling his way over to the complete stranger on the beach... Man someone really needed to teach these kids about stranger danger. He actually kinda chuckled at the thought of being assigned a ''stranger danger psa'' misson. Hey, at least people wouldn't think he had a thing for kids anymore.

    ''So if you wanna swim, the first thing you have to learn is to ''not drown'' Now being able to not swim, and being able to not swim and not drown, are two entiiirely different things.''

    He said before taking off his thick overshirt and mantle. Along with this he took his shoes and pants of leaving, him in swimming trunks... and an aviators cap... The kids looked strangely at him as he floated up into the air. ''Now i would jump into the water, but good luck seeing how i move trough that sludge'' he said while pointing down at the water with one hand. ''Alright so this is how you don't die'' he said before starting to paddle with his feet below him using the air around him as a substitute for water so that the kid could see how the moves were done.

    The not dying part was pretty easy, and after a couple of Hlr sessions on the blob he'd been taught how to not die. Now the swimming part was harder sure, but now when the kid knew how to not die, there was basically no risk to doing this anymore, what he was at risk for however was Humiliation. He had no idea why, but while he was demonstrating the butterfly mid air, flailing his thing pale arms around like wind rotors and flapping his legs, and i swear to god, an entire fucking bikini team decided to walk past, and as you might've guessed the sight of the skinny, flying propeller dork was enough for them to bring out the cameras. And it didn't help that their precence triggered some other.... unflattering business. Any way it was, the pictures of the ''spiked'' fluttering Dorkfly were going to be in the Ilacs of every decent looking woman in the entirity of Fiore,.

    Now the bikini team session was hell on earth but the rest of the time went pretty smoothly, and after what felt, and what was a literall hours, he'd taught this kid how to swim. Now it wasn't glorious, and it wasn't great. But it was enough... And that is what he was getting paid for Enough.

    When the kid managed to swim tenmetres without drowning in his own belly Ganch started to feel downright proud. With a thumbs up and a the reclothing ritual they called it a day.

    And not once did Ganch question why he'd undressed to swim above water...

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