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    Kill A Man, One Is A Murderer [Marceline Anicetus]


    Kill A Man, One Is A Murderer [Marceline Anicetus] Empty Kill A Man, One Is A Murderer [Marceline Anicetus]

    Post by Guest 25th May 2016, 8:12 am

    the destroyer of worlds
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    A cloud of ash spilled through the streets of Magnolia Town, inching its way long the paved, stony road as it billowed upward. Each "step" the that ash cloud took caused it to grow in size, until a formidable figure had risen from the ashes. Red swelled outward from the sleek figurine, flapping gently in the breeze that shifted through the alleyways and around building corners. It hugged the voluptuous bodice of its wearer as she sauntered knowingly down the street, where few and far vehicles passed her by. Heads turned and wide eyes watched as the villainess walked through the well-known town, where Fairy Tail resided. Hushed whispers echoed in the area and pointed fingers followed where Marceline Anicetus strolled by the citizens. Never once had she paid mind to what they were saying, though many of their words had crossed paths with her hearing.

    What made her smile the widest was when her death aura snaked outward toward the gossiping people and wrapped its tendrils around them. She watched as the people crippled to the ground and hugged their arms to their bodies, silent cries emitting from their rotting lips. Many would hold their hands in a prayer-like stance and bow their heads to the skies, muttering obscene prayers of help. Marcy snickered at their agony, her hips swaying a little more as she picked up her pace and headed toward her destination. Where she strode now, buildings were caught in the mayhem of her magic, eroding and rotting away the wood and the stone they were made of. Metal rusted at the touch of her power, stone crumbled at the intensity of her magic, wood rotted at the touch of Death. . . People now tried to avoid the invisible aura as she passed them, huddling children close and eyeing the Lady of Death.

    One of her slender hands grappled a handle of a picket fence gate, resulting in the tarnished metal of the shaft rusting. She pushed it open as the woodwork of the fencing was eaten away by her aura and the handle fragmented into nothing. The grass that surrounded the beautiful, blue-walled home bowed low to the woman and turned brown at her step. Flowers that were once pretty in color folded in their petals and bobbed their stems when her aura passed over them. A tree that stood not, but ten feet, away from where Marceline was trembled its leaves and curled its bows as if curtsying to her. With each plant that wilted in her presence, she would kindly return the genuflect, then proceed toward the steps of the home. Here, she pressed upward, her feet connecting with the wood that the porch was made of, weakening the planking.

    Caught in the menace of her death aura, the porch took hold of the ill that was being wrought upon it. Chunks of the poles that held the awning up fell to the ground, where they disintegrated into ashen flecks, then nothingness. Marcy paused when she reached the closed door of the client's home, raising a bony paw and knocking on the timber. The door creaked in response, not opening, but simply groaning at the horrid touch of the Lady Without Mercy. Footsteps could be heard shuffling around inside, then the moaning door finally opened wide to reveal a young, though tired-liking, woman.

    "Who are you?" the woman requested of Marceline, grimacing and wrinkling her nose up in hatred toward her.

    "I'm Marceline Anicetus; you hired me to watch your baby while you and your husband went on a date?" she answered in a questioning manner.

    She watched as the woman's eyes grew wide and she bowed before Marcy as an apology for not recognizing who she was. "Yes, yes; please, come in," the lady stated in a much more welcoming and brighter tone, a smile now on her face.

    The Savage Skull beauty stepped inside of the home and looked around at the decorations she knew would not last very long. Marceline then turned toward the woman again, who walked around her and began calling out for her husband. Not wanting to disrupt what the lady of the house was doing, she kept herself quite until the husband had made an appearance.

    "This is my husband, Marcus Loescher, and I'm Katy Loescher," she introduced her husband and herself to Marcy. "The baby is upstairs currently playing with his toys, but mind you, he's a very mischievous and wicked child. Please, be careful when handling him and make sure that when we return home that he's tucked up in bed, nice and asleep."

    "I trust that you won't hurt our son in anyway possible? We need this time away from him for ourselves," Marcus interrupted his wife. "Whatever you do, that child better be safe and sound; I don't want any funny business from you, knowing the guild you come from."

    "Oh, yes, sir! Master would have my head on a plaque if I did something out of order," Marceline obeyed quickly. "Have a good time on your date and I'll make sure that child won't be causing you any more mischief when you get home." She gave the couple a kind smile, then ushered them out the door, so she wouldn't have to talk any longer with them.

    "Enjoy your time, Dear! Oh, and the boy's name is Andrew," Katy called, beaming another smile at Marcy.

    In reply to what the woman said, she merely nodded and faked a smile, then closed the door on the couple, turning around and rolling her eyes as she slumped against it. However, just as her butt hit the floor, the baby upstairs began to wail the song of his people and she grunted, getting back to her feet. She trudged up the steps of the long stairs and entered the hallway of the second level, moving along from door to door until she found the baby's room. There, she opened the door and looked inside, seeing the young child on the floor, crying and holding a broken toy.

    "Oh, please don't cry over that," she cooed at the child, moving into the room and rushing toward the baby. She picked him up and took the toy from his hands, bouncing him a little on her hip and tossing the broken object away. "I'm sure you have more toys to play with than just that silly, little thing? How about I play with you, hm?"

    As he was picked up, Andrew stopped crying and gripped his grubby, tiny paws on the sleeve of her cloak, watching her with big, wet eyes. When she spoke to him, a smile radiated over his lips and he reached a hand out to her face, grabbing hold of a chunk of her hair and yanking on it. Marcy tilted her head a little as the baby tugged on her hair, which she was certain he was trying to cause her pain. She couldn't feel the pain he was trying to cause, and instead let him tug harshly on her hair, though clucked her tongue at him when he tried ripping it out. Shifting him from one hip to the other, she tapped him on the tip of his nose and smiled kindly at him, laughing slightly. After a while of simply standing there, she'd set him back on the ground, seeing as he was no longer crying his eyes out. Followed by setting him down, Marceline would crouch down and motion toward a toy for him to get and play with.

    Marcy watched as Andrew rolled onto his hands and knees and crawled over to the toy, picking it up and returning to her. He handed it over and studied her as she took it from his grasp and played with it with him, chuckling occasionally to keep his attention. She'd watch him as he bounced and clapped his hands together in his place, reaching out from time to time to touch the toy. Eventually, it snatched it from her and began chewing on the toy, in which she scolded him and pried it from his mouth.

    "You can't be eating that," she stated in a high-pitched voice, though she was scolding him for trying to eat it.

    Marceline handed him another toy, one that she was certain he wouldn't be able to eat while playing with it, but he didn't want it. He appeared to be getting a little sleepy anyhow, with how his eyes dropped on occasion and he'd struggle to keep his body up. She pursed her lips and leaned forward, picking the baby up into her arms and pushing herself up to her feet. Holding him in her arms, she'd coo at him and bounce him a little, rock him gently from side to side. The baby's eyes would blink and close shut for a few seconds, then open wide and stare back up into hers.

    "Guten Abend, gute Nacht, mit Rosen bedacht, mit Näglein besteckt, schlupf′ unter die Deck! Morgen früh, wenn Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt," Marcy hummed softly to the babe. "Guten Abend, gute Nacht, von Englein bewacht, die zeigen im Traum dir Christkindleins Baum. Schlaf nun selig und süß, schau im Traum's Paradies."

    Walking over to the crib, the woman would set the now sleeping child inside and caress his cheek with a finger. That single touch caused the decay process to start on the baby, eating away at the skin while he slept in peace. She smiled at him, then turned away and headed down the stairs just as the door opened and the couple stepped back inside.

    "I just put him to bed," the Savage Skull member stated in a hushed tone to the parents, who smiled kindly at her. The trio exchanged a few words with each other, then Marceline took her leave to let the parents deal with the dying child.
    credit goes to Lunar of GS & THQ

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