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    Arthur Pendragons Grand Entrance

    Janet Cinderfeild
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    Public Arthur Pendragons Grand Entrance

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 2nd May 2016, 6:05 pm

    It was a sunny day in Magnolia and Apollo walked to the guild hall though this time he wasn't alone.  He looked down to his left to his new friend that he had made on his last job,  His name was Arthur and he was an exotic being to say the least.  As he walked he looked down to him who was waddling a long but surprisingly enough he was keeping pace with him.  He then heard him speak to him.  "Hey you said you'd let me join your guild you weren't bluffing were you?"  He said curiously and suspiciously at Apollo as he waddled on ward towards the guild hall.  Apollo shook his head and gave a light chuckle "Of course I wasn't bluffing we will be there soon."  He said chuckling as they walked.  Arthur then spoke up a little looking at Apollo again.  What if they don't like me?"  he said curiously again.  Apollo could tell there were about one million and twelve questions running through his head and all Apollo could was sigh and stop.  he then knelt down looking at him. "Your over thinking this lets get there first if they don't like you we can cross that bridge when we get there okay for now lets take it easy."  Apollo could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't one hundred percent okay with this answer but  Arthur nodded.  Apollo then rose up and continued onward to the guild hall.

    As they got there Apollo looked down at his friend who just stood there and looked back at him.  "you ready Arthur?"  he said curiously.  He nodded "yup maximum effort" he would say as they walked in through the doors of the guild hall Apollo and Arthur both saw a scrap happening in the guild hall Apollo looked at Arthur sighing "before you ask yes this is regular"  he said the the Pendragon with a puzzled look on his face.  He then waddled further in looking around curiously Apollo sighed shaking his head it was almost like having a little brother except Arthur was much much older then he was.  The duo then approached the bar Apollo simply leaned against it as Arthur hopped and his wings flapped a little giving him some extra height to his jump and landed on a bar stool spinning around looking at the guild hall.  "Arthur looked at Apollo demanding a tour once he was rested and to that Apollo nodded "sure once i find whoever has the guild stamp..." he said looking around.  Arthur simply did the same observing the guild hall.

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