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    Apollo's Secondary Training (solo)

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    Private Apollo's Secondary Training (solo)

    Post by Kit Kerrington 20th April 2016, 10:43 pm

    It was a beautiful day in the city of Magnolia. Apollo was on his way to the Fairy Tail guild hall so he could start his work for the day which was training. As Apollo walked into the guild Hall he looked around the guild hall. He decided to take some time off from jobs to take some time and train up. He wanted to specifically train in archive magic since it seemed like it would help him. He was told that the guild had a book or two on the type of magic he was looking for. Apollo then walked by the bar waving at the person behind it towards the library though this didn’t look to much different then what he normally did. Apollo then walked into the Fairy Tail guild library ad looked along the shelves. There were thousands off books that lined the wall top to bottom. There were books on almost anything you could think of ranging rom Pyro Mancy to magic with everyday use. but Apollo was after a few certain one’s in particular. As he pulled over a large latter he climbed to the top looking for any books on archiving magic. Archiving magic was fascinating to him since he loved to read and learn so much this would allow him to calculate how to do battle more and truly help his allies in need of assistants. As he scanned through the books he muttered quietly to himself while looking for anything about archiving magic. “Let’s see.. no, no not that one… ah here we are” He exclaimed as he pulled a few books out As he pulled a few out he put one of them on a shield and lowered them to a table. He saw the guilds library only had one book on the subject while it was a rather larger one still lacked information but it was a start and he could developed more of it later. He then climbed down the wooden latter getting back to the floor then he walked over to the table he set his books down on to and then pulled up a chair along the side. Basics in archiving magic. Regrettably Apollo wasn’t sure how much he could learn since this was a fairly new magic and he didn’t even know where to start with it. The best he could do is read up and learn about it more in depth and see what could happen worst case seneriono he can’t use it but he is still knowledgeable in it. As he opened the book it was very well layer out. Each chapter had it’s own place and it didn’t mince around or dance around the subject. He opened the book to page one and gave a deep and heavy sigh to himself. “Well better I get started now then put this off. “ Apollo said thinking to himself knowing he had to get stronger so he could protect his guild mates more after all he was the Shield of the guild it was the least he could do. He then started to read page one study all of it contents. The book read into the basic of Archiving and that read, Archive is a Magic that allows the user to convert information into Magical data that can be stored, enabling the user to gain access to previously stored information such as Magic and possibly even historical records and people's profiles that the user may or may not be aware of themselves. The concept behind Archive Magic came about just recently, contributing to its rarity and uniqueness. Furthermore anything the Archive user can use data from things he as seen and that other archive users have seen if they choose to link their data with one another... As Apollo read his eye’s were glued to the book it was hard to look away from it. It was such a fascinating magic, the thought of being able to get any information on his enemy was incredible. As he read the chapter more in detail on how to do it he figured thanks to his shielding magic this shouldn’t be too hard to learn at all. He can use his shield as screens or make screens with his shields since he was so proficient at that already. But he wanted to know more so he opened the book to the next chapter. “Let see this chapter is on .. what exactly” He said scanning it wanting to know what he was looking at. It read using Archiving magic to control the battle field through Offensive and defensive means. This caught his attention right away as he then returned to the beginning and read ore into it’s contents. It read as followed. In this part you will be reading about how to do basic attacks with Archiving magic using the Force blast spell. User can make his Archive Magic in a form of magical screens. When he adds to much magic the screens they have devastating results. This may cause them to forcefully explode them in front of his target causing similar damage of a blast depending on the amount of excess mana was let over in the blast. It is sufficient enough to throw away his target into the air, or knock them away from you was you continue to support and scan your opponent. At the end of the day it makes it o the archive mage isn’t so defenseless when using his magic Apollo was very happy with this since he didn’t have a lot of offensive abilities and reading it at first glance it didn’t seem like Archive magic had a lot offensive capabilities but he was wrong. Like most mages this had a lot more then meant the eye’s it could be a good way to bait out enemies, looking weak with your archiving scans then you hit them hard with a blast. Archiving magic was incredible and he wanted more and defiantly wanted to learn it more in-depth. The next chapter read using your screens as shields. This one made him perk up shields were his specialty so this chapter should come to him naturally. It started off by telling about the basic’s The user can create a shield from screens of there Archive Magic. Since Archive users are so vulnerable to attacks people have devolved ways to use there screens as shields. It is, however, unknown to what degree they can stand up to assaults since it hasn’t been tested to it’s full length. Apollo read this part vary close he didn’t want to miss any details of this part. Shielding magic was what he did best. It was his Primary magic that he used every day. He was fairly confident he could boost their strength and or fuse the screen part and layer is or just make it a shield in itself. From the looks of it this magic would boost his primary magic as well so needless to say he flipped to the next chapter. As he turned the page he started to read The chapter heading. “communicating with Archiving magic” He said aloud to himself as he held the book back. This chapter would explain how to use this Archiving magic to talk to people. He needed to know this for sure incase anything bad happened the chapter read as followed, With this form of Archive magic, the user is able to talk to other people through their thoughts and converse over long distances if they have been scanned into the data base. A strong enough mage can even use this Magic with mass people. The stronger the mage is the more people he can communicate with and the farther they can be from the Archive mage’s original position. The Archive mage has been known to talk telepathically to someone from all the way across Fiore. As Apollo read this it was breath taking. He originally thought it was just used to record data and what people do but this was beyond him. Having the ability to communicate telepathically to his team and keep tabs on everyone means he can literally command a battle field without having to be out there in person. It be like playing chess, a much more dangerous game of chess but a game of chess non the less. This was turning out to be a great use of time after all as he read through this book he was nearing the end of it. That thought of that actually upset him but it meant when he finished the book he could finally go and start practicing it and using it in a more practical sense . He flipped the crisp pages of the book to the last chapter. It read that Archive Transfer. Apollo finally got to the part he was most curious about he wanted to know how it all worked so he wasted no time and began to read the chapter. The Archive magic user transfers information about a person, there magic, there weapons, and there status into another person's mind. This is particularly useful in reconnaissance missions, stealth operations, or supporting your allies on the battlefield, since the user can send information regarding miscellaneous data such as the nearby surrounding and on coming threats, for instance to his allies, which they can perceive on a mental level as loading bars in buffering progress occurring within their mind that represents the images and symbols being downloaded into them in real time with this, the user can help his allies navigate where to go by transferring maps into their heads. The data that the user can transfer also includes the knowledge on how to perform powerful spells and enchantments that they don’t know by simply transferring it mentally to the individual provided they have the proper skill to use the spell given to them. Apollo looked dumb struck at this. After reading this he didn’t even shut the book he simply stood up and walked up stairs to the main area for a drink. He has been reading for hours but this was something else and he had to process it all. As he went to the bar and got a drink he sat there looking at his guild hall. All the people in it had such unique abilities and powers that made them special in every regard. He could copy there powers and abilities and share them amongst each other or himself temporarily. On top of that if the day comes where there guild is called to aid someone or some one challenges Fairy Tail He can guide people to where they would best be matched and pair them with people so they ensure victory. Hell if he felt like it he could use people to lead others into a trap. This magic was truly something to fear and in the wrong hands it could seriously harm others. Apollo then continued to drink his drink looking around, With this magic he would be able to make sure no harm ever came to his guild ever again with this he could protect everyone he cared most for. He then set his glass down walking back towards the library more determined now to learn this magic. As he walked back in he approached his wooden chair sitting in it again. He then picked up the book and started reading it again on how to develop a magical link and actually do archiving magic. As he reads he realizes it isn’t actually to difficult. The first thing he had to do is center his mind and make it so his magic could be focused on his mind and flow through his body, the part two to this that wasn’t known was he would then have to focused on keeping his screens up and being able to use his shields and have the focused to balance out his magical power. Once that was done he would need to play with it but he could do that any time first he needed to be able to even make it. Though the end of the book read that not one type of Archiving magic is the same that when you attempt to try it on you own you will need to find your own style and your own way of doing things. Then it started to list some ways that people had done it in the past. After reading all of that he re-read the entire book again just in case he missed any details of possibly missed any important information, the last thing he wanted was to miss something and go into this things half prepared. Once he finished he sighed leading back in his chair listening to the fighting in the main guild hall there was no way he could do it here right now maybe later but defiantly not now. So with that he shut the Archiving magic book and climbed the ladder again. Once he slipped it back into place he climbed down looking around the Library, He was ready to start his official training with archiving magic. It was going to be hard to learn but he was up for the task and he was doing this for the guild more then himself so he can keep the guild safe in the future. He then walked up the stairs shutting the lights off in the Library and walking out shutting the wooden door behind him as he left. As he left he realized how late it actually was so he decided to start his training bright and early the next day. So with that he went home wanting to be able to get some rest so he can focus fully the next day . As he walked it was a very cool night out and not a cloud in the sky a star gazer’s dream come true. As he walked through the empty streets of magnolia He reviewed everything in his head. He thought about how he could use these arching screens as offensive magic if enough magic is put into them, how he could use them to create barriers for him and his teammate’s, He could keep everyone in contact with each other in the heat of the moment, Hell he could give other people new spells if they are talented enough to use them. Needless to say he was excited to learn about it and he was eager to get home and get some rest. As he got to his home he immediately went and slept so he was well rested and full of energy for tomorrow. The next day he got up stretching his arms in the air. Today was the day he would learn Archiving magic. With that he got dressed and left for the guild hall. He then walked towards the guild hall. It was a bright sunny day out and the streets were walking about the streets. He then thought about what he needed to do first and what he would exactly needed to make sure he not only stayed focused but to make sure he stayed safe. The transference of magical energy flowing to a signal part of your body was dangourose since if you lost control you could seriously hurt yourself in this manner. As he got closer to the guild hall he saw it was already pretty lively and that people were already throwing things, Apollo sighed there was never a dull moment in this guild. As he walked in he looked around at who to ask or help, he then took a few more steps into the Fairy Tail guildhall then somehow if on cue Akia came behind him poking his shoulder. Apollo jumped falling over then without wasting time shot a glare at her knowing literally no on but her would do that to him. She just laughed at him and asked what he was doing, Apollo got up dusting his suit off and then adjusted his tie. He then proceeded to tell her that he was currently looking for a partner to supervise his training. She smiled at him offering him her assistance. Apollo was unsure about this he tended to get distracted with her around. As he said no she simply stated that he had no choice she was doing it and Apollo knew once she decided something it might as well have been set in stone. Apollo then said yes and told her to make sure her day was cleared up. She just grinned widely holding up a lunch premade for them without words. Apollo blinked then sighed rubbing his neck “you were planning this from the start…” he muttered quietly. She smiled widely giving a simple yup in response grabbing his arm tugging him along claiming she had the perfect spot for his training. He then got jerked out the guild doors it didn’t even take five minutes to find someone to help him. Eventually she stopped tugging him and he explained more about what he was doing about how he was learning archiving magic and how excited he was. He went on about how it can be used offensively defensively and as a support. Then they walked through the sunny streets of magnolia out of the town. As they got out of the town she took him to tall grassy hill right outside Magnolia claiming that this place was perfect. Apollo couldn’t argue this but he asked why she chose here. She stated this way they were close to the town if they needed something plus it was secluded enough no one would find them. Apollo smiled then simple rubbed her head thanking her then went on explaining what she needed her to do. “Okay Akia I’m going to be meditating and focusing my magical all to my head to unlock residual memories and to access them since that is how the book said to go about doing it, What I need you for is to not only make sure nothing happens to me but to make sure I’m not disturbed once I have mastered this I will be going to the guild hall to do this with distractions.” He smiled at her calmly. She happily agreed to help him without even a second moment of hesitation . He then walked over to a shady tree. He then sat in a mixture of grass and dirt in the shade crossing his legs putting his hands in his lap he then closed his eyes and took a deep breath in…and then let it out slowly. He then cleared his mind of all distractions. After while he could feel his magical energy flowing threw him like water flows through pipes. He then took another deep breath and let it out He then focused on sending his magical energy to his mind. He was having trouble doing this because with his shields he needed his magic to flow through his body evenly and while he needed that for this as well he needed to unlock in and make sure it flows to that part of him as well. As he tried to focus on sending magical energy to his mind, his head was feeling light so he thought he was doing well. but he then started to do it but then something went wrong he started to feel dizzy, what was happening...he then blacked out since he wasn’t breathing properly during this he focused to much on the flow of energy. He wasn’t sure how long he was out but he felt a splash of water against his face as he coughed looking around. He saw Akia there with a cup that he assumed was full of water at one point. she then helped him up back onto his feet and he brushed some water out of his face. “Thanks ...” he smiled looking at her she then hit him calling him stupid for passing out yelling at him to breath more when he is doing this or next time he is going into a lake. “yeah I know sorry” He sighed rubbing his neck. He then looked at his wet cloths and how heavy they were and didn’t want this distraction bothering him. So he decided to take them off and hang them up to dry a little since he was going to be meditating all day anyway. He then hung his black coat his tie and his white button shirt up. Apollo was surprisingly buff for being a shield mage and not being trained in physical combat. He felt a little embarrassed but the soggy cloths would bother him so he manned up about it and went to continue but he then walked over to the trees. He sat down and cleared his mind of all distractions again doing his best at least. He then took a deep breath in and held it for a moment then realest it calmly. He then breathed calmly as he pulled the excess magic from various parts of his body to his mind again. This time he remembered to breathe taking even breaths in and out as the magic flowed threw him. Then it happened he felt the magic click in his head it unlocked it now it needed to be a natural flow and Apollo needs it to stay. So with that he sat there in the shade of the trees a small breeze blowing by not breaking his concentration. He sat there for what seemed to be forever time didn’t seem to move for him in this state he was focusing too much on this. His mind felt open for the first time in a long time. He could hear the sounds of birds chirping and leaf’s blowing around him as the cool breeze blew against him. He felt one with the world at the moment as the magical energy around him even flew more naturally or so it seemed. He spent the whole day like this wants the energy flowed to his mind he was determined and had the ambition of his learning which only made him concentrate more as the magic in his mind was unlocked after all of this.. After a while though he felt someone poke his shoulder. Slightly breaking the flow but soon recovering from it he simply answered. “yes” to whoever it was. He assume it was Akia since he hadn’t heard anyone coming to find him and she was the only one there. His suspicions were correct she then began to tell him how it was nearly sun down and that he had been there all day. Apollo then got up slowly slowly so he could maintain his focused and keep the magic flowing. “already sun down and you stayed all day for me…thanks” he smiled hugging her slowly to keep the flow then letting her go a his face red from embarrassment. He then slowly went over to his cloths to put them on trying really hard to maintain focus. He needed to adjust in a different way now he needed to get used to doing things with this energy flow making sure he wouldn’t break it. So with that he buttoned his shirt up slowly and re tied his tie. He then threw on his black coat and walked with her back slowly as if he was on a balance beam trying not to break concentration for the most part. He tried having conversations as well simple small talk to help him train He request that she walk him home and talk to him. As the sun was setting he gradually got faster and was able to talk more and more. As time passed and it turned to dark the only thing illuminating the streets were laps and various street lights. By the time they got to Apollo’s home he was able to talk and have full conversations with Akia and was able to move fully with ease. He was happy with the amount of control he has with the flow of magic he had right now. He smiled at her thanking her for her help today. She then hit his shoulder saying no problem running off. Watching her run off her smiled a little more then went into his house and went to bed. He woke up the next day and still felt the presence which was go but he want to self he could focus it around lots of distractions. He then walked out of his house and continued onward. They sky’s were dark he could tell a storm was on the horizon and Apollo for once welcomed it the more distractions he had the better. He then continued on towards the guild hall as the wind howled fiercely. Then about five minutes out it started to down pour. Not even thinking about it he ran to the guild hall getting soaking wet forgetting that he could put a shield to block the rain. As he got to the guild hall he quickly ran inside panting a little tired. He looked over and sighed people were so board another fight started. Apollo walked over looking around he needed a way to keep from getting hurt while he meditated. While normally he would just throw a shield sown he didn’t want to do that quite yet he wanted to that when he actually had the magic. So he looked around the guild hall. As he scanned the hall he then spotted someone who could help him out. Sorano the guild letter mage surely she could use a spell with her letter magic. He the walked over giving a small wave. “Hey there Sorano can you help me?” He asked a he young mage looking at him. She simply nodded asking what for. Apollo rubbed his neck a little more right over his green guild mark like he always did when he was nervous. “well you see I’m trying a little with the flow of my magic and I need you to put a barrier around me so I don’t get hit.” He explained She nodded but then simply asked why not go elsewhere. Apollo sighed a little “I need to practice around distraction and well…” he then would gesture towards the guild hall. She simply nodded and made the barrier upon requested. He nodded getting inside it. He then sat inside it feeling his heavy wet cloths weighing him down. Then there was all the noise of things around him and things hitting her barrier. To top it all out there were spontaneous lightning strikes that created a loud cracking noise. Apollo took his deep breath and then realsed it getting in the same pose as he did when he was under the tree yesterday. He then tried to center his magic. Though he felt like his mind was blocking it as it tried to handle and processes everything happening around him. Apollo wanted to do nothing more than just yell at everyone to shut the hell up and let him train piece but unfortunately this was part of the test, As he sat there and breathed . after about a hour of blocking people out and focusing he almost had it. He could feel it going even with his mind saying no he knew if he could do this then he would have no issues doing it as a passive gesture whenever he wanted which was required for this kind of magic. Then something unexpected happened. Right as Apollo was there Heero broke through the barrier with a single strike making him jump as he yelled his name loudly. He then jumped almost to the freaking ceiling scared looking at him full of bitterness wanting to do nothing more then rage at him since he was so close. “Heero what the hell!” He yelled a little at him wanting a damn good reason he interrupted his training process after all that was the whole purposes of the barrier so no one would physically bother hi. Heero simply smirked telling him that if one can’t expect the unexpected the how would he control his magic in a fight. Apollo wanted to yell more but simmered down and nodded knowing while he was right to some degree. “thanks for the advice Heero” he said before watching him walk off only to get scolded by Rose. He then re did his breathing and started to calm down and he re started the flow of magic. He could feel it flowing threw him and coursing through his body as him mind blocked everything out. Then about three hours later he was able to keep a constant flow with his magic flow even with all of the distractions. He then stood up feeling a little tired and walked over to the bar getting a drink from the girl behind it. As she handed him the drink he sat down and added another factor into the mix and started a conversation. As he sipped his drink and talked to the nice lady he held his hand out and started to create shapes in the palm of his hands. He was also able to now make shields so he felt he was almost ready for the real thing but there were a few more things that were required before he could start and get things going. As he made shapes, talked to the girls and drank his drink things started to feel more natural then he simply stopped trying so hard then he didn’t need to think about it just was part of the natural flow of energy he then finished his drink and practiced making shields to make sure that it didn’t interrupt the flow of energy because if it did it meant he wouldn’t be able to do his Archiving magic while putting shields up which would drastically decrease his overall effectiveness in combat and when it mattered. As he looked at the rain outside it was pouring and it was coming down hard but right now he needed to focus so with that he got a shield ready to depart for his house so he can his new spell a secret from his other guild mates till the time is right. As Apollo walked back in the storm he did great haste. He threw up a shield this time to help dry as the wind howled and rain came from him from all directions I seemed to surround him Apollo then started to keep walking to his house determined to get there. When he got there his boat was rocking a little but it was built to withstand storms like this one so he wasn’t concerned with his house falling over. So with that he continued to go inside using his shields to stabilize a little more. He then started to walk into the room for training which was a larger room with a closet with a few basic weapons inside it and a blue mate so he wouldn’t usually damage the boat. He then walked to the center of his room and sigh clapping his hands together. Once he did that he then had to make a screen appear. This part was tricky since the book said this part was different for everyone. No two magic’s were exactly the same so he would have to experiment with some of it and see what happened. He first tried releasing some magic so there was ambient magic in the air trying to get it to form into a screen or what he wanted it to. As he tried to form it and manipulate it. It lashed out knocking him down then it dissipated into the air. Clearly that tactic wasn’t going to work. He sat down for a moment to think about and figure out what to do. As he thought more about it and then got up sighing a little. He has determined that the reason it failed is because it had no catalyst. It his magic could maybe channel it into his shield maybe he could channel his inner magic into it. So with that he got up taking in another deep breath rolling his neck stretching his arms. He then used his shields to make , the basics of the screen and give it a catalyst as he then unlocked the flow of magic in his head he then focused his magic hard and then it looked as if his shields were morphing into something new, it was as if the magic in his mind was fusing with his shield he and out in front of him making something new clearly this is what the book meant by everyone is unique to some degree. He felt something happening around him then before him appeared to what looks like a computer screen. Apollo looked closely at it then the screen he made split into a few smaller screen though nothing was on any of them. Though as they formed they ended up pulsing and shattering knocking Apollo back a little . Now that he knew what to do he figured he just put to much magical energy into his spell. With that he got up and dusted himself off a little as he looked out again. He then got to it again fusing his Shields with the magic from his mind as he looked at the two fuse together making the screens and keyboards g adjusting it power for the time being. After a while he finally got the blend right of the two magic’s having a screen and a keyboard remain there. After a while he just focused a little on holding it so he could get adjusted to the blending of the magic’s He then walked over to it wondering how to activate it. As he walked over it he reached over touching the keyboard section of the screen. He then hit a button on it and as he did he felt a small pulse go through him as the monitor started to glow like a computer that was turning on for the first time. The screen then said the words “welcome Apollo and then he looked at it wondering how to use it. He remembered something about the book saying that all he had to do is type in what he wanted to know and it would appear to the best of its abilities. He sighed then looked at the keyboard which had various characters on it. He then then thought about it more and touched the keyboard. He then typed in the word Magnolia. The a few dots went across the screen as if it was loading. Then he saw something happen an overhead map of Magnolia appear with the surrounding area Apollo looked at it closely then reached out at the screen. “This is incredible an entire view of the city.” He said then he felt his magic connect with the screen h then moved it and it scrolled and moved. His eye’s widened a little then he slide it centering it on the guild hall. He then tapped it and information the guild hall popped up including members the current guild member and other basic information. He then tapped the guild member information and scrolled clicking on someone’s name it then brought up then name and basic information including their magic type. This was perfect then he click typed the name Heero Reynold, Location. As soon as he did that the screen looked like it was searching as different parts of the map pinged. It eventually stopped and a dot appeared at the guild hall. He then smiled this magic with his shields was the perfect combination for him. Then held it throwing it away wondering if that get rid of it but instead it went to a different monitor. He then looked at it touching it selecting it then he typed remove and it then disappeared room the screen again. He then grinned like an idiot, he hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Apollo loved learning new things and now he was an Archive mage. He knew he should sleep but he was so hyped since he was finally able to use this magic the first Fairy Tail Archive mage in the guild. He decided to try more with this magic since he wasn’t tired and he had sometime. He typed in the words Magic shop into the computer screen and then a loading bar appered loading the immediate area. Then a list of magic shops appeared on a map which was amazing he could even find just general locations with this he started to wonder what he couldn’t do with this magic. He then wondered if he could find places outside of Magnolia. So with that he looked around closely and then typed in the guild Sabertooth. It then did the something it pulled up there main area of Operation and then should there members and who was running it. To the sides it showed news articles about them and what they have done in the past few weeks. After reading all of this he then swiped it away thinking how awesome it was that he could pull up information outside the area he was in at the current moment. He figured that was all common knowledge he then typed in the word Vulcan into the screen. Once again a loading bar appeared and then on the main screen it pulled up a picture of a Vulcan and all the information you could want on a Vulcan, then he simply looked at the other screens seeing news articles and other things like that about Vulcans. This was incredible there was so much he could do and learn with this and he knew he was barely scratching the surface. He them and typed remove to get rid of it all. He then got curious and typed his name and it showed everything about him including his own magic and his stats at the current moment. He then sighed and needed to rest a little as he dispelled it feeling tired from all the energy consumed, Tomorrow’s Object became clear he needed to be able to work on this terminal and create shields at the same time. If he couldn’t do that then he was sure to fail, Though him just learning the basic’s of the magic was good he would be even better if he could do both. He was already a good multi tasker as it was but the true test was to be done tomorrow. With that he left his training room walking into his room flopping on his bed exhausted, Tomorrow was another day and he looked forward to it. With that he fell asleep. When he a woken the next day he stretched his arms up yawning, he got dressed and cleaned up before heading out. It was a clear day after the storm last night though a little on the cooler side. He needed someone to spar with or someone who could throw multiple attacks at him. As he walked the thought to himself and then held out his hand tried making a screen again at will as he walked. He smiled when a screen appeared in his hand smaller the last night but he was putting as much magic into it as he did last night. He then had an idea. He looked at it and type the word record and then a red dot appeared in the corner and as he walked around he looked a various things. A few people commented on hiss new spell and he smiled and thanked them as he got towards the guild hall he decided to try something. He then typed stop recoding. Then the dot disappeared and a folder blinked in the corner. He typed play back stored file and it played back exactly what he saw as he walked from his point of view he then taped it and it paused. He then taped a random person on the screen and the box appeared it showed all the common information about him. It showed where he worked what his standings with the law were height, weight, eye color everything. It was interesting that it worked on the common person as well as wizards. He then did the same thing again only this time he selected a building and facts about the building came up stuff like ,ownership, what they sell, and various other faces about it as well. Just then something sparked his curiosity he then typed the dark guild Savage Skull into the screen. Not much appeared only news articles and recent events vary little on there members and almost nothing on the base of operations. Apollo figured this would be the case then dispelled the magic. He then started to walked finishing his walk to the guild hall thinking about it. It gave him the most common information about guilds people, it gave them reports on their status and health but that was common information, it was good to note it wasn’t an all-powerful , all knowing magic. Though the more he recorded and the more information he put into it the stronger it would get. As he walked more and more he wondered if he could eventually amidst enough power in this magic to always be prepared though that didn’t mean much he couldn’t defend himself currently. He then got to the Fairy Tail guild hall and looked around ... now who would be able to help him. There were a lot of option and a lot of his guild mates were there. He needed someone who could throw a lot at him at once. He then saw his guild mate and team leader Nightken. He was strong, fast and could manipulate lightning to strike around him. He would do nicely so with that he walked over to him rubbing his neck as usual he was at the bar smoking. “Hey Nightken can you help me train?” He said being blunt about it not wanting to waste any time. He looked at him telling he could but asked why he needed him which then Apollo went on to explain. “I have developed archiving magic and I need to practice using my shield with it so I need someone who can attack me from all directions at once I figured between you and your lightning you could help.” Nightken sighed blow some smoke then nodded taking him to the training grounds of the guild. Then he told him to get ready. He then pulled up his screens then took a deep breath and started to type looking up information about magnolia and the Fairy Tail guild keeping his eyes to the screen and then there was a flash a light bolt sparked but he didn’t get a shield up in time and it strike him hard in the back. This canceled his Achieving spell and made him fall flat on his face. Apollo laid there for a second then got up dusting off. He looked at his guild mate then pulled up his Archiving spell again starting to work with it again as he typed he waited for him to strike at him with lightning again not exactly knowing when he was going to do it. Then he looked around ever so slightly then a bright flash of lightning appeared to the right of him and then a lightning bolt appeared flying at hi . This time he made a shields appear letting go of the keyboard but it was too weak and broke through it. It struck him again as sent him to the floor again canceling the magic. He moved sitting up looking at Night then sighed a little getting up trying again. This result happened several more times either he wasn’t fast enough on the attack because he was focusing elsewhere or his shield was just too weak and couldn’t take the force. The last time he got up his suit was ripped up from the repeated lightning strikes He looked over to Nightken sighing wondering where he was going wrong, what was he not doing. Night then told him to let it flow naturally and that he was trying to hard magic is a natural energy and doesn’t need to be forced all the time. Apollo nodded getting up looking around He then let if flow more natural calming down he then started to work again with his archiving magic. As the cracking sound happened and a lightning bolt appeared he made a shield to block it and failed again getting struck to the floor. He then held up a hand and sat there. “Give me a moment…” He would saw as he got in his meditation stance. He then took a few breaths calming down taking a deep breath in then out again. He would then loosen up and let his magic flow freely through his body no longer forcing it anywhere by any means what so ever. He then got up taking a deeper breath in and out pulling up his basic Archive spell looking up thinking about his guild mates again. He then saw another bright flash of lightning appear this time to his left. As he threw a shield up it barely stopped it but at least this time he didn’t get shocked. Then almost immediately without a second of delay yet another bright flash of lightning cracked behind him out of nowhere. He then started blocking them more and more often. He didn’t do it perfectly every time and still got shocked a lot but by the end of the day he could defiantly do it he could predict well enough were the blots were coming from. By the end of it He was defiantly able to use his shields and with doing job with his archiving magic . He then asked him for his help one more time. He looked at him curiously wondering what for. He then pulled up his archiving spell typing the word link Nightken onto the screen in front of him. Then a loading bar appeared above his head. Then in an instant they were connected and Nightkens stats showed up on his screen with prompts next to it. There was an interesting one that caught his attention. When he hit it he saw a list of known spells that could be transfer. He didn’t do it since there was no need but man this was indeed something to behold. He the severed the link seeing it saved as a sort of file so he could call him at any time if needed. This was amazing but Nightken told Apollo he needed to be going now and he nodded He thanked Nightken for his help and he nodded leaving him sitting alone in the training field. Apollo then laid therein the center of the training field to catch his breath needing to test one more thing. To truly get Intune with this magic. so it was getting late so it was almost time for him to rest though he had one more thing to train in but that could wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow he wanted to try at experiment with it a little more and truly test it’s potential. Apollo then looked around the training grounds, It was empty and no one was a round so on that note it was getting late so Apollo then got up and started to walk back to his house. He started to walk back to his house slowly since he was so beaten up from various lightning bolts hitting him all day. Through and even though he looked like hell he was happy about how much progress he has made. He was going to have to practice for a long time but he had enough for the basics mastered to keep that practice going. He could try one other test with his newly found magic. He wanted to test this with his fellow guild members in his guild. If he could get there information into the Archive then he would be able to track and communicate with them plus it would get him more failure with this type of magic. When he got back to his out he passed out immediately tired from the day he had. He next day he woke up to the sun shining through his window. He then got up and got dressed before he left for the guild hall. It was a bright and sunny day outside today. He walked down the bright streets of magnolia as the day started and practically ran to the guild hall ready to start more of his training. As he ran he thought more about today’s objectives and what he wanted to accomplish. Today was about learning how to input information into it and storing and accessing it to use later. He didn’t know who was going to be around today but he would get as many people as he could. As he got to Fairy Tail he looked at it and then walked in through its’ set of double doors looking around then he walked over to a chair and then Summoned his Archive magic Then the guild stopped and looked at him as he had about seven screens of him at the current moment. He had one large screen in front of him and three smaller screens around each side. A few people walked over and inquired about his magic and he explained how it was Archiving magic and how he could keep everyone in touch track them transfer them all spells and abilities and the like. As he expected his guild thought that this was super cool and they were very supportive of his endeavors. He then called out for volunteers to allow him to be put into his system. As people agreed to it he started to put their information into his archiving magic. He started First with a few new member getting down details about them and going more in depth with his magic. He then typed in a command making a new file for this information one that he could access at any time he required. He smiled as he spent the day recording people’s information and then sending it to various places and files. He defiantly payed attention to the more important member of the guild the guild and the most powerful of them like Heero, Nightken and Leonard. Then he made a note of The guilds A rank mages which was only on girl named Alyia writing down all of her details and magic. He then moved down to all the B ranks which consisted of Sorano, Kanix, Brennan, Himself for the most part. As he wrote all of those down he then moved on to the C ranks of the guild. These consisted of Hana, Gamon, Zecarayus,Akia and Hotaru,kiku and Julius. Then he put in all of the D rank mages that were there at the time. moved to He spent a long portion of the day getting everyone’s details as much as they would let them. He wrote down everything from likes to dislike’s magic powers, weapons and armor. Then as the day went on eventually Heero started to walk over to him. As he got there he looked at him and sat down. He then told him he was going to test him which Apollo then nodded to agreeing to the test. As he asked for various people’s information that were associated with Fairy Tail in some way, He was able to tell him about everyone he asked about in great detail he then got up after the quiz congrdulating him on his success but said there was one more part to this training. Apollo looked confused at him. He said that while they were talking rose flew off somewhere in Magnolia and that he needed to go find him. He looked at him nodding as he got up and walked while typing. He then input the command find Rose of Fairy Tail. The screen started a search bar scanning as he walked around Magnolia. According to this she was on the move flying around Magnolia. He wanted to capture he so using the tracking portion he looked and started to see a pattern in which she flew around the city as if it was planned before he was asked to go out and find her. As he looked for her he kept consulting his map but then saw some ones Icon near Rose’s it was Heero he could only assume telling her that I was nearby. With that he changed his course being able to follow her easier. He called some of his guild mates though the link power developed and told them to distract hero though any means possible. They agreed and he told them how to find him. Knowing the Fairy Tail guild they would ultimately end up breaking shit to do it but he needed the practice with the link. He then started to track her again as she flew through the city then he locked onto her possession after a while seeing there guild mates did what he asked. Then she darted off in one direction away from him. After a while he simply hid and started to watch where she went eventually he saw she was flying towards him. Then he kept walking out into the open eventually he ran into her calling her out. “Found you rose!” he called to her then she smiled and flew down congratulating him telling him that he passed the test. With that he would be acknowledged as an Archive mage now and that his hard work has payed off. They then started to walk back to the guild hall to celebrate his new magic.

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