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    Fleet Feet (Job — Brandy & Mathias)

    Mathias Tremolo
    Mathias Tremolo

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    Fleet Feet (Job — Brandy & Mathias) Empty Fleet Feet (Job — Brandy & Mathias)

    Post by Mathias Tremolo 2nd March 2016, 10:31 am

    Job Details:

    Mathias' maw stretched wide into a yawn as he lazily tinkered with the piercings over his left eye. The morn wasn't necessarily chilly — the warm sun rays would be sure to warm things up when it crested over the horizon. A crisp breeze ran across the path and caught him flat in the back. A shiver darted down his spine, and he draped his jacket across his shoulders because he didn't feel like wearing sleeves. His gaze shifted to the raven-haired vixen, his new guildmate, who eagerly strode beside him; this would be their first job together. Gulping and folding his left hand over his right, he prayed to the surrounding flora to imbue him with the strength to not screw things up.

    He wasn't always the shy type, but Mathias was unsure how to approach his new friend. She was difficult to read; she wore a smile on her face and lit up every room, but he sensed such a heaviness in her heart that it deeply unnerved him. As an introvert, he wanted to know so much about Brandy, but he could never choke up the words to ask her about herself. Instead, he found himself nodding to her in passing when she appeared in the Infinity Hydra guild hall. Also, he was super worried about upsetting her — oh, how he would never forgive himself if he made such a caring soul cry. It shocked the hell outta him when she bounded up, grabbed him by the shoulders and suggested they go on an adventure together. Still, he wasn't used to being invited to the party and had barely stuttered out an "o-oh-okay" before she had leaped into action. Mathias couldn't help but wonder why she'd pick someone so gloomy-looking to bring along.

    The vixen's eyes sparkled, half with excitement and half from the glare of he early morning sun, now barely peeking its head from its slumber. Her canine companion, Zeus, snuffled along at her feet. He sure appeared pleased to be out and about. Mathias grinned. The eaves of Oak Town peered from behind the lowest-hanging trees. Ornate roofs sloping into a gentle hill, the town's architecture glittered as fresh morning dew prisms cast their rainbow spells. Towering spires rose above all else, overlooking everything below, observing. The duo's foot-and-paw steps on the trail scraped and kicked at the loose stones.

    "Brandy," he murmured, realizing his voice was near inaudible. "Th-thanks for taking this job with me." His complexion flushed. Oh, I'm so stupid. I sound like such a loser. "What I mean is, well, I don't really know anyone yet, so yeah..." That didn't help! T ^ T He felt his insides shrivel a little. Seemed like the flowers wouldn't lend him much strength today. His head pounded as he fought his primal instinct to flee before a seemingly bright idea popped into his skull.

    "— Race ya!" He winked and flashed a wave with his left hand before pushing off toward the town. He swept a large breath through his chest as the large pressure was lifted; he was free. Stretching his arms outward above his head, he lifted his jacket like a flag as he raced along. Sure, he'd be much faster if he were barefoot, but it would look pretty lame after declaring a competition to abruptly halt to relieve his feet from their strappy sandal prison. His hair flopped against his face and he wished to tie it up somehow. Oh, well. The blood rushed through his ears and drowned out all else as he tottered toward Oak Town.

    Nearing the gates, he stomped his feet into the ground to slow himself, dragging a line of dirt along with him. His breaths were light and quick — not too heavy because he hadn't exactly sprinted with all his might. Mathias peered upward at the structures floating leagues above him. And now we find a spy, huh? He glanced toward a medium-height town home covered in vines; he could surely climb that to find the center. Besides, asking for directions was awkward.



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