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    House Repair!

    Ninetails Derpfox

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    House Repair! Empty House Repair!

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 28th December 2015, 7:21 am


    t had been a great deal of time since the young mage had been to Magnolia. The memories from that fateful encounter with the avian resembling woman named Raios and her crusade of death had created a single memory that he simply did not wish to recall. Many times had Niyol flown near the city, but never once did he fly directly over it after that day. His norm was to fly around it, even if he was utterly exhausted, or severely wounded Niyol would avoid entering the city. However, today was a different story as he had not eaten in well over a week. Five moons had come and gone since the last time his mind was able to embrace the dark, haziness of the dream world. It had been his fortune that thus far, he was never far from a source of fresh, cool, clean water that he could use to stave off his hunger for but a few more hours. But today... it as as though his stomach knew that he was near a city. It yearned to enter a store and obtain something already prepared, and beckoned him to enter the city he loathed so greatly. Walking through the streets, he had repeated flashbacks of that fateful day... the streets flooding, people being burned alive by scalding hot water, enlarged crocodiles attacking those who were still living. Looking up he remembered the large magic circle that him, and several other mages had barely manage to be rid of. He remembered the plethora of flying knights, their armour adorned with scales and images of that damned Achnologia etched into them. However, all of the memories were nothing compared to the torment Niyol experienced while passing through this town. The source of this torment was the sheer quantity of death that occurred on that day... For him, death serves only to make the demons within stronger... urging them to take over him and force the man to kill, and kill, and kill some more until finally he was simply too tired to kill any further. Here... it was impossible to count the hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent humans that were shown no mercy when they died... such an event left an immense imprint on the land that would make it so touching his feet to the ground was enough to make the demons within Niyol's soul to grow restless as a young brat, ordering his parents to give him something.

    A voice called out while Niyol was trying his damnedest to suppress the insects crawling in his soul, begging him to let them feast on the flesh of his prey. The voice was that of an elderly man who had sensed the shirtless man was a wizard. Niyol stopped, showing no signs of enduring a struggle to inquire what the man needed. He'd offered the mage a great deal of jewel, as well as a free hot meal when he'd heard Niyol's stomach growling. He wanted to turn it down, but his stomach was a demon of its own. It heard the promise of food, warm food, freshly made and he would be paid to eat it, and all he had to do was help an old man with something. So first agreed only to listen to the man's needs, and from what he was told, it would not be too terrible a task. The workload included getting rid of a rather large tree that had demolished their front porch, as well as fixing the home's roof, and reattaching the gutters so the house would be ready for the next storm season. For Niyol, the work was easier than any mission he'd undertaken before. He had many allies he could use to assist him in this matter, and as far as his magic was concerned, he had all the energy he needed to summon them. But being here... in this town made Niyol uneasy, and he didn't want to spend time earning a meal when he could buy one from the market just a mile and a half away. Again, he was over ruled by his stomach, and begrudgingly agreed to do the work.

    The first thing to do was to get the tree from off their front porch so Niyol could get to fixing the porch itself. He slowly drew the white katana seated on the left side of his waist while saying "Dance... Tamashī Reitōko." with a calm voice. The blade seemed to disappear, following this was a large burst of white powder flying from behind Niyol. He raised a single hand and dropped it, making a slashing motion while targeting the fallen tree. The white dust flew forwards, splitting off to form multiple pockets of white before coming down on the tree. Each of the millions of white particles acted as a blade of its own, and each of them took out a very, very tiny piece of the tree's trunk. These small pieces, while minuscule on their own, resulted in the tree being converted into little more than wooden sand after only a minute. Niyol placed his hand in front him as though he were taking a sword from a wall stand and the guard of the white blade appeared in his hand. He began making a motion resembling that of a samurai warrior, flicking his blade after an intense battle and as he did so the white powder was being siphoned back into the sword. When the flicking motion was done, his katana had fully formed and Niyol gently sheathed it, making sure to salute the guard as he did so.

    A couple of the old folk's neighbors took notice of the shirtless mage's ability, and decided to take some time off from their work to assist him by packing up the wood powder into bags and setting them around the premises to act as sand bags in the event of flooding. Niyol's demons took note of the flammable material, and its abundance for later use. The neighbors agreed to go to the store to pick up the wood for the elderly man, and took the invoice with them. According to the man, the wood was treated and cut to the right sizes so it'd be as easy as screwing everything in the right places. The elderly man walked through the side door to enter his house, saying he'd return with something for Niyol and any other helpers to drink. Meanwhile, Niyol noticed no one was looking and he grabbed some of the fuel for a couple of the man's tools and poured it on the wood powder filled bags. The liquid would soak in and make it so the wood would catch fire even easier than before. Meanwhile, Niyol went and grabbed the power drill and a box of screws to go mend the gutters.

    Niyol sprouted a pair of large, black, feathery bird wings with a crimson aura to them and began flapping. After a few hard pushes, Niyol began lifting off the ground. He angled the wings towards the house and got nice and close to the gutters. Just as Niyol was about half finished with his task, the person who went to get the wood for the old man returned. He was unwilling to offload the pieces, so Niyol had to stop what he was doing to go take care of it. Having taken nearly an hour to offload the wood, while the lazy fuck leaned against his cart eating in front Niyol instead of helping him, Niyol's demons became moderately resentful of the man and decided he would also receive some of their scorn. Niyol placed his hand out and said "Come forth, Dreadnip." and a rather large insect crawled out of a magic circle that appeared on the ground. It immediately erupted and spread a flurry of eggs all over that all hatched in moments, spawning much smaller versions of the creature. Sixty small insects began crawling to the wood pile, all of them carrying the wood pieces and putting them in place. They held the pieces as a team while one or two of them used their mandibles to screw the pieces into place. Within minutes, the entire porch was fixed. The small creatures then crawled to Niyol, each taking a single screw in their mouths and crawled up the side of the house and fixed the gutters. Upon that being done, which only took a couple minutes as well, they worked together to fix the elderly family's roof. It took the small bugs an hour or so since they were tasked to replace every last shingle, but working in unison the small critters got the task done considerably faster than Niyol would have.

    At last, the old man arrived with Niyol's drink and watched in amazement at the bugs that were fixing his home. The insects all disappeared in sixty tiny clouds of blue smoke as the job had concluded, the old man was over joyed at how well they'd done. As it was nearly dinner, Niyol was invited to eat with the old man and his wife, and he didn't hesitate to take them up on the offer. After going so long without proper food, Niyol was beyond starving, to the point where it was a marvel that he hadn't lost any of his muscles. After eating, he was allowed to bathe and sleep on a large reclining sofa in the living room. However, when midnight hit Niyol's eyes opened to reveal he was not himself. He walked outside the house and using his insects, he moved the sacks of fuel soaked wood powder inside the old people's home. He also had some be put on the surroundings of the lazy neighbor's house, and the neighbor on the other side of the old couple's home despite them having done nothing to deserve this fate. While the bugs moved the bags, Niyol entered each family's home and used pieces of their own clothes to bind them to their beds. As soon as the last person was bound, he walked out to the front of the old people's house with a pair of rocks and a large smile on his face. He knocked the stones together, setting ablaze the first batch of wooden powder and the flames spread from bag to fuel soaked bag. Soon the entire house was on fire, and the sounds of panicked screams was raining down gloriously on Niyol's ears. A single spark, flying from the elderly family's house set the two houses on its flanks ablaze as they too were surrounded by the fuel soaked wood. More screams were heard as the owners of the homes were burning alive, unable to leave their beds due to having their hands -literally- tied. Niyol stood in place and watched all three homes burn long after those inside were dead, meanwhile smiling form ear to ear. Once sirens were heard in the distance, Niyol turns and began walking down the street as though he'd done nothing wrong.

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