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    House Repair!


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    House Repair!  Empty House Repair!

    Post by Moekidu 13th March 2016, 7:30 am

    House repair just seems to be the ideal job for Justine, after all her structural mastery would be of great help to her endeavors. She had to wake up early in order to see to the job as quickly as possible, so she packed her bag and grabbed whatever money she’ll need as it seems that she may require to sleep the night in magnolia. Of course as usual, she would exit from her guild and run across the pathway leading to the main road, take a left towards a cliff and jump down the train that would come by here so early around the hours between four and five in the morning. Justicia prefers to be as cheap as possible when it comes to money, ever since she left the Hyena Corps, her savings and income has somewhat dropped to the point that she had to go for drastic measures.

    Once again she easily hitched a free ride on a train heading to Magnolia. It’s a miracle that she wasn’t caught yet or perhaps the security on this train is rather poor, thank God there aren’t any Rune Knights on board and if they are, they would have noticed. Rune Knight Security is harder to bypass than the ones in Crocus, unlike the soldiers of the Kingdom, the Rune Knights are more committed to their duties and that alone deserves some respect. At last the train comes to a complete stop, after giving a fake ticket she hopped down the train and headed straight towards her destination. Of course the first instruction to be followed is to move towards the client’s house, walking past through several blocks and corners, she finally made it to the client’s house.

    The client’s name is Josh Weeatherstein and the reason for his request was because of a recent storm that tore a few worn out walls of his wonderful home. He’s around 50 years old, though he may still have some fight left in him, his age prevents him from doing the chore alone the job must be done within two days before the next storm comes, according to the weather news. Justine seemed to excited about this as its going to be her first time to enjoy repairing a house knowing that her magic would be great in this application.

    A few knocks on the door, there was no answer.
    Justine tried to peep through the window trying to call out to the client but he wasn’t there.
    She knocked again and still no answer and then she began to wonder if her client is asleep or that she arrived too early. No she has to come early for the job knowing the storm is due within two days. Looking around to the other houses, a few residents have already started their repairs. At a distance just down the road, there was a cart full of wooden planks being pulled by the horse. Riding the cart was none other than Josh Weatherstein himself as he waved his hat up.

    He seemed to have expected her, he was smiling in an expression of relief.

    As the cart comes to a complete halt, Mr. Weatherstein dropped down from the cart gently. Introductions were made and gestures were exchanged. Weatherstein asked if a girl like Justicia would be up for the job.
    Her answer, she is more than enough to get the job done within the day and smiled with confidence, and seeing that, Mr. Weatherstein has faith in her that she will. First was the roof and the gutters, while Mr. Weatherstein manages the wood work below, Justicia took care of the job on the roof. Before she gets to work, she has to feel the structural integrity of the roof itself. She pressed her hand on a panel and began working her magic. Though it may not be completely visible how it works, her magic courses through the upper area like a living vein and once the desired structure has been occupied by her magic, she makes her analysis, then use the appropriate measures and repaired not only the places that were torn off by the storm but also replaced some parts of the roof that would seem like it wouldn’t survive the storm. The house was old, its no surprise the razor winds chopped off a few blocks from the roof itself. After repairing and replacing every damage and weak panel on the roof, all that is left for her to do is reinforce the entire structure with her magic. She touches the roof again and begins to focus, once again the entire roof is filled magical veins not seen by the naked eye as the durability of the roof has been like as it was years ago. Thought it may not look like it, its sturdy enough to even withstand a blast.
    Not even a single droplet of rain will get through this roof.
    Once the roof was finished, only a few wooden boards remain and it’s only an hour afternoon. All that is left to do now is the Porch, removing the tree limb didn’t take a while and once it was removed, the repair for the Porch and the floorboards were underway. It only took her half an hour to finish everything. Last but not the least is treating all the wood that has been put into place. Justine was then tasked to come to the carpentry in order to buy a full set of borate that would be used to preserve the wood and prevent it from ever having dry rot. Alas the sun was about to set and right before you know it the job was already done. Mr. Weatherstein was pleased to know that the work was done so quick he given Justine the reward money and offered for her to sleep overnight which Justine happily accepted. Justine enjoys Josh’s hospitality and the comfort of the couch. As soon as Weatherstein looked out the window, night began to fall and a few lights were lit on the roof of their neighbors.

    Weatherstein thought that maybe he should come and help with but somehow felt anemic after all the work he did reinforcing one of the walls. Justine noticed this and when Weatherstein greeted her good night and walked slowly towards his room for bed, Justine stood up and grabbed the set of tools and head out into the night to repair the roof of the other houses. Of course with the storm coming in soon it would tear off more of the worn out walls and structures of every home in the neighborhood. He jumped on to the first roof and knelt down before a panel. Much like what she did before, she began to chant a spell that would analyze the structure of the building, reading the integrity and the durability. Since some of the neighbors have made progress, it was less work for Justine as she proceeds to repair panels one by one. She had done this multiple times over and over to each roof and wall that she could find that is all worn out. Some of these buildings house a happy family with children, should the structure fail, they would have nowhere else to live and she didn’t want them to be homeless perhaps its one of the reasons why she was committed to the job and not only by repairing Mr. Josh Weatherstein’s roof and house. As dawn breaks, Justine was found asleep on top of somebody’s roof, it was a surprise that she managed to finish seven houses that needs repair in a single night. She exhausted most of her mana reinforcing walls that would seem like they’d tear down to the point that it was like it aged younger.

    Justine’s magic was beautiful well at least when it comes to things like this as she provided a far more durable and greater shelter for everyone. She woke up on the couch on Mr. Weatherstein wondering if all her efforts was a dream. She was greeted then by Mr. Weatherstein and the owners of the houses she had repaired. Everyone gave her thanks as she accepted them gracefully.

    “Well everyone needs a good shelter from the storm.” She said.

    She woke up late afternoon at that time, the same time when the winds were starting to blow causing the trees to start swaying. It was time for her to leave and when she exited Weatherstein’s home, many of the families of the homes she repaired came to her with thanks as they would have not repaired their home in time for the storm. She did enjoyed the compliments and gained some favor in the neighborhood and when the sun had already set, Justine was long gone, taking another illegal and free train ride back to Infinity Hydra. A few weeks later, Justine received many offers afterwards and all because of the feedback that she did for one of the neighborhoods in Magnolia.

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