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    Rowan Escorts On a Train (Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan Escorts On a Train (Job) Empty Rowan Escorts On a Train (Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan 15th December 2015, 7:23 am

    Rowan knocked on the door, like he had knocked on countless other doors. As he waited for someone to answer, he went over the details of his latest job in his head. So I have to take this guy to the train station, and get him onto the train! Easy enough. Still, something made him feel uneasy about the job. He had talked to the client yesterday, and she had been clear that her husband needed to get to his job interview completely unharmed before handing him a coil of rope, but Rowan wondered what she meant by that. The mage shrugged took a step back as a man stumbled out the door. Rowan watched as the man regained his balance, and stood with an air of confidence. The mage pursed his lips and nodded satisfyingly. The pair began walking towards the train station, and hummed as they went along. By the way things were going, this whole thing was going to be a cinch.

    To make a long story short, it was not a cinch. At the moment, Rowan had a grown ass man tied to his back with some rope, who was screaming shouting and kicking both Rowan and nearby people. The moment that they had walked into the train station, the man had tried making a run for it, and it was only pure luck that he tripped. Fortunately, Rowan tied up the coward and tied him onto his back, so he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted. The only problem now was that the man’s legs were free, so he could flail about hitting Rowan in the process. Rowan now completely understood why the woman had given him the coil of rope… and mentioned not to injure her husband, because at this moment, he wanted to just knock the guy out and carry on. With a sigh, Rowan showed the conductor their tickets, and now they were on the train.

    Once they were on the train, the man had calmed down significantly. Well, that was a relative observation. Instead of flailing about with fear, the man was now stock still, occasionally glancing out the window. Rowan had decided to undo the bindings and simply tied the man’s arms to the chair, which was clearly more comfortable. Still, Rowan didn’t want the man to try another escape attempt so he kept him under close observation. After a few minutes of this, Rowan decided to find out what the man’s name was. “So… what’s your name?” The man quivered with fear and faced the mage with a wild look in his eyes. It was quiet for a few moments before he replied with, “J-Joseph” before looking straight ahead once again. Rowan nodded slowly and continued his vigilant watch. After yet another few minutes, Rowan looked out the window, satisfied knowing that Joseph probably wouldn’t be making any escape attempts for the rest of the trip. The wasn’t too sure what did him in, maybe it was the steady rhythm of the train, or perhaps the beautiful scenery, but he did know at some point, he nodded off to sleep.

    Rowan’s eyes snapped open, he could still hear the train going, so he knew that they hadn’t arrived at their stop. What really concerned him however, was the sound of gnawing behind him. The mage quickly jerked around to see that Joseph had just finished gnawing the rope, and was standing up to make his exit. Joseph had actually gone a few steps before Rowan sprang into action and tackled the man, wanting the knock the man out more than ever before. However, Rowan contained his anger and tied Joseph up, this time, his legs as well. Rowan resolved not to let his guard down again, and never let his eyes wander off of the rope covered man. To Rowan’s joy, the train stopped shortly after, and the conductor called for everyone to get off. The mage hoisted Joseph over his shoulder, and made his way off the train, and into the train station. Rowan did get some weird looks here and there, but overall, Rowan felt that this job went fairly well.

    After Rowan had untied Joseph from his bonds, the sleazy little man shot off like a rocket without even thanking, or even saying bye, to the mage. Rowan grimaced and scratched his head, but quickly sighed and made his way to the ticket stand. The mage purchased another ticket for his ride home and waited around the train station until the train arrived. On the ride back home, Rowan found himself sitting in front of two crying babies, and a persistently annoying toddler in the front. He simply sighed and closed his eyes knowing that the ride home would be a long one.

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