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    Escorts and Trains


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    Escorts and Trains Empty Escorts and Trains

    Post by Cr1tikal 1st August 2015, 1:19 am

    Job Info:

    This job was the first one she had had to do a double take on when she had first read it. 'Escort' on a train had not registered correctly in her mind on the first read of the posting. After having read it a second time, Aiyana realized that it was looking for someone to make sure the man got on, and stayed on, a train that was taking him to somewhere his career required him to go to. Figuring that it wouldn't be too hard keeping a grown man, no matter how immature they started to act, to stay on a train, the young woman had accepted the job and was now walking up to the residence of the couple that had posted it. A simple triple tap of her fist on the door would signify her arrival, the girl standing there with confidence as she awaited the opening of it. It was a few moments before the door cracked open, a woman peeking out before opening the door completely.

    ”Ah! Sorry to keep you waiting. Is there something I can help you with?”

    ”I'm here about the job you put out for. Seems you need a babysitter to make sure your husband stays on the train?”

    The woman's smile grew larger upon hearing her words. It seemed that someone really was needed to make sure he got to his destination on time.

    ”Louis! Time for you to go! This young lady will walk you there so you can make it in time!”

    ”All right Arlene! Just finishing packing my briefcase!”

    There was loud noises from inside of the house, the crashes of items falling over, before a man came to the doorway as well. Both of them were middle aged and in decent shape, something that wasn't too common when she thought about it.

    ”Ah, so this is the mage coming with me on my journey? Hope she's ready for a walk.”

    ”Yes dear. Now you have a safe trip, and make sure to make it on time!”

    ”Yeah, but first I want to grab some things near the center of the town.”

    ”Fine with me, so long as it doesn't take too long.”

    The loving couple did a parting kiss before Aiyana and Louis began their trek towards the middle of Magnolia Town. How was she supposed to trick him into going near the train station though? Sure, she could say she needed things near it all she wanted. Getting him on the train, however, was going to be fun. She had to avoid hurting him, which meant she couldn't knock him out if it came to it. The Lamia Scale mage could always bind him in bandages. They wouldn't leave marks on him if she did it right, even if he struggled. Once they hit the center, the man walking on her right, she started walking towards the train station. When she started leading him right next to the train, Louis' steps faltered until he stopped moving.

    ”Wh-why are we h-here? I th-thought w-we would be walking t-to the place!”

    ”Change of plans. We won't make it in time unless you get on the train.”

    The sound of shoes scuffing against the ground caused her to reach out to, lightly, and grab the man by the wrist. Bandages moved out from her hand that was doing so, wrapping around both his wrists and then around his back.

    ”W-what's this? F-f-forcing me onto the train?”

    I was told to get you there, at all costs, as long as you arrive unharmed. Now we're gonna go on the train, sit down, and make it to your super important meeting.”

    She didn't like having to do it this way, but he wasn't going to leave him a choice. Pulling him along, the bandages being fought against slightly before he gave up, she boarded the train and sat down in a more private area so he wouldn't be seen bound as he was. Aiyana sat Louis down before sitting down across from him, making sure to hold onto the bandages he was wrapped in to ensure he wouldn't suddenly make a dash for it.

    ”It's okay, just close your eyes. Try to take a nap or something. It's just an hour long ride, we'll be there in no time.”

    The young woman said the words in as soothing a tone as she could manage, the man's visible shaking making her try to calm him down. Louis took a deep, shaky, breath before closing his eyes. He stayed that way the rest of the trip, the shaking only stopping a little bit as they went along. As soon as the train stopped at their location, Aiyana lightly tugged on the bandages to get his attention.

    ”All right, we're here. Let's get off and get you on your way!”

    Cheerful words caused the man to stand up quickly as he started to move towards the exit of the train. Aiyana kept up with the semi-run, making sure to grab his briefcase he had almost forgotten in his rush to get off of the locomotive. Once they were touching the ground once more she let the bandages unwind off of the man and return to wrap around herself. Handing the man his briefcase, she spoke up.

    ”Well I know you didn't enjoy the trip, but good luck with your life changing meeting. Best of luck to you.”

    All she got in return was a nod before he briskly walked off to where ever he was supposed to be going. Now all she had to do was go back and get her pay. 'I think I'll just walk back though. Don't want to have to pay the fare back.'



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