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    Star Ace Of Spades Information

    Post by Hikachu 23rd November 2015, 7:35 am

    Ace Of Spades Information K1wSOuq

    Ace Of Spades:

    The old guild of Sabertooth, namely called 'Ace of Spades' has been renovated from just a relaxing bar into a much bigger place; castle, or rather a town, for the benefits of the guild members. The empty mountains and desert that once surrounded the guild have been completely turned into a brand new town; adorned with numerous buildings and establishments for the convenience of the guild members. The Sabertooth mages are now able to enjoy the livelihood of a city, capable of retrieving objects they desire without travelling a far distance. The sea that was formed near the mountains functions as a small harbour for the mages of Sabertooth and the citizens that are living in the town. The 'Ace Of Spades' is, of course, completely free for the public to enter, either just to pay a visit to the town or to purchase something.  

    Interior Of The Castle:

    The castle that is located on the top of the mountain is one of the guild halls of Sabertooth. The interior of building has been widened from a small bar to a huge ballroom/hall for events to be held in the area. The design and furniture has been built to be grand to fit the aspects of an event. Mages of other guilds and visitors alike are welcome to the private town Sabertooth has created to enjoy the fun together along with their friends.  


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