Job; Maiden Snatcher [Alexander - Itori]


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    Job; Maiden Snatcher [Alexander - Itori]

    Post by Alexander on 18th November 2015, 7:06 pm

    The Job:
    Job: Maiden Snatcher
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: Thread Must Be at Least 20 Posts Long. C Ranked Wizards or Above. Or a combination of two D Ranked Wizards or more. 250 Words Minimum Each Post.

    Job Requirements: Rescue the Girl (Or Girls), that have been snatched by a nearby Vulcan in the Magnolia East Wood, return her home safely. Must defeat at least ONE Vulcan. The Trouble Maker demons can be scared off by an impressive display of power. 3 wizards max allowed on this Mission / Job.

    Job Location: Magnolia (East Forest)

    Job Description: Your Client's Girlfriend/Mother/Sister/Aunt/Niece is missing! There were rumors about a Vulcan that enjoys snatching lovely ladies, and it's just been confirmed by an eye witness this very day! Trouble making demons that aren't native too Magnolia's East Forest have recently been spotted, so be careful!

    (Note: Client Name & Damsels Name, and Relationship Too Client Are Up Too The Wizard(s))


    Weak: Trouble Making Demons x10 (They use a large array of weapons. Be creative. Some of them fight hand too hand. They don't wear armor, merely clothes, tribal style. They wander the East Woods looking for folks too rob.)

    Normal: Wood Vulcan (A large ape like monster that wanders the East Forest. It enjoys scooping up women on nature walks around Magnolia. It hits with C-Ranked Strength, and takes at least 10 hits too subdue.)

    Strong: Forest Vulcan (An incredibly large ape like beast, larger than most Vulcan's. It wanders Magnolia's East Forest looking for beautiful maidens too scoop up. This Vulcan can easily smash through trees if it wanted too. Requires at least 12 Hits too defeat. Be careful.)

    Boss: Mountain Vulcan (This Vulcan is pretty much insane. It came down from the mountains in the North too snatch himself up a lovely lady. He only knows three words for some reason. "Pretty, Woman, and Smash." you will likely hear "Smash". He has white fur, and is much stronger than most Vulcans due too living usually in a harsh environment. He's traveled far from home too get his damsel and isn't about too lose her too some little wizard(s). Be very, very careful if he's the culprit. Must hit him a minimum of 20 for him too be defeated. Good Luck.)

    Reward: 5000 Jewels



    Perhaps, it's better relics be left to the sands of time,

    rather than be dragged along as a memory


    Perhaps his first trip to a functioning area since exiting his exile, Alexander was shocked by the vibrancy. Everything seemed to radiate with life and energy, opposed to the decayed ruins he had grown accustomed too. It seemed almost too much for him, and luckily he wouldn't be there much longer. Magnolia was simply a passing point, for his goals lied outside the city. Apparently. a young woman had been kidnapped, another in a growing series. The assailant was a vulcan, a creature Alexander had yet to have either the pleasure or misfortune to encounter yet. He wasn't sure which term would be more acceptable. Still, it'd be a nice chance to confirm his studies.

    But, that was not the true reason for this journey. In reality, Alexander was could care less for the woman and the creatures; he was here for research. The Kumiho were his guildmembers now, but not beyond his study. Itori had been looking at the job, and in an act of 'charity' he said he would join her. He had no idea how the job ended in his guild hall, nor did he know why she intended to take it, simply that he would be joining her today. This was a good chance to watch her and study her ways, perhaps even grow a relationship for future gain. For now though, simple observation was enough. Leaving the city to his rear, Alexander waited by the forests entryway. Surprisingly, he beat the fox here, a first for him. So he waited patiently, learning slightly against a tree.

    TAG:  @Itori

    Word Count: 261

    OOC: Everybody wants someone to hold, even vulcans

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    Re: Job; Maiden Snatcher [Alexander - Itori]

    Post by Itori on 19th November 2015, 12:02 pm

    Alexander wouldn't have to wait for too long near the entrance to the forest, as from a distance he/she would already be able to take note of a rather tall woman wearing a type of attire almost never seen in Fiora: it was from the style of Midi, a nation very small and very far away, which most of the people here probably only knew of from stories, stories for which they would not be able to say whether they were truth or not. In either case, this woman stood out quite a bit with that outfit made of smooth silken fabric, which complemented her own appearance quite nicely. She was tall and slender, with a skin slightly paler than usual and long raven black hair that fell all the way past her waist. She moved with determination and grace, avoiding collisions with ease as she headed straight for the gate through which Alexander had already passed through, once out of town looking around before managing to locate him and walking towards him.

    Of course Alexander already knew that this tall beauty was not showing her true form. If she had been showing her actual form she would have received more stares than she had already been getting. The gazes that had fallen on her this time and which had stayed on her were the kind of gazes any attractive person could experience, or anybody wearing a style of clothing not often seen in these parts. Or somebody who like this woman combined those two traits.

    If they had seen her actual form she would have received stares of surprise, shock, disbelief, wonder, and curiosity. Stares of people who saw something which they didn't even know existed, or which they didn't believe to exist. A figure which almost solely showed up in old stories, where it could be both good and evil. An appearance which was not outdone in attractiveness by this more normal and human an appearance, and depending on the viewer might actually surpass it by a fair margin. Those stares had been avoided by hiding her true form.

    Once she had reached Alexander Itori smiled and bowed, her human form fading away to be replaced by her Kumiho form. Her hair shortened until it reached to her shoulders, and turned from the lustrous raven black to the purest white. Her attire was replaced by one just as uncommon as the previous one, but more simplistic and of less expensive materials. Her vermilion eyes retained their colour, but her pupils elongated until they were thin ovals. Her human ears grew longer and larger, fur as white as her hair covering them until in the end those ears had been replaced by those of a fox. If one were to look at Itori's teeth they would find that her canines were slightly longer and sharper now. The same would count for her nails. Out of her lower back one long fluffy white tail grew, waving about before settling in a gentle swaying motion. The tail of a fox, or a Kumiho.

    Itori was actually quite surprised that Alexander had decided to join her on this job. Originally she had been planning to ask one of her sisters to help her out, but before she had reached either of them she had already walked into Alexander, who quickly agreed to help her out. Surprising, but Itori was not going to question it too much. They were part of the same small guild, where each member had to help each other out. However Alexander and Itori hadn't really done a lot together yet. Itori of course had been doing a lot of menial work around the guild hall, keeping everything clean and repairing what she could. Aside from that she was also the one providing food for everybody too lazy to get it themselves, and even those who did usually got a portion of Itori's cooking. However that wasn't exactly enough for two people to establish a relationship, one person just doing all the housework and giving the other food.

    So the offer to help was one that Itori gratefully accepted, and she smiled at Alexander here in front of her as they stood at the entrance of the forest. She didn't speak, instead using her normal approach of making motions with her hands to try and get across her message. She wasn't sure if Alexander was any good at understanding sign language, but she knew that he had lived for a very long time so she personally suspected he should be able to.

    First there was the clapping of the hands together combined with bowing, followed up with Itori first pointing at herself and then at Alexander. Her way of thanking him, neglecting to add the reason why she was thankful because it was fairly obvious. Then she pointed at the forest, followed up by pointing at herself and Alexander at the same time, then back at the forest. A quite clear way of saying 'shall we go?' It looked like Itori was eager to get going: she accepted this job because it was one that they could do without having to be legal mages or identifying themselves to the clients. The clients didn't care, they just wanted their female relative back. Even if Tartarus is a dark guild they could still use some extra money, especially for stocking up on food. Also Itori wasn't very amused by the idea that females were getting snatched up by some ugly ape monsters. She didn't care that much for the girls themselves, but she had rather not have to suddenly fight one of those apes when travelling from the guild hall to one of the many towns she visited to stock up on food and materials. Better to get rid of them now and even get paid for it.

    And another somewhat darker motivation was the fact that most likely nobody would bother to ask her what happened to the vulcans. Itori had several recipes for them, and if there was one thing she would never turn down it was an opportunity to get more food. She would just have to refrain from telling anybody else in the guild where their next portion of meat was coming from.

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