There is always light [Private/Daiki]

    Lance Knighthunter

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    There is always light [Private/Daiki]

    Post by Lance Knighthunter on November 15th 2015, 4:59 pm

    The darkness of the sky was quite soothing as Lance silently walked through the streets of Talonia. He had his metallic mask and black cloak on, concealing every bit of him in the shadows except the glowing red eyes of the mask. He was careful not to make any sound as he did not know if people were still up in Talonia this time of night. This was his first time in Talonia and so far the brightness of all the lights was annoying him "Why would anyone come here. There is too much light... not enough sorrow and darkness." he said in a cold, metallic voice. It was about one in the morning and the quietness of the dimly lit streets was pretty beautiful in his eyes.

    It had been a while since he kissed Famine and injured Lea and he hadn't seen the two since then. That was an old story now. This place was new to him and he was interested to see what the town of  mages would bring him. He hoped for some excitement at least. In his mind he thought about Daiki. He hadn't seen her since he left Magnolia, promising to himself to never return. She did not leave him on very good terms, throwing a brick at him. Since then he had joined the guild Basilisk Fang, wearing the guild mark on his right hand which was concealed by bandages. "Honestly, I do not wish to bring her any harm... I want to show her what despair truly is like..." Lance muttered under his breath in the same metallic voice as before.   

    Heavens Empress Daiki

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    Re: There is always light [Private/Daiki]

    Post by Heavens Empress Daiki on November 26th 2015, 9:02 pm

    nothing can dim the burning


    Ai had found her way to Talonia, though she would sigh as it was much later in the night than she had hoped to have arrived somewhere at. Sure, her destination was, mor or less, random as she had simply set out in a direction several hours prior to her arrival. All she could tell upon setting foot in the city would be that there seemed to be one who controlled an unholy energy, however, she didn't much care at the time being and would simply wander into the town in her usual attire, which consists of an off the shoulder dress. It's a dark sea foam-teal color with puffed somewhat sleeves and black spiked cuffs at the end. Her breasts still show but have very thin light green straps connecting to her choker-piece around her neck, which holds a blue gem in the center, resembles the belt she wears. The dress covers her lower half and goes between her legs, while the back part is much longer with spiked lining. Around her waist she has a black belt like piece with green circled pads on each hip, connecting to a very light blue ribbon/sash. Her hair also gains a matching colored hairbow, while on her neck she has something matching the belt. Her shoes are black slip on's with same pads at the toe and ballerina-like wrappings around the leg.

    After a while of walking through Talonia, she would eventually find the source of the magic or energy she had felt and would notice that the cloak and mask seemed familiar from a prior meeting but it was such a fleeting moment that it hadn't really stayed in her mind for too long. "Oi, you!" She would say as she stopped roughly twenty feet away from the person, initially trying to their attention.



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