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    Rumble in Hargeon! (Private-Dmitry/Daiki)


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    Rumble in Hargeon! (Private-Dmitry/Daiki) Empty Rumble in Hargeon! (Private-Dmitry/Daiki)

    Post by Benjamin 8th January 2016, 12:31 am

    The town of Hargeon.

    A bustling port complete with a train station, causing it to be a lot more busy than most towns of it's size. Home to the Lamia Scale guild, a shadow of it's former glory, but aspiring to achieve it's past standing as one of the strongest and most prominent magical guilds in all of Fiore. One such member, a certain gray haired mage, was about to be wrapped up in the very trouble he seemed to have too much of in his life.  

    Dmitry Kazakov let out a loud yawn as he exited the damaged, yet still immaculate building his guild called home. He had just finished a job and was quite tired, deciding it was about time for a nap. Looking about the area, Dmitry spotted one of his favorite places to sleep and began heading in that direction, avoiding the crowds he so despised. Along the way, he may or may not have past some shady types, perhaps a well endowed woman or two. Of course, the mage payed no mind, climbing the rooftop of an establishment he found surprisingly comfortable. 

    The was still high and the air was salty from the sea-breeze, the hard surface he was sleeping on not bothering Dmitry in the slightest.

    Of course, he was destined remain very much awake this afternoon...

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