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    Rosters and Positions

    Basilisk Fang

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    Important Rosters and Positions

    Post by Basilisk Fang on Thu 5 Nov 2015 - 9:02

    ☣ Guild Master ☣
    Ahote Laspor

    ☣ Basilisks ☣

    The Basilisks are the three most notorious and influential members of Basilisk Fang - The Aces. They hold more power in the guild than regular members and take direct orders from the guild master. Basilisks also serve as the aces of the guild and can conduct exams to other members.

    King Cobra:
    ☬ Vacant ☬

    Death Adder:
    ☬ Vacant ☬

    ☬ Vacant ☬

    ☬ Vacant ☬

    ☣ Serpents ☣

    Though not Aces, Serpents are members, who have proven themselves to be very valuable assets to the guild and have gained the respect of the guild master. They aren't as trusted as Basilisks, but are seen more as commanders than the Basilisks. Serpents sometimes take direct commands from the guild master and are capable of commanding Fangs and regular members.


    ☬ Vacant ☬

    Pit Viper:
    ☬ Vacant ☬

    Blue Krait:
    ☬ Vacant ☬

    ☬ Vacant ☬

    ☣ Fangs ☣

    Fangs are members who have shown more strength than a regular member and have also proven useful to the guild on more than one occasion. A Fang doesn't have a lot more extra power in the guild and isn't considered an ace, but they are more notorious among the guild and the guilds enemies. Fangs are coded in numbers, going from 1 to 7. The seventh fang is usually the most powerful of the fangs.

    Fang 1:

    Fang 2:

    Fang 3:

    Fang 4:

    Fang 5:

    Fang 6:

    ☣ Regular Members ☣
    Members that are part of the guild of Basilisk Fang. Thanks to them, the guild has a backbone and a fierce bite. They may lack the power inside the guild like the higher-ups do, but on the battlefield, a regular member may even be more dangerous.




    Theo Calathes


    Aemon Trahaearm
    Aoi and Aoba Itou

    Sayrn Firrion
    Katherine Neel
    Areem Southen
    Albafica Temero

    ☣ Previous Guild Masters ☣
    The ones before the current guild master who led the monstrous guild to the status and destruction it now possesses.

    Naziel Strombringer
    Elijah Iscariot
    Nathaniel Silversheild
    Laycie Vessalius
    Annora Dalton
    Nykyrian Haru

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