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    Why this place so crowded Fam?


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    Why this place so crowded Fam? Empty Why this place so crowded Fam?

    Post by jagged2 24th October 2015, 1:06 pm

    "Oh God why is this crowd so thick, you would think a natural disaster was happening with all this going on" Theo shouted angrily as he violently moved from people to the side so he could continue on to the check in counter. For what seemed like hours Theo slowly moved from place to place doing what ever he could to move only inches closer to his goal but he it seemed like no matter what he did it felt like he only got a few feet closer before being pushed back by the waves of people coming through from what seemed like out of nowhere. Becoming extremely heated Theo was tempted to use his magic to just kill all of the obstacles in his way but Theo wasn't stupid, he spotted guards all across the town and it would be vary unwise to start trouble here, resolving himself to settle this mission silently and with ought killing, Theo pressed on into the crowed hughing in frustration as he once again fought the endless waves of people until he finally came across the checkin counter. "Finally, that took way longer than was necessary" Theo said as he stood up straighter and confidently walked to the check in counter with a nonchalant emotion on his face ignoring the stares of the rest of the crowd as he bravely cut in the front, even though the crowed showed hate on their faces not one of them dared to make a move as they felt that this man was far more dangerous than any of them could ever hope to achieve. Walking up to the counter Theo looked straight at the man in front of him and told him he was of the light guild, lying through his teeth was always a strong point of his, and he expected the guard to take the bluff as it is as everyone knows guards weren't very good thinkers.


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