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    When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo]


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    When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo] Empty When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo]

    Post by Nemuru 9th October 2015, 6:29 pm

    Nemuru stared in disbelief at the only applicable request on the nearest public job board she knew of in Magnolia. Sorcerer Weekly was searching out a female model or two for Chanelle’s eco-friendly line. Modelling meant being up in front of people. She shivered slightly, already rather nervous. “The disadvantages of being guildless,” she grumbled to herself.

    “I guess beggars can’t be choosers.” A few passersby began to shuffle further away from the girl who insisted on talking to herself. “Alright, I’ll do it!” Her suddenly loud exclamation turned onlookers caused onlookers to scurry further away and begin gossiping amongst themselves. Nemuru blushed, her shoulders tucking inward as she looked at the ground in defeat.

    The request had been submitted by a woman named Deidre Bellarose right here in Magnolia. The address was listed right on the request and simple enough to find. Rather it would have been if Nemuru had been familiar with the town. Working up the courage to ask a local, she inhaled slowly a few times. A young man of around 15 caught sight of her and inquired what the issue was. “Ma’am, are you alright?” He grinned as he balanced his overloaded bag of groceries. “Can I help in any way?”

    He’s rather polite. Nemuru hesitated, before asking, “can you tell me how to get here?” The pink haired boy looked a moment before laughing and giving her the simple directions. Traversing a mere couple blocks and a single turn, she found the office of Sorcerer Weekly.

    She asked after Ms. Bellarose, only to discover it was one of the new interns. “Ah, so you’re here to complete the eco-friendly job?” The woman sniffed hautily as she looked Nemuru over. “Well, I guess you’ll have to do. You’ve got a kinda wild look about you.”

    “T-thanks,” Nemuru stuttered.

    “That wasn’t a compliment.” The intern proclaimed rudely. The poison mage’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment.“Yet,” her voice softened, “sometimes, a fresh look draws a new audience. You might have some potential in there. Do you have any scars or any marks of note?” Ms. Bellarose placed a hand on Nemuru’s dress causing her to stiffen and began turning her around.

    “O-on my stomach, and p-please don’t touch me.” Nemuru’s voice raised in volume as she spoke. “I’ll position myself any way you ask me! Just dont touch, please.” Her voice gained sudden confidence as she spoke, drawing a grin from Sorcerer Weekly’s newest intern.

    “So you do have a little bit of fire in you, after all.” Ms. Bellarose continued smirking, “I’ve just decided I’m going to use you after all. We can work around the scarring. They sent plenty of clothes. Some other model can wear this dress.” She held up a rather revealing piece.

    A short and rather uneventful trip by magic vehicle to the East Forest later found Nemuru standing next to the cameraman. Both looked on doubtfully as Ms. Bellarose looked for the perfect tree to use as a backdrop. Nemuru raised an eyebrow at the cameraman, who was apparently named Beth.

    “She’s always like this,” Beth apologized rapidly as Ms. Bellarose began holding her fingers up in an imaginary picture frame. “Deidre hasn’t worked for us long and wants to get everything perfect. I think she’s hoping for a permanent position with our editorial staff,” Beth whispered conspiratorially. Nemuru nodded noncommittally as she continued to watch. She really didn’t care about the internal politics of Sorcerer Weekly and honestly had little desire to work with them again.

    “Okay,” Ms. Bellarose paused checking her notes, “Nemuru was it? I’m going to need you to change into this outfit.” She handed Nemuru a dress by the hanger. The poison mage looked around and slouched,realizing she’d be changing in front of the client. Nemuru felt like she was dying a little of embarrassment inside again. She promised herself her next job wouldn’t be so terribly humiliating.

    The dress was pretty, albeit in an unusual way, Nemuru thought. A limited edition honoring Sorcerer Weekly the dress was knee length, with intricate folds and pleats. Asymmetrical, one shoulder was revealed with the belt tied to the opposite side. The material made it stand out from the rest. Created out of recycled Sorcerer Weekly pages and enchanted with a simple charm against liquids the dress made a colorful statement.

    “Alright, Nemuru! That looks even better than I thought. Now I want you to stand with your back against the tree. That’s it! Now lean into it and put one foot up so your knee is out towards me.” Ms. Bellarose commanded to the best of her ability. The poison mage tried to follow the instructions to the best of her ability. She was blushing furiously at being the center of attention, even if it was only two people looking. “Now put your chin to your chest and close your eyes. That’s it!” Ms. Bellarose spoke softly to the photographer. “Alright, get the shot.” Nemuru fought every urge to run as she heard the camera shutter.

    “One more pose, Nemuru and we’ll head back.” The mage watched and waited the next command. “Alright, this one is up to you. Something wild and natural. Perhaps how you cast your magic?”

    Hearing that, Nemuru sighed and smiled. She extended an arm out to the side fingers spread, the other fingertips slightly grazing the forest floor. One knee bent deep and the other leg extended way out in the direction of the extended arm. The dynamic pose was concluded with her releasing just a faint bit of her magic. A circle formed at the hand touching the ground as the camera shutter fired rapidly.

    “Amazing! Beautiful!” The intern gushed while Nemuru dissipated her spell. Ms. Bellarose waited as Nemuru changed her clothes. “Here’s your payment before we head back. You turned out to be a better model than I thought! You’re a natural.” Nemuru blushed and whimpered at all the attention. “Would you like to work with us again sometime when we have a contact available?” The mage blanched, unable to answer. Her fear at the thought of doing that again increased sevenfold.

    “M-maybe someday,” she stuttered, highly doubting it.
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    When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo] Empty Re: When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo]

    Post by Hikachu 9th October 2015, 6:46 pm

    When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo] YdROJZD


    When beggars can't be choosers,be a model?! [solo] JhB4MAf

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