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    Stalker or Sweetheart? [Job]


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    Stalker or Sweetheart? [Job] Empty Stalker or Sweetheart? [Job]

    Post by Cielle 6th October 2015, 9:30 pm


    ’Hmmm courier service, or stalker service? Guess it all depends really.’ In her hand sat someone’s “destiny” as the young fellow put it. After all lying could come naturally for some, entirely possible the young gent lied about being friends with the growing pop star. She might’ve even gone so far as to deny it had it not been for the pictures he showed her, panicking at the increasing skepticism on her face at the story. The real question was whether or not the broad would remember him – or wanted too for that matter – because show business tended to change some people quite a bit and not just physically, but mentally too.

    Getting was absurdly easy, Rohma a little nonplussed at tricking the guard about some kid being stuck in a well. He’d rushed off, forgetting to either radio anyone or…anything…’Maybe he’s got family in the area…almost feel bad.’ Still a job was a job, and she needed to get this letter to the woman hiding inside.

    What she hadn’t accounted for was the woman being something of a sobbing mess in her dressing room, the door requiring a spot of lock picking – among some other tricks she had – and it didn’t sit right with her to just drop the letter on her head and vamoose. Tempting as it may have been. ’Gotta be ACTUALLY able to say I delivered it, right? If I ditch it and it falls, and no one sees it or chucks it, then s’no good.’

    Comforting people however wasn’t exactly a strong suit, well not an instinct she had in regards to strangers unlike one of her friends. Jezz had always been kind to strangers, creatures, and on odd occasions plants to the point Rohma questioned her sanity a couple times. However it’d been hard to hate the kind-hearted girl so trying to channel some of that spirit she very awkwardly patted the woman’s shoulder, ”Hey hey….what’s the problem? C’mon now, buck up…”

    ”You dunnnunderstaaaaaaaaand,” the woman wailed, lifting her head up for all of a second before slamming it back onto her crossed arms. Louder cries tumbled out, barely muffled in her hair and posture. Unsure what to really do Rohma opted for continuing to rub her back, the action having soothed her back as a child and sure enough, slowly the woman’s loud sobs eventually dulled down into small hiccups and sniffling. Eventually she lifted her head up again, Rohma barely covering her reaction to the site of tear stains, red puffy eyes, and snot dribbling down her nose, ”You don’t understand: being loved by-by-by the public means n-nothing…if he doesn’t love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

    This time instead of letting her head fall back down she wailed out loud and proud, eyes closing as more tears took up the mantle of becoming rivers. The sudden bout of sound without even a mild hindrance caused her to jolt before she started hushing the woman, rubbing her back a little faster, ”Now now….who? If who doesn’t love ya? Cause I got a letter for ya from a person-“

    ”NOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want fan mail right now! I just want a letter from hiiiiiiiim!

    ”MAYBE IT IS FROM HIM” the raven haired woman shouted, both annoyed at the loud, obnoxious crying and eager to get her to stop. Shoving the letter before the woman it’d be a few wipes of the depressed pop star’s hands before she could see a thing through those pools of tears.

    ”IT’S HIM!” she gleefully cried, ripping the letter from Rohma’s hand and tearing the side off the envelope. Each line or few she’d let loose a squeal or some other odd little noise that mystified the mage. More tears appeared, alarming Rohma until the woman spoke up, ”I was afraid he’d forgotten about me, but he hasn’t at all! If anything our time apart has merely made his love all the stronger! Ooooh I can’t wait…I gotta write a reply immediately and have one of my assistants deliver it and a backstage pass personally! Oh thank you thankyouthankyou!”

    ”Err…yeah, no problem,” she awkwardly patted the woman, hoping the now glowing girl wasn’t wiping her snot and tears off on her shoulder. ’I’ll just have to make a pit stop at the bathroom on my way out. Not like anybody should mind at this point.’

    Even more surprising was the security fellow thanking her on his way out, since it turned out his niece had fallen in a well and no one else noticed. ’Well…life can be odd like that I guess,’ she decided, whistling as she counted out the small bit of cash.


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