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    Post by Daiko 9th November 2014, 9:45 am

    Daiko is walking down the streets of Magnolia, and glances down at his job note. He had to deliver a letter to some big shot celebrity... He hated Magnolia, because of Fairy Tale being here, but he liked it better than that retched Clover Town. Daiko had been stuck in that place until him and Clyde finally cleared the tracks, and once that happened, he left as soon as he could. Slipping the paper in his pocket, Daiko takes out his pipe and goes to the place where he assumes he is to pick up the letter. "Hey, I'm supposed to deliver a letter for you?" Daiko asks a teenage guy, who... doesn't have the best complexion. "Yeah! Deliver this to my favorite celeb please!" He is yelling at Daiko, and tugging on his jacket. "You're so cool, thank you thank you!" Daiko gets out of there as fast as possible, and sets off to deliver the letter. Not only did he have no idea where to even take this, but he didn't know who it was to. It was in his best interest to simply find Fairy Tale members, and try to give them the note. But where were people, anyway...

    Daiko sets to climbing again. Being made of smoke has it's bonuses, especially being able to float around. He got glances from the people, and he was obviously deemed either stupid, or part of fairy tale. Both were basically the same in his book. Once he reached the top, he sat down for a second. He took a drag from his pipe, stretching out his arms and laying back. Sitting up, he sets to work on finding where he would go. There was a large building that looked a bit like a theater, and he guessed that was a good place to start. Going on the opposite end of the building, Daiko leaps off, his minimal weight causing him to float, and floating was what he planned. He was going pretty high speeds, the momentum of jumping pushed him pretty far off. As he arrives at the front of the building, he does what he's used to, and pops his feet out for a landing. He lands right on the side of the building, and then climbs off from there. "I guess it's time to deliver this letter..." Daiko chuckles, then he walks inside.. Oh. Wow.. This is a lot of people.

    The room in which Daiko entered was flooded with people he didn't even know, but were obviously celebrities. There were fans everywhere, and Daiko had a good idea. Watching the security and such, he runs full speed toward the celebrity matching the picture, then turned into a pure smoke being. He slipped right through all the fans and guards, making it to this person, then coming back into his regular form.  "Hey, I got this letter for you." The girl nods, smiling. "Thank you" She says, in a golden voice. Daiko then starts to walk away, and glancing back, he notices the girl throws out the note. "Tough luck.." Daiko is back to the man who gave him the letter, and said the transfer was successful. After getting him money, Daiko busts out his pipe and begins smoking again.

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