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    Be A model Lamya?

    Alivya Tarrin
    Alivya Tarrin

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    Be A model Lamya? Empty Be A model Lamya?

    Post by Alivya Tarrin 25th September 2015, 8:54 pm

    Job info:
    Why? That was a good question. Lamya didn't know why, yet here she was on the brink of the forest looking at all pf the people who had set up the photo shoot.

    Lamya didn't know why she had accepted the job but she had. Maybe it was out of the kindness of her heart or maybe it was because she was bored but none-the-less she had accepted the job of being a model. So now here she was whether she liked it or not. In the spot light of tens of cameras.

    Lamya took in a deep breath and walked towards the group of people who were going to take her picture today. They had set up on the side of a lake. It was beautiful, with the sun high in the sky and the water glistening and sparkling with rays of sun reflecting off of them. Lamya made her way over to the person whom seemed more in charge and waited silently until he noticed her. Which wasn't long, the man turned and spotted her a bright grin appeared on his face and he walked over to her holding out his hand which the celestial spirit mage took and shook carefully. He introduced himself as Chanelle a famous designer in Fiore and the photo shoots organizer. He would be posing her and choosing her outfits as well as taking her photo as well. The purple haired girl smiled as she looked at him. She had no clue who he was but then again she didn't have very much experience in the fashions of the times. Still pretending as to know who he was the girl pulled her hand away. "I can't wait to try on your clothing." The theme that she would be portraying today was that of eco-friendly. Lamya didn't know how that would be pulled off but she was just going to go with it and see where it took her. She was going to wear whatever Chanelle had planned for her without a single complaint.

    It didn't take long for Lamya to be ushered off to be dresses and covered in make-up. Foundation and eye shadow, Eye liner and mascara, only for it to be topped off with a thin layer of lip-gloss. The female mage allowed hand to fly all over her. Plucking at her eyebrows and tugging at her hair. Finally managing to pull it from her bun they found Honey fast asleep within the strands of her hair. Lamya could hear a loud screech from behind her and she reached back to pull Honey from her hair. She held him in her lap as she smiled back at the woman who was going to finish doing her hair. With Honey in her lap the girl calmed down and closed her hair. It was always more comfortable with Honey in her lap. The small bunny was breathing slowly under her hand.

    It wasn't long until the girl's hair was done, it was back into her familiar bun. With a smile the girl stood up seeing as though she was done and made her way to the next station. Clothing. The girl was forced into several different outfits one after the other not working well with the surroundings. The young woman finally slid herself into a bikini and walked around it was perfect. Grabbing a robe the girl putt it on and walked out of the dressing room. She knew that she promised herself that she was going to listen but she was in one way or another, just not to what Chanelle wanted. Making her way out of the dressing room and into the hot summer day the girl found herself at the edge of the lake where the waved of the water washed up against her feet. With a small giggle she took Honey out of her pocket and into the bun on the back of her head before slipping the robe off and plunging into the waters of the lake.

    Laughs echoed through the air and giggles graced the ears of the photographer. With new found question he made his way out of his booth and spotted Lamya giggling and playing within the water. With widened and surprised eyes he looked at her grace before snatching up a camera and racing over to the edge of the lake and snapping pictures. Finding something was missing he turned and yelled at his assistants to grab a beach ball. Which he handed to Lamya. She played int he water with the ball and giggled as it sprayed her with water.

    The day soon came to a close. Chanelle smiled at the girl. She was a beautiful model. He had grabbed some great photos but there was only one that struck something with him.

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    Lamya a model whut?

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