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    Hired Blade Strikes Again! #3

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    Hired Blade Strikes Again! #3 Empty Hired Blade Strikes Again! #3

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 4th August 2015, 11:18 pm

    Job: Job Title: Wanted! Demolitions Expert!:
    Job Title: Wanted! Demolitions Expert!

    Rank: C Rank

    Player Requirements: C Rank, or 2 D Rank; Max 2 wizards

    Job Requirements:
    * 20 posts
    * 175 words per post
    * roll 5 times

    Job Location: Crocus

    Job Description:
    You've been contracted to take down an extremely dangerous man.
    The city guard has no information on him, and no one has come back alive.
    All they know is that he's hiding in a mine shaft, and has a lot of dynamite...
    Get to it!
    Weak:Exploding Spider
    Surprise! BANG! These spiders creep up behind you and jump at you. Be warned, they deal 10% damage, and explode the second they're within slashing distance. You're gonna need at least a D ranked distance spell to not get slammed. Oh, and they're wicked fast.

    Normal:Demolition Slave
    These fellows take 5 C rank hits to go down, and will throw dynamite at you. They're not too bright, so more likely they'll run at you with a chest full of boom sticks.

    Strong:Mine Field
    You've come across a very well placed field of land mines! They're super sensitive and will go off if someone is within 15 meters of it. A single explosion will set off the rest of them, which will deal A ranked damage to you. There's also 20 mines, so good luck...

    Boss:Demolitions Expert
    As it turns out, he's more than an expert... Explosions are his primary magic. He can cause the air around you to explode dealing B ranked damage. It will take 10 hits of B ranked damage to put him down. After you defeat him, roll a damage dice. If you miss then that means your character didn't kill him.

    * Dead: 10K Jewel
    * Alive: 10K Jewel + Double XP


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