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    rainy training


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    rainy training Empty rainy training

    Post by Chelvaric 31st July 2015, 3:59 pm

    It was a rainy day and pein was standing on a hill near the rune knight’s headquarters. The rain was slowly making his t shirt and pants soaking wet. But he didn’t realy feel it that much. He was used to water before he lost the power over it. not that it mattered that much. Since he was a lot stronger now. He cracled the iron joints of his hand as the metal made a small clicking joint as they went into place to close the fist. He was still not completely used to these metal arms that replaced his real ones. But at least he was happy that he could still feel with them. Just this morning he had stroked hikari’s cheeck to feel her her soft skin under his finger tops. He smilled on that tought before he got pulled back to reality of the day. He was here on a job and the objective of his job was now walking towards him. fifteen untrainable rune knights were walking up the hill trough the muddy ground as rain made them more depressed then how they already were.

    They lined up in front of him and gave a greeting as their captain was lining them up for him. most of them were still looking like they just came from their mothers house with no muscle and fear or a dumb look in their eyes. None of these soldiers had any experience killing nor fighting. He sighed and stroked through his hair when the last yes sir came out of their mouths. Declaring they would do anything he was going to say. Pein walked up to the bunch of recruits and started to look into each one’s eyes for intimidation. Some of them looked scared like little puppys as he walked by. He smiled in to there face and sometimes said boo when they looked out right piss scared. He smiled as he walked back to his position and scraped his throat. “Alright I am pein and ill be your trainer for today. Ive seen many fights and I have mastered three magics up till now. So I am sure I am more then qualified to train you. Now the basic thing you need to know about your magic is what kind of magic is it. if its water for example. Then its very fluid and about motion. You need to become one with unexpected changed into the flow and become one with the water. When its fire its uncontrollable but you can direct it to flow how you want it by guiding it. that’s how each element has its own sort of power.”, pein shouted. He pointed his arm outwards and it start to light up not much later a zooming noise appeared as a drone was hovering above the ground. It was around one meter length and width. It had two rotor engines and red lights as camera’s. the droid has two Gatling machine guns.

    “you shall now use your powers to destroy this droid while it flies around.”, pein said as the rain got even worse making the recruits look like they were gona drown. They started to shoot there spells out to the drone. They were all pretty bad aims and some couldn’t even cast one single spell correctly. He went to each of the recruits separately and gave them private advice so they would become better. After a hour of practice some of them were about to hit the drone. Pein let it go faster so it was even more harder to hit. They trained and trained some of the recruits were getting realy tired from all the training but pein didn’t let down he just whipped them to go further. With some pushing they even got better. And after ten hours they finaly destroyed the droid. “Hahaha good job. You guys are sweated broken but finaly got the goal. You guys have gotten a small bit better in the road to becoming a real mage. Keep training and keep listening to your commander in chief. Now move out were like wet tampons here.”, pein shouted to them. He got a salute back in response and the rune knight ran off back down the hill towards there camp. Pein himself turned around and walked back to saber tooth. He was happy he trained some new people to defend the country he loved. And he had earned some money to buy the necklage he wanted for hikari. Job well done he tought.


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