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    Pixel Switch - Armor - WIP


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    Pixel Switch - Armor - WIP

    Post by --Cookie__ on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:00 am

    Name: Pixel Switch
    Rank: Legendary (+)
    Type: Armor - Pixel Alteration
    Pixel Alteration - Armor itself:

    Pixel Switch is a chip that she places on her left temple which then will alter the pixels that make up her body. Doing this, the chip holds coding for an entire armor. This armor will give her basic human legs, a human body, alter her hair color, and give her new clothing. When removing this chip, her pixels will return to their natural state and all knowledge of what the chip supplies her will be erased leaving her with only the memory.

    The chip itself is like a thin piece of transparent plastic in the shape of a square that's about the size of a quarter. When placed on Kukki's temple, the base material of the chip, plastic, will mold into her pixels. The small little spikes on the bottom part are what delivers the information packed onto the small little chip to Kukki herself. Sense her entire form is basically one 'brain' due to her pixels, it will rearrange them and alter the color but the clothing is an entirely different layer of pixels that are created. For example, the gasmask is newly created from a form of pixel that will close over any form of toxic air that could effect her as most gasmasks do.

    >> While using this armor Kukki has a gas mask, which negates the poisoning effects that result through the air, such as poisonous asphyxiation. She can not be poisoned by air-related spells that come from B Rank or below wizards.
    >> The chip's entire base is fused within Kukki's temples, so such chip itself can not be destroyed unless Kukki's entire armored form is destroyed, or if the chip is taken out
    >> As this is a Legendary (+) armor, it provides a 30% defense boost to any attack that comes from a b rank or below wizard.
    >> Poison through the air coming from A Ranked or higher wizards is too thick and can make its way through the gas mask, which in term could potentially harm Kukki herself
    >> The chip gets harmed just as the armor does, so if the armor takes enough damage the chip will fry, lose it's power, and the chip will break
    >> When the chip gives her basic human features, Kukki is restricted to basic human needs and weaknesses. Such things include shortness of breath when running too long, the slowness of running as a human, and the restrictions of jumping and height she can be off the ground as opposed to when she is in her regular state
    >> This is a chip, and as such in its state when it is not bonded with Kukki, it will break with one measly spell of any rank. The only time it upgrades it's own defense is when it is bonded with Kukki
    Ability One:

    Ability Two:


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    Re: Pixel Switch - Armor - WIP

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:31 pm


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