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    The Master Plan (Cosplay Job)

    Vox Nihili
    Vox Nihili

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    The forgotten

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    The Master Plan (Cosplay Job) Empty The Master Plan (Cosplay Job)

    Post by Vox Nihili Mon 6 Jul 2015 - 22:39


    Job Title: Cosplay Café (Neutral Job)

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Up to five people are allowed, preferably females but males are allowed as well. 15 posts minimum, at least 150 words per post.

    Job Requirements: Must choose a suitable cosplay costume for either being a waitress, waiter, or chef. This can range from anything like maids, to bunnies, to butlers, to cat-girls/guys, whichever your character feels most appropriate for them. You are then to serve the customers that come in to the café for the rest of the day. The hours are from 6am to 10pm. If you harm any of the customers however, you are docked five hundred jewels from the reward for each one. And remember, the customer is always right. Even if they are wrong.

    Job Location: Crocus

    Job Description: “Ah, please, help. I have recently opened a lovely little café here in the Capital of Fiore, the lovely city of Crocus. It has fine food, fine drink, and has a prime location to draw in plenty of customers! But alas… all of my staff have taken ill, or gone off on holiday! I plead, I beg of anyone, please come help my café! If I lose even one day of business, I may not be able to pay the bank who owns the building at the end of the month! And then my café would be ruined and would have to close! Uniforms will be provided of course, and you will be well paid for your troubles. Travel expenses included!”

    Weak: Three teenagers who have hit that “hit on everything” stage in life. Expect plenty of very cheesy pick-up lines.

    Normal: Four school-children about five to ten years old, with no parental supervision. They may change their minds several times before finally getting around to ordering, and watch out, they may try to slip away without paying afterwards.

    Strong: Two cosplay fans who will want to take pictures of anything, everything and everyone in a variety of poses. Depending on your costume, you may be asked to do certain things or hold certain poses.

    Boss:The Ultimate Pervert! He cares not for your personal space, believing that you chose to work here and dress as such because you want the attention he gives you.

    This customer will take any opportunity to “accidentally” brush against you, or touch your backside, or touch you in any way that could be construed as just short of harassment.

    They will ogle, they will make innuendoes, they will drop stuff solely to watch you bend over and pick it up, they may even try to “date” you for the course of their meal, or command you like a master does their servants, taking the roleplaying to the test of your patience.

    However, these usually tend to be the big tippers. So do try to restrain yourselves from lashing out at them hmm?

    Reward: 2000 Jewels + Tip (Tip cannot exceed 100 jewels) plus the cosplay you chose to do this job. The manager has a surprising surplus.

    The Master Plan (Cosplay Job) Prussia.240.527886

    Twin tongues of polished silver, shimmering ruby eyes and fair skin worn with the scars of experience are what composed of the snowy haired duo as they entered the café. As usual, they arrived at their destination early in order to ensure that everything was… properly prepared. They were still attempting to gauge just how early their current superior tended to arrive at places, or if she preferred to be on time. Akin to the others that they had recruited for this heroic adventure into the depths of human depravity and glorious splendor!

    An adventure unlike any other, filled with espionage, murder and above all else… Sweet, sweet embarrassment for those whom would fall into their legendary plot. A devious design that took all of two seconds to create and a mere evening to implement in time for this morning. It would be a great chance to meet fellow knights, to form bonds and bet introduced to new people is one of the things argued, when in reality their true reason was simple, to tease and mess with their superior.

    It had been rather simple to convince Towa to come, all it took was a single tale crafted by their tongues of silver. Tricking her into agreeing to it under the impression that it was to pursue a domestic abuse case against a powerful mage in Fairy Tail after a night partying, and his abused wife who was desperately trying to keep things together in her café while dealing with her life. Which is why when they entered the pair grinned at the café owner, hearing that their shipment had arrived for some costumes and that she was about to unpack them in preparation for the day to come. Now, all that the pair had to do was await and greet their fellow workers at the entrance to a very memorable day, at least for the pair.

    Word Count: 318


    The Master Plan (Cosplay Job) 36626_s
    Tōwa Lazmira
    Tōwa Lazmira

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    The Master Plan (Cosplay Job) Empty Re: The Master Plan (Cosplay Job)

    Post by Tōwa Lazmira Fri 17 Jul 2015 - 10:56

    Towa was not thrilled when she entered the cafe, she had been expecting to deal with a domestic issue, only to find that Dederik had worked his silver tongue again. She sighed as she was told about the job by the owner, she shook her head and glared daggers at Dederik. "When we get back..." Towa said to him, leaving the threat open, she was planning on making him clean the latrines for the next month. "Yes Ma'am i will assist." she failed to mention to the lady that she had been tricked into doing this, the lady smiled and asked Towa what she would like to cosplay as. Towa rolled her eyes, "why not be a demon." this was kinda a joke for her, one few people would get. The lady smiled again and motioned for Towa to get into a dressing stall, which she complied. The lady excused herself and ran off to get her costume, Towa took the intervening time to undress, she kept her Panties and bra on though. She was sure that Dederic would walk in on her claiming, "there's only one open stall and hes seen her naked before." Or "Came to help you get dressed with your costume." Towa was gonna have none of it, as soon as the idiot stepped into the stall she would shoot him with Devils Advocate. After a bit the Lady returned with her costume, and to Towa's dismay... there was not a lot to put on. "Damn it..." she muttered to herself, she should have just used her dark self as a costume. She decided she would TRY to have some fun with this, even though she knew Dederic would just make stupid comments about her the entire time. She Put it on, even the black wing which were magic and she could control them. "Thank you." she said to the shop owner. Towa thought about closing the wings and they folded, she blinked at them for a second then reached out and felt for magic. Boy did she find alot, the wings would act on her command, she even guessed with the right commands she might be able to fly.
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