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    Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.


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    Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.  Empty Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.

    Post by Wolfe 6th July 2015, 12:38 am

    Wolfe picked himself up another simple job. He was just trying to get another job out of the way. He had just recently signed up with a guild. Black Rose. it sounded like it would be a good place for him actually. They were Neutral, but they were secluded and that gave him some solace. He had just recently joined, but the timing worked out well. As Soon as he was able to pull this job off and get back he would be able to apply for the exam to gt to Rank C. He wasn't too sure what he would do once he got there, but he figured he might be able to do some good and get ore powerful so when he met his father he could finish what he started.

    Wolfe finally made his way back into Magnolia for this newest job. It really was a simple one. All he had to do was scare some kid who was bullying the client as school. Wolf made his way through the city as he was trying to get to the place where the job paper said to meet the client. As Wolfe walked he took not of a few more places to eat that he hadn't tried the first time when he was here.

    It didn't take too long to get to the park somewhere near the middle of the city. This was the location on the job paper, so Wolfe looked around and saw a boy sitting on a bench looking nervous. He assumed this was the boy from the job.

    Wolfe walked up to him "Hello, i am Wolfe. I am assuming you are the young man who put out the job about being bullied. would i be right?" It took the boy a second to answer as he was a little spooked. It seemed the boy was very on edge. He finally spoke up "Um... yes.... that would be me..... My name is Jason..." He seemed to stutter a lot and was very nervous. Wolfe spoke up to try and calm the boys nerves"Don't worry Jason, I am here to help you, so no need to be scared. So lets make this easy. Why don't we talk about the details?" Wolfe and the boy Jason started talking and Jason explained all the details about the job. As it was, there was a chance to do something that very same day and maybe get this job done super quick.

    Wolfe and Jason talked over the details of their plan and went to set it in motion. They made their way towards the other side of of town. It took a little while to get there, so they talked about a lot of different things. One thing that caught his attention was that Jason said he wanted to grow up and be a wizard and use magic so that he could one day join a guild and do jobs like Wolfe and other mages. Wolfe took this chance to explain some of the basics and of what it was like to be a mage and doing jobs. He took some time to ask Jason a few questions to maybe help point Jason in the right direction for a type of magic that might fit him. After a little bit and some of answers Wolfe pointed Jason towards maybe learning a type of water magic. It seemed to fit Jason's personality pretty well from what Wolfe could tell.

    Soon enough, they were upon the location that would be where they decided to put the plan into motion. Wolfe hid behind one of the corners of the alleyway. Jason waited near the end of the alleyway and waited. Shortly after the bully walked out of a building and turned the corner. As soon as he did, he took notice of Jason instantly and did exactly as Jason said he would. The bully instantly started making his way down the ally towards Jason, talking trash as he did. Jason slowly started walking towards the bully as well. just before they ran into each other they both stopped. Before the bully could say anything else Jason spoke up and finally stood up for himself. This of course made the bully angry. He then pushed Jason forcing Jason to once again to tell the bully to stop it before he regretted it. The bully just laughed and pushed Jason one more time. It was now time for Wolfe to step in.

    Wolfe walked out from around the corner and into the alleyway. The bully looked up with a confused look on his face. Wolfe just started walking slowly towards the two of them. He help out his hand and arcs of lightning started erupting from his hand, while more erupted from the corners of his eyes. The bully's eyes opened wide as he watched Wolfe walking up. Wolfe smirked as he spoke "I hear your picking on my nephew here. I decided to check up on him and here i find some puck messing with him.... How about this? i will make you a deal... if you ever mess with with him again. His nephew Brian.. aka.. me.... will be back and i promise i will put so much lightning up your ass, you will be spitting up sparks for a month. Is that understood?" The bully fell backwards in fear as Wolfe continued to walk towards them. The bully finally stopped shaking long enough to pick himself up as he started to run away screaming something about being sorry and a few seconds later he was gone.

    Jason turned around with a smile on his face "Thank you so much." Wolfe just smiled as he put his hand down. He looked at Jason as he spoke "No problem. I hope i helped as you wanted me to. Don't forget, if he ever starts up again, just let him know your uncle Brian was asking how you were and maybe thinking about visiting again. That should stop him dead in his tracks again." A smile crept across Jason's face as he responded "Ohh god yes, that was perfect, now i wont get in trouble at school and i will use that. Thank you again!!" The two of the shook hands and Jason started down the ally and he was gone. Wolfe went to turn and leave but something caught his eye and he turned and looked down. He was a little shocked as he saw a belt buckle on the ground. It seemed it fell out of the bully's pocket when he fell over. Wolfe picked it up, and a smirk crept across his face as he looked it over. It was perfect for him. It was a circle shape with little rivets along the outside, and was layered to look like an old shield design with two lightning bolts on it. Wolfe put the buckle in his pocket and with a smile on his face he walked away.

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    Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.  Empty Re: Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.

    Post by Hikachu 6th July 2015, 2:13 am

    Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.  YdROJZD


    Scares of the Day - a Bully's story.  JhB4MAf

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