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    The Hive Part One. ( Kakuma and Daemon )

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    The Hive Part One. ( Kakuma and Daemon ) Empty The Hive Part One. ( Kakuma and Daemon )

    Post by Daemon Spade on Thu 2 Jul - 20:09

    Divide Island one of the most fearsome islands off the coast of Fiore and home to the Twin peak mountains. Daemon had heard stories of this accursed place growing up from his father of his lost nearly his entire brigade of rune knights in some sort of training accident. As Daemon reached the island via Genbu along with his guild's new recruits he decided to look over the Job's main objectives one more time before he conversed with Kakuma at the island. As the boat reached and docked at the port Daemon and his recruits were prepared to tackle whatever threat came their way. Daemon's recruits were nine separate members from the three factions of Justice in white, Chaos in black, and Balance in grey. While Justice and Chaos had their moments of disagreements they knew that when it came to a job they were trained to work together without fail, with the Balance faction with them they symbolize the very notion of Suripingu Mori's beliefs. To be the sword of destruction for some the shield that defends the weak and the scales that controls the balance of power between the two.  Daemon and the recruits walked towards the main group of Scientists and had the teams fan out to search the genera area yet remain within Daemon's field of vision if that didn't work Daemon had given each recruit a communicator so that they could radio in if anything were to happen. Daemon calmly walked over to the head researcher and shook their hand.  

    As Night began to fall upon the island Daemon's combat instincts began to take hold of him as his eyes darted from side to side as the recruits slowly filled back into the main research area.  Daemon had walked around the main research area making note of every crevice and entrance way and was now standing near the cafeteria in the research camp. As the moon fully rose into the sky and Daemon’s power slowly reached its apex He began to sense energy sources from the surrounding area. Hopefully nothing too serious happens until Kakuma arrives. " He said as he looked up at the full moon with a worried look on his face  as a tinge of red appeared on the edge of the moon's surface symbolizing the beginning of a lunar eclipse. Daemon began to grow restless as he felt a pulse of demonic energy burst from his body  causing the wall he was leaning on to slightly degrade. To regular people a lunar eclipse is a fun little thing that fills them with wonder, for a lunar mage however it makes their inner beast more vicious and violent and in Daemon's case his inner demon becomes harder to control. With a low growl he slowly cracked his neck left to right to calm himself as he slowly began to meditate to help him channel the volatile energy into a contrastive power.


    The Hive Part One. ( Kakuma and Daemon ) 52dd7fbb-1401-4e27-ac12-76ac0e3ff649_zps83e93be7

    The Hive Part One. ( Kakuma and Daemon ) Coolt110

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