The Hive - part 1

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    The Hive - part 1

    Post by Godlike Frederik on Thu 2 Apr - 16:48

    Job title:
    The Hive - part 1

    100 Year Job

    Player Requirements:
    - S ranks or higher
    - No significant number

    Job Requirements:
    - 500 words per post
    - total of 100 posts
    - To create swarm effect you roll the dice 15x the moment you are attacked. Any other rolls are optional.
    - Bosses are optional, meaning if you haven't roll the boss you may choose to encounter them freely.
    - The guilds present in the trainings camp are the respective guilds of all the players in the job.
    - 10 to 15 posts are about the training camp before attack.
    - Protect the scientists as well as the younger mages.
    - Utilize your forces.

    Job Location:
    Divide Island

    Job Description:

    Divide Island, one of the most toughest environments in Fiore. And a rather mysterious island. A place were scientists have gathered to conduct an ongoing investigation on the islands rather unique feature. It's split mountains, which till now has been one of the worlds most biggest mysteries. Is it natural, is it man made or is the cause something else entirely.

    However unaware the scientists have been drilling and delving to deep into the mountains, and in their ambition have awoken something old and ancient. That till that very moment had been slumbering in peace and silence.

     Simultaneously to that very awakening, your guilds had been conducing a joint training camp for young mages. In order to hone their skill, and create new bonds of friendship and trust. Knowing this the scientists send out a warning to the mages, training and asking them for their help. To stop the menace of creatures swarming from the mountains.


    Hatchlings - B rank (x15)
    Don't let their class name fool you, they might be hatchlings, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. Or small for that matter. Because even though they are considered hatchlings, they have the size of an average human being. They do however take only 1 B rank damage to get rid off, while they deal damage of 2 B rank hits. 

    Carriers - A rank (x3)
    Large maggot/centipede like creatures, that roughly could be classed as carriers since they spout out small swarms of lesser crawling creatures upon engaged. The crawlers are roughly the size of a child's fist and don't do any physical damage. However they do swarm around you, and seem to inflict poison only affecting your magic pool. Draining it for 2% as long as they swarm around you.
    They can however can be easily dispelled by C - rank fire, or wind magic. The Carriers however deal basic A rank damage, and have a sustain of 3 A rank hits.

    Tanks - S rank (x1)
    Large and rough creatures, that deal significant damage in the form of SS rank basic hits. Even though these creatures don't have any special abilities, they are tough to deal with. And often serve as a shield from attacks from above. Or any other direction. They take six S rank hits and when rolled they come with a group of five hatchlings.

    Hivelords - H rank (x2)

    Extremely agile and dangerous beings that with their four blade like limbs can cut through even steel. Their agility is high enough that slow magic like earth make, or anything else similar to make magic have an hard time to keep up with it. Meaning most magics hit only for 50%, this however can be countered with speed buffs and area attacks off course.
    The Hivelords take up to 2 H rank hits per creature, and deal basic H rank damage with every hit they make. Also once engaged they tend to use a flurry attack on a target every 3 posts.
    They are optional to add in the job if you haven't rolled them already.

    160.000 Jewels per player
    45.000 Jewels per guild participating (only when encountering the boss)



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    Re: The Hive - part 1

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